School of Griffer

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School of Griffer
Proficiencies Thin Blade Combat Skill, Light Bow Combat Skill, Perception Training
Race Any Race
Location Various
Origins Calemberg, Regalian Archipelago

The School of Griffer is a School unique for its massive population of female combatants, who make use of a custom blade developed for their use. They are not mere levies or cannon fodder; Griffers are some of the most precise fighters in Aloria, and can ascertain and strike at the weaknesses of the enemy’s armor or defense with brutal efficiency. Others of their kind make use of bows, but their aim and arrows serve the same purpose. This sisterhood of lethal warriors is not to be underestimated, and any man who does so is shortly thereafter either embarrassed or finds himself dead.


The School of Griffer has a complex background steeped in the history of the New Regalian people. Within years of this Culture emerging from the ashes of the collapsed Wirtemcaller Kingdom, there were already countercultural movements taking place. One of these was the demand that women be allowed to take a more active role in the military, and while the others were largely crushed, this one idea remained quite strong. This also came as a similar debate was going on in the rest of the Regalian Empire on the same issue, and in 171 AC the two movements came together into one powerful political front. For over thirty years following the two groups coming together, there was little to no progress. However, at the advent of the new century theoretical tracts authored anonymously both by men and women calling for female fighters started to slowly gain traction in military circles. It took until 254 AC for the first Griffer academy to be finally opened, located in Calemberg, and a further 20 years for others to be opened in other areas of the Regalian Empire. Today, the School of Griffer is respected as an effective form of combat education and its adherents operate across Aloria. They are largely present in honorary guard positions for various notable politicians and even Ithanian Hivre sovereigns have begrudgingly accepted these women to avoid hiring male bodyguards who are generally mistrusted. In Calemberg, some female-only regiments exist among the noble women who enlist to the army, especially considering that the School of Griffer has become extremely popular among the newer generations of young female Calemberg Nobility growing up in a male-dominated world. True battlefield applications for these units have yet to be fully realized, but Griffers have been frequently used to track down and slay enemy officers in the middle of the battlefield. As such, in the same way that their Combat Skills are honed with precision, they are used to strike at the very heart of the enemy formations and inflict large morale damage by eliminating the enemy leadership structure, forcing any army to collapse.


  • Offizielle Akademie für Griffer Bildung: The first official academy for teaching Griffer skills, the Offizielle Akademie für Griffer Bildung has a high level of prestige in New Regalian society. Many young female nobles from that Culture are taught here, with men younger than 30 totally forbidden from the premise for fairly flimsy reasons beyond getting back for years of repression in Regalian society.
  • Center fir d'Jugendaarbechtsbekämpfung: The second official academy for teaching Griffer skills after the Offizielle Akademie für Griffer Bildung, the Center fir d'Jugendaarbechtsbekämpfung is found in Brissiaud. This teaching center helped set the standard for every Griffer education facility that followed, mainly in teaching the art of Leutz Fencing alongside normal methods of education.
  • The Ravanelle Griffer Academy: Located in Dragenthal, the Ravanelle Griffer Academy is best known for its Griffer Huntresses, whose training in the great forests of the region is superb. They are also known as the first School that allowed a genderless student, that being a Yanar, and set a trend followed by other private academies across the Empire in allowing not only non-Ailor but also those individuals lacking external gender, or who were otherwise merely effeminate in appearance and actions despite their gender.

Code of Conduct

The School of Griffer has a limited Code of Conduct as each academy slightly differs or has adapted to the surrounding region. The foremost principle is that you and your fellow Griffers are a sisterhood, bound by a common rejection of male-centered society. To betray another sister is very rare, and often a punished act by the School’s leaders. This focus has many conservative males constantly accusing Griffers of being indoctrinated into same-sex relationships. Surprisingly, this is incorrect, and such relationships are also punished in most Griffer academies (save those in Ithania).


The School of Griffer, to the surprise of many, features a split tree of learning, though all facilities teach both Paths of education. Future Griffers come to learn at the age of sixteen to twenty, rooming at the academy of their choice. These two Paths are the Huntress Path and the Duelist Path. The Duelist Path (also called the Guard Path from time to time) is the more popular one and focuses primarily on the use of the Griff Blade, a custom-designed Thin Blade made for piercing openings on a foe. The other Path, the Huntress Path, focuses on the use of the “Griff” Hunting Bow, though it is not custom made. Instead, it is most closely related to the common hunting bow though their arrows are some of the sleekest in Aloria. The two Paths never exclusively train in just their single weapon of choice, as the School emphasizes surprising opponents with skills they assume you not to have. But, for every hour spent with the lesser weapon, three are spent with the main one. Griffers are also trained to have incredible eyesight, their perception said to rival that of any predator bird in the Calemberg hunting arsenal (though it certainly is not that powerful). They are trained in this skill with complex exercises of hand-eye coordination, sight tests, and Leutz Fencing. They use these skills to deadly effect on any battlefield, rapidly identifying the weaknesses in enemy armor. Griffer Huntresses also sometimes train in Cavalry Combat Skills to become lethal horseback archers, but such activities must be taught on their own time after they formally graduate. Learning in the School takes a total of six years, and once they have graduated, most stay on at their academy for one extra year as helpers and to act as support before fully leaving to go pursue the rest of their lives.

OOC Rules for the School

  • Due to the need to retain a slim and agile body shape, people who make use of the School of Griffer should be Athletic Body Shape at max, if not Toned with slightly diminished physical power.


  • The best Griffer that ever existed was Helene von Troyen, an aristocratic noblewoman who was so skilled in the School of Griffer that she was able to stab any Orc to death who challenged her by piercing their neck arteries after but mere moments of fighting.
  • The School of Griffer is generally considered very unpopular among the ruling families, though Emperor Cedromar I’s twin sister and wife of Grand Marshal von Treppewitz is considered a skilled Griffer.
  • The School of Griffer is named after the legendary Gryphon of old Ailor legend, whose precision in strikes was said to make it a deadly foe.

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