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School of History
Proficiencies Arcanology, Writing Art
Race Various
Location Various
Origins Various

The School of History has existed since the dawn of all civilization with many Races and groups often documenting their lives and history, though some may fade away with time. In recent years, the study of history has been given prominence as a way to better understand the foreign new allies Regalia finds itself meeting with, but also as a way to understand the host of ancient threats which have been emerging across the world over the past several years. Scholars and historians search for lost tomes, inscriptions, and writings in the libraries, archives, and annexes of the world desperately to help them in their missions. As world history turns in this direction, though, others remain stalwart and unmoving in their traditional beliefs, thus causing clashes.


The School of History is one which has existed for millennia in Aloria. Many Races and civilizations documented themselves and their own experiences over the centuries, while some remain a mystery to this day. In antiquity, the greatest collectors of knowledge were the Seraph who, unfortunately, were not knowledgeable enough to foresee or halt their own destruction. The next civilization known to reach their level of intellect was the Meraic, who collected vast amounts of knowledge from their ancestors but ultimately fell like the civilization before them. Even their attempts to preserve this knowledge failed them when, over millennia, both the Vaults and the knowledge teld in the Tohn Sona crumbled and decayed into fragments. After the Meraic came a horde of Races, from the Qadir and their vast annexes to the Altalar and the libraries of the School of Ïstorei, who each documented and recorded their history in many different ways. Most recently, the Regalian Empire has sought out history, greatly benefiting from over 100 years of alignment with the Altalar before a turn away from them to the Eronidas. Now, scholarly knowledge and information is of utmost interest to many in the scholarly community as threats from the past continue to arrive, from the form of Estel at the Battle of Curag Fields and the Bone Horror Crisis to the more recent Dragon Crisis, which saw the reappearance of Blue Crown Dragons for the first time in over 200 years.


  • Academie du Éducation dans l'Histoire du Monde: The Academy of Education in the History of the World is an Ithanian-based academy found within Hivre Agennes-sur-Livres. Set along the Livres itself, the Academy teaches history in a way influenced by Ithanian and Altalar sources, which the Academy has a great collection of.
  • Hadritya of Kokab-Parna: This Qadir Hadritya is unique from all the others in Aloria as it specifically seeks to collect vast amounts of knowledge on history. Found in Al-Alus, the scholars there know much about the Sariyd Empire which once ruled Farah’deen, with all of said knowledge held in the Majmueat min Al'aemar or “Collection of Ages.”
  • Imperial Academy of History: The Imperial Academy of History in the Regalian Empire is located on the Crown Isle. It is the most prestigious and well-known facility in Aloria in the teaching of history, accentuated by deals and agreements with other academies to share material with close attachments to the Scholar’s Court.

Code of Conduct

The School of History generally has a very loose moral code, pliable to the whims of the individual teaching form taught at the numerous academies. However, here are several of the major codes of conduct:

  • Code of Conduct in Ithania
    • Exult the Altalar sources over all others, their history is glorious and trustworthy.
    • Ithanian sources follow in their footsteps but can become confused or misguided by outside influence.
    • Disclude all possibility the Asha have civilization; they are brutish savage creatures the Altalar trained up from nothing.
    • The Velheim people are savage marauders whose history is scrawled on trinkets or spoken by enfeebled minds; their sources are untrustworthy.
  • Code of Conduct in Songaskia Farah’deen
    • The Dragons were our parents, their history and knowledge is paramount in importance.
    • The Qadir were punished by our ancestors, and some still deserve punishment, but those who serve and aid the Masaya are to be believed.
    • The Regalian Empire is a complex body, deal with their histories carefully.
  • Code of Conduct in Qadir Farah’deen
    • The Dragons were fierce and dangerous creatures whose end was necessary, the Songaskians are their wild and dangerous spawn.
    • Technology and clockworks are everything; their history is paramount, especially histories not in Farah’deen.
    • The Songaskians are dangerous and their history is full of self-glorification, ignore it.
  • Code of Conduct among the Allar
    • The Sendrassian Civil War was a great tragedy, but the Void and those who follow it are the cause, never trust sources that speak well of them.
    • Each Caste plays a different role in history and it is the duty of all historians to seek to understand them for their records.
    • The Essa Empire was an artificial construct the Slizzar invented to give themselves power, they got what they deserved.
  • Code of Conduct in the Regalian Empire
    • The history of Empire and Unionism are the same. The Everwatcher guided our rise.
    • The Skagger Horde and the North were a menace; the wars against them were just.
    • The Empire and its history are unique, none are like us.


Prestige within the School of History requires time and patience to achieve, as the study of history is a complex process. While there are many styles of education and differences in topic based on region, there are some commonalities. In the beginning, students are taught by private tutors, instructors, or teachers and are instructed in foundational knowledge. For some students this might be a repeat of basic facts, but afterward, the refinement of those general points begins. After half a year, personal reading is required and often assigned to help speed up class time. As time moves on, the subjects specialize themselves and sometimes go into extreme depth to explore the topics. At the age of 17, students are required to attend an academy or a more official institution to continue learning their craft in an official capacity. From here on, an enormous amount of focus is put towards personal work and theories. A student needs to continuously research for papers and new documents published by researchers in the field to maintain their expertise and knowledge in all of the latest pieces of information. The time of learning at these official facilities runs anywhere from five to eight years long. They ultimately develop the ability to analyze and articulate information on crucial historical events. They can read documents efficiently, absorbing the information, and breaking down the presented texts to critique or use for theoretical exploration. Upon completing their studies, they are well-learned in the histories and backgrounds of current scenarios occurring on the world stage—able to trace their historical links and provide insight into why they may have occurred. They are also often schooled in a variety of languages, sometimes only their written variety though and only in a translation capacity. Unfortunately, most styles of education on this topic teach inherent racism for the lesser races such as Eronidas, Asha, and Allar, meaning it is rare for anyone not of that Race to focus on these racial histories. Those that graduate the School of History frequently go on to become prestigious scholars and historians, or archeologists who perform work in the field.

OOC Rules for the School

  • The School of History has many biases in it based on Race and Culture. Please take careful note of the perception your Character would have on specific issues or histories based on their origin.


  • The School of History in Regalia has been expanding into Allar and Asha history over the past several years as those Races join the Crown Alliance of the Regalian Empire. This has been done as a sign of respect, much to the annoyance of Ithanians and Jingoists who fought in the Chrysant War.

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