School of Folelsa Magic

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School of Folelsa Magic
Magic Schools
Alignment Exist
Origins Seraph

The School of Folelsa Magic is an entirely Exist Planar Essence-based Magic School which contains only utility spells, which are related to the manipulation, reading and alteration of emotions, feelings and thoughts in other people. Folelsa Magic is both difficult to track and control, because the spells often do not require obvious casting mechanism, nor do they have long casting times. The School of Folelsa Magic is also not conventionally taught, lacking any form of guidebook, mentors, or traditional transfer of knowledge. Rather, Folelsa Magic is taught through the acquisition of a Elsar Ring, a physical manifestation of an Exist Echo, the spirit of a Seraph being that was, many millennia ago, absorbed into the Exist dimension. This spirit is not a person with memories and feelings, but rather an omnipresent idea, and a wellspring of knowledge that gradually teaches the wielder of the ring this form of Magic. The Ring, which takes on a random shape, aside from the constant presence of an inset gemstone, which is based on the wearer’s personality and cannot be purged, cleansed or otherwise destroyed. The ring can, however, be removed from the physical presence of the Mage, after which any Mage-sensing or scrying abilities and objects simply fail to detect the Mage. This means Folelsa Mages can, for example, hide from Witchbloods by hiding their ring away from themselves, though they also lose the ability to cast any magic. All spells of the School of Folelsa Magic can be learned in any order, meaning the ring’s knowledge will unlock these spells in a randomized the order (which the player may decide upon themselves) The regular learning periods do, however, apply to learning progress through the School of Folelsa Magic. Not much else is known of Folelsa Magic, since acquiring an Elsar Ring is extremely rare. They only attach to people they consider empaths, individuals who open their emotions to others, allowing the spirit to attach to them and form their ring symbiosis. Even then, these Exist Echos only naturally occur around Seraph ruins, which in themselves are also very rare. Due to its rarity, Folelsa Spells are not known to most states, especially the Regalian Empire which has a very low opinion of psychology and mental health care in general.

Sense of Clarity

Sense of Clarity is an emotion manipulation spell that Folelsa Mages can use to reduce, nullify or otherwise sooth rage and anger, or any other emotional expression of violence and hatred and negative emotions. Sense of Clarity has no casting time, and can be activated purely by thought of the Mage. When active, the gemstone will light up ever so slightly, after which the Mage may physically touch the enraged person to calm them, or gently swirl their hand in the direction of their target from a maximum of 12 feet away. Their anger will dissipate within seconds as the magic alters their perception of whatever caused them to become angry immediately. This spell is not a permanent spell. The effect of Sense of Clarity may last as long as two days, though it can never nullify the original source of the anger. For example, if a person is angry because their spouse was killed, the spell can temporarily soothe their anger, but, if after two days, they are confronted with the death of their spouse or their killer again, the rage will return. If the rage is only temporary, however, for example over someone having punched another person, then the rage can be permanently removed. Sense of Clarity is especially effective on creatures that are prone to frequent rage or violence outbursts, such as Orcs, Avanthar and rabid animals, as this spell also functions on beasts and animals. This spell can be dispelled by the Celestial Clarity Spell.

Channeling of Rage

Channeling of Rage is a spell learned after Sense of Clarity, and takes rage and anger and other negative emotion manipulation a step further. While the previous spell was only capable of soothing and nullifying the anger, Channeling of Rage allows the Folelsa Mage to redirect anger and rage, or even enhance it. When cast, the gemstone of the Elsar Ring will light up ever so slightly, after which the Mage may physically touch the enraged person with a statement in which they “command” the rage to be enhanced or redirected, though the target will never remember the words that were spoken, or touch, or the implication that the spell came from the Mage. For example, if a person is angry with another person for punching them, a Channeling of Rage spell with the command similar to “Why don’t you rage against that other person instead” will cause the rage of the target to switch onto someone or something else. Similarly, commands such as “Look at them, they don’t even seem to care” cause the rage to enhance in severity, which can turn a simple desire to punch someone into the desire to cave their face in. Again, this spell is especially effective on creatures prone to rage and violence, such as Orcs, Avanthar and rabid animals, as this spell also functions on beasts and animals. This spell can be dispelled by the Celestial Clarity Spell.

Reading Empathy

Reading Empathy is a spell learned after Channeling of Rage, though has more to do with reading the overall emotions of a person rather than anger manipulation. Reading Empathy is also a passive spell for Folelsa Mages that is active at all times after learning, though functions only when they actively try to sense emotions. That being said, without physical touch, Folelsa Mages can only sense the strongest and most present emotion. Only through touch, can they sense all active emotions and in what relation they are active to each other. Reading Empathy either when cast through touch or passively through distance is instant, establishing an Empathic Reading connection which allows the Folelsa Mage to read the emotions of the person, while also understanding the root and cause of them to the point where they have a vague idea of what caused them. This spell is incredibly useful to understanding deep-seated emotions of people who don’t normally speak about them or reveal much about them. It is the only real Alorian source of mental understanding and psychological reasoning, and often exceptionally helpful at problem solving for people who suffer from mental ailments, as it allows the Mage to directly pinpoint the source of every emotion they are suffering from.

OOC Note: Ensure you have the OOC permission of the people you are casting this spell on, to avoid metagaming or forceful character revealing.

Emotion Duplication

Emotion Duplication is a spell which Folelsa Mages can use to store a specific emotion of a person in liquid form, which can then be placed in a liquid container for later reuse. In the simplest of terms, the Mage can absorb the emotion that a person is feeling in the moment and store the emotional essence into a liquid that they are holding as long as they take hold of it less than an hour after casting. Whoever consumes the liquid at a later stage will then experience that same emotion for two hours, or until such an emotion would naturally wear out. This spell functions much the same as the first rage manipulation spells, in that the gemstone will slightly light up, after which the Mage must touch the target whose emotion they wish to duplicate. It is also essential that they hold a cup or flask of liquid in their other hand within an hour so that the emotion can be transferred directly. This spell does not alter the emotion of the person on whom it is cast, but simply stores it in a cup-sized amount of liquid. In order to feel the same emotion, the liquid must be drunk in its entirety. For example, if the Mage put the emotion into a cup of tea, the entire cup must be drunk in order for the spell to have an effect on the drinker. Emotion Duplication can only duplicate certain emotions, which are: joy, hatred, melancholy, loneliness, compassion, determination, anger, sadness and pride. The liquids themselves are indistinguishable from normal liquids to mundane Alorians (even Allar), though Folelsa Mages will always see a colored dew coming from the drink that others cannot see, in specific colors associated to the emotions. As such, Folelsa Mages will always be able to tell what liquid transfers what emotions. The liquids also don’t expire in age. Some emotion tonics have been known to remain just as powerful decades after creation.

Social Cloaking

Social Cloaking is a very curious spell that often allows the Mage to function as a social chameleon. Social Cloaking is a spell that is permanently active until it is dispelled by the Mage or is disrupted by some form of conflict. Social Cloaking allows the Mage to seamlessly insert themselves into other groups or entities. For example, they might just walk into the Black Tower and immediately “fit in” with the guards. Nobody of the specific group will stop to think twice about who they are, and they will immediately accept them as one of the group and act as if they had always been there and take a (relative) liking to them. This extends further also to friend’s groups, Noble House Servants, Charters, and more. It does not, however, work on family units, as a Folelsa Mage cannot pretend to be a family member. Furthermore, it should be understood that the magic does not alter people's personality. If a person is harsh even to their friends, Social Cloaking will not alter their behavior towards the Mage. This spell can be dispelled accidentally by a variety of Celestial Magic spells (in fact, having any of them cast upon a person who is affected will break the Social Cloaking spell). It can also be broken intentionally by the Mage simply being absent from any member of the group for a minimum of seven days, or by a conflict within the group. For example, if the Mage hurts one of the group members and the others become angry with the Mage, the spell will suddenly shatter and all members will come to the realization that this person has been deceiving them the entire time. Social Cloaking is not affected in any way by Magic-nullifying substances such as Lapis.

OOC Note: Ensure you have the permission of people involved to use this spell to insert yourself into a social clique. It is not permitted to force roleplay onto others who do not want it, so this spell should purely be used to drive a narrative, not to force yourself into someone else’s social circles.

Allure’s Kiss

Allure’s Kiss is, in the simplest of terms, a love spell that creates a very strong bond, similar to infatuation, between two individuals. If the individuals are of compatible sexual orientation and not already in love with someone else, they will themselves fall in love with each other, otherwise, it will create a very strong and lasting bond between the individuals, akin to being protective siblings. While this spell does not have a clear timeframe of functioning, it does have a very clear ending point. For the form of Allure’s Kiss which affects two individuals who become lovers, either a Celestial Spell of Cleansing will break the spell, or a first passionate night will. For those who create a strong brotherly or sisterly bond, an act of sacrifice of any kind (monetary, physical, emotional) will break the spell, along with a Celestial Spell of Cleansing. When the spell breaks for either situation, the individuals will have to internally re-assess whether their feelings are real, or whether they were forced and inauthentic, though if they conclude the latter, they won't actually remember the first kiss spell, or have any internal indication that they were under the influence of a spell. As such, it is possible that this spell does create lasting love or friendship bonds in case the people involved agree that the feelings (while seeming unreal at first) did become real over time, and that what they feel and share has become real to them. Alternatively, both or either can also reject the effects of the spell and rage against it.

In order to cast this spell, the Folelsa Mage requires a few strands of hair from each person whom they wish to cast the spell on. After this, they ritually braid the hair strands together with a spoken spell. When this braid is complete, they often suspend it near a fireplace, using the warmth of the fire to power the spell. Furthermore, it gives them the possibility to break the spell early, as the burning on this hair strand-braid will cause the spell to immediately break before the first act that would lead to it being broken.

OOC Note: Ensure that the people you are forcing this spell on are compatible OOC and do not have any grudges or bad blood between them. While the narratives might be fun, players should not be forced to roleplay out a role with another character of whom they do not want to socialize with the owner for various reasons.

Truth Mirror

Truth Mirror is a simple spell (to Folelsa Mages at any rate) that allows Folelsa Mages to read someone else's true feelings towards someone from a distance, though never on themselves. In order to cast this spell, they require a personal item of the person they need to read, and physical contact with the person to whom the feelings need to be interpreted. In order to cast this spell, the Mage must hold the hands of the person who wants to know the other person's true feelings towards them, while a personal item of the target (such as a piece of clothing, or some hair) must be between them on a table or on the ground. After a ten second focusing period they will be able to feel the true feelings the target has towards the person who asked. They then have the choice whether to reveal this information, lie about it, or keep it to themselves.

Feral Reduction

Feral Reduction is perhaps the only harmful spell in the School of Folelsa Magic. Feral Reduction is similar to Rage Manipulation, but takes the whole concept to the extreme, by overcharging the rage and making it chaotic and uncontrollable. In order for this spell to be cast, the target must already be in a state of anger, either naturally or by consuming an emotion tonic. Then the Mage can, from a distance, overcharge the anger emotion with a simple hand gesture, which causes the gemstone to light up with a red hue. This spell takes mere seconds to take hold and will cause the target to be reduced to a mouth foaming, growling and snarling feral who will target anything and anyone regardless of previously established relations, love, friendship or attachment. It essentially turns the person who it was cast upon into a raging beast, with a violent aggression against anything and anyone in their path. This spell cannot be removed or dispelled while it is active, and the only way to deal with it is to incapacitate the person who was enraged. When they lose consciousness, the effect of the spell ends.

Mind Link

Mind Link as a spell allows the Mage to share their mind with another person of their choice. In order to cast Mind Link, the target must be compliant to the spell and willing to receive it. The Mage must then rest both hands on the temples of the target and recite the Mind Link spell for it to function. Once the spell has been cast, the minds of the Mage and the target are linked by magic, allowing them to sense thoughts, emotions and feelings over great distances. It will, for example, allow them to sense each other’s anger or sadness, hear their inner monologue and even converse with each other through telepathy. That being said, it does not transfer any sensory information like sight or hearing, meaning it is theoretically possible that either the mage or the target can deceive the other by thinking about something else than what they are actually doing. That being said, there is no true way to hide every emotion and thought a person has during a Mind Link, as the spell is very intrusive. It allows both partners to see each other’s fears and hopes and dreams, as well as their relations, love and hatred against other people. Mind Link also transfers other mind affects, meaning if Hex Magic was used on a person under a Mind Link for example, the spell would also affect the person on the other end of the Mind Link regardless of where they were. This spell can be broken with the Celestial Magic Cleanse Spell, or can be manually broken by the Folelsa Mage on command, though not by the target. The only means the target has to ending the spell is to kill the Mage.

Sensory Scrying

Sensory Scrying is the opposite spell of Mind Link which allows the Mage to see what the target sees, hear what the target hears, feel what the target feels, smell and taste what the target smells and tastes and feel the physical pain the target feels. Sensory Scrying can be cast away from the target, all that is required is a piece of their clothing, like a shirt or a hat, and the spell can only be cast once per clothing item. Furthermore, this spell is only active for a full duration of fifteen minutes, after which it simply cancels out, though the target is never aware of this spell having been cast on them. The spell is fairly easily activated. The Mage must simply take a seating position with eyes closed, holding the clothing piece in their hands on their lap. Then, the gemstone in their ring lights up in blue while they speak out the Sensory Scrying spell, after which they open their eyes which have turned solid white, and from that point onwards they can feel all physical senses of the target for exactly 15 minutes. This spell can be chained one clothing piece after another, meaning it can be extended to long periods of hours if the Mage happened to venture into the target’s clothing wardrobe. That being said, the target must have worn the clothing piece for a while already, a hat which was simply put on the target’s head and then removed will not function with this spell.

OOC Note: Ensure that this spell is only used actively in the here and now. If the target agrees, you as the mage may do it in “implied” action while you spectate their roleplay from a distance to mimic the scrying effects, but you may never “after the fact” announce that your character was scrying and thus knows about a certain event. Scrying must always be done in-roleplay.

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