School of Graklak

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School of Graklak
Proficiencies Bodycare Training, Athletic Training, Unarmed Combat Skill
Race Any Race capable of reaching above Athletic strength
Location Orc tribelands in Daendroc and Regalian Empire
Origins Orc tribelands of Daendroc

One of the most prominent unarmed fighting styles over Aloria, the School of Graklak has no shame in flying its clenched-fist banner wherever there is fun to be had from a brawl. Created from one of the most hard-hitting Races within Aloria, the Orcs roaming Daendroc have always thrown thundering fists toward one another for more than sport, but for honor. This sense of honor carries throughout the name of the School and usually shines through those who participate in these sporting tournaments. What separates a Graklak fighter from any other unarmed school is their sheer striking power with their hands.


The School of Graklak was created by the Orcs at an unknown time around the Cataclysm. As a fierce warrior Race, they had long fought amongst themselves, but the level of formality to create Graklak is unlikely to have come from their time in distant Sundar. As a result, most place the creation of the School at 40 AC, and believe it to have been created (or at least lead) by a Chieftain called Gorrjek Face-Wrecker. Orc oral tradition states he punched an Altalar Prince and Mage right in the face, giving him great prestige in Orc society, which he then used to found an academy to teach his methods of combat. However, it is far more likely though that the School arose in independent pockets away from each other as Orc society fractured and traveled to different areas of Daen, influenced by local experiences. It is also possible the School rose with the honor duels that became a feature of their post-Cataclysm strength-based caste-system society. As for how the School of Graklak spread to the Regalian Empire, there exist several urban legends, from an expatriate Ailor child raised by Orcs to an Orcish descendant of Gorrjek coming to the Regalian Archipelago. Regardless of how it proliferated, the School was refined and perfected by the hands of the Ailor. Some of these refined skills have returned to the Orcs via their new alliance with the Regalian Empire, and the School can be found across Aloria in various pockets wherever Orcs have a presence or in most military-inclined areas of the Regalian Empire.


  • The Pit of Gorr: This fighting pit, found in western Daendroc, is supposedly the first ring ever christened for the use of the Graklak by the School’s alleged Orcish founder. Large and ancient, the site appears abandoned most days, though this is false. The trainees and combatants who use it travel the mile or three between it and their camps as a form of exercise.
  • Seneger Hall: A bit of a pompous place, this small academy in Regalia is the first recorded Ailor facility to be registered as Graklak only. Founded in 248 AC, the Hall has been made famous over the years for many high-skill fights fought in its three rings which draw in crowds every five years for their infamous “Seneger Trials” fighting tournament.
  • The Bisection Arena: Originally used for Dressolini Fencing, the Arena was the place Ryker Lampero battled the representative of House di Alan for control of Montania. In the end, he’d bisected several di Alan men who came at him, and since his reign has begun, the Orcs and Half-Orcs under his leadership have made the Arena into a Graklak training ground.

Code of Conduct

The School of Graklak’s Code of Conduct is short, thanks to its background. Any Orc under the School of Graklak must put honor before the fight and treat their opponent with the same respect they wish to be treated with. For all members of the School, they cannot ever deny a challenge to an unarmed brawl, especially if it’s from a fellow Graklaker. The final rule, which is more of a word of advice, is that the greatest weapon any man can own is knowledge and you must be careful who you teach that knowledge to.


The School of Graklak is taught over a six-year period from the age of twelve to fourteen, though some Orcs have been known to be as old as twenty before they begin their training. The School has three styles of combat, known as “Grocks,” which they teach to their students. The first is the Lightweight-grock style, designed to benefit more lithe Races and for those who don’t hold much meat on their bones compared to Orcs. These fighters are capable of “dancing” with their opponent (aka having fast footwork), being the quickest of the three fighting styles, and are capable of landing quick punches that hold little weight to them compared to heavy punches. A Lightweight-grock fighter rarely tries to knock an opponent out, instead seeking to tire and disorient them to make their punches more effective. The Regular-grock style is the standard variation of the School in terms of average muscle-mass and average weight, all correlating to create a more balanced fighter. Though each weight-class has their own benefits, a Regular-grock fighter can neither dance as well as the lightweight or strike as hard as the Heavyweight-grock, though they are able to do each to a limit. The regular-grock can dance (though will never outlast a lightweight due to lower stamina), and can hit considerably hard (though never as hard as a heavyweight due to lower muscle mass). These fighters are well matched and can beat lightweights and heavies as long as they use their heads, and strategically oust opposing fighters. The last category is Heavyweight-grocks, which hold a lot more weight than the other two. They are not fast at all, possessing slow movements, though they can take hits easily and strike hard. These men tire out easily over time. In addition to training in the Grock they are classed into, students undergo physical training to maintain their physique and if the student so wishes, can seek to learn the Grock below or above him. The only restriction is that the Lightweight and Heavyweight-grocks can’t learn each other’s form (largely due to body restrictions).

OOC Rules for the School

  • A Graklak must be Athletic or above.
  • You must participate in as many unarmed tournaments as possible, and endeavor to create your own challenges.
  • Mentor RP is very highly encouraged.


  • Some Ailor historians claim that the Ailor people were the first to begin using their fists in a technical and thought-out way, creating the Graklak art, and that the Orcs then stole the method. Such proponents, however, rarely show their faces near or around any Graklakers.
  • Orcs fairly regularly are sorted into the Heavyweight-grock.

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