School of Huntverk

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School of Huntverk
Proficiencies Light Bow Combat Skill, Hunting Knowledge, Throwing Combat Skill, Perception Training
Race Any Race
Location Various
Origins Baron Huntvert, resident of Calemberg

The School of Huntverk, rather than a brick and mortar building, is instead a School of thought and practice; by some, it is even called a philosophy. “Huntverk’s Annal on the Essentials of the Hunt” was a book released 100 years ago which has since been expanded by new editions and offshoots, and it has served to inform middle and upper-class hunters in the Regalian Archipelago on how to better their craft. Amongst hunters who have read or been taught ideas in the published pieces, it is common to find a great deal of support in the idea of self-sustainability, and many of them embrace the idea a man should be akin to a mountain: standing tall, proud, and often alone in pursuit of his quarry. It is rare to find Huntverk hunters hunting for sport, and the School, therefore, exists most commonly with those who make a living out of the act, with many of its adherents giving a great deal of respect to any animal they have killed. Some of the most talented and famous explorers and mountaineers often attest their prowess to “Huntverk’s Annals.”


The School of Huntverk was created in the years following the publication of “Huntverk’s Annal on the Essentials of the Hunt,” a dense 300-page manual filled with information on the art of hunting. The backstory to the text is an interesting one intertwined with a low member of the aristocracy in the Regalian Archipelago's Calem regions. He was a man deeply involved in the hunt, but his beliefs were accentuated due to a close relationship with a young Velheim hunter. He spent much of the time consumed by the hunt with this young man, and gradually the nobleman came to accept Velheim principles into pre-existing New Regalian cultural ideas. He then spent the remainder of his life writing the Annal, which was completed in 197 AC. He barely got to see his creation disseminated to his own friends before he died while on the hunt in 200 AC. In his honor though, they further helped to spread the impressive text, and by 220 AC, hunters from Calemberg to Anglia were consulting and ultimately praising the text for its details. The school has since arisen naturally and is used by hundreds in the modern day to help teach them the art of the hunt.


The School of Huntverk is one of those rare schools with no major official institutions, academies, or any other similar establishments for the teaching of its values and skills, as all learning is done through personal study. There are hunting lodges strewn about the Regalian Archipelago, gathering places for trainees and those trained in the school, but this is largely not a place to learn but rather to boast one’s hunting knowledge and to exchange ideas with other huntsmen. It is also not uncommon for hunters trained under Huntverk methods to stay in Great Oak Knight lodges during their trips and travels.

Code of Conduct

The School of Huntverk does not have formal rules, but rather encourages a method of philosophy and thought in its students. The core of this is imparting the importance of self-reliance to the learner. Many graduates of the Huntverk discipline, whether Velheim, New Regalian, or even Anglian, believe the original prose to be a testament to the possibility of an (Ailor) male, working alone, being able to succeed in life and the art of the hunt. Disciples of Huntverk, therefore, tend to spend large amounts of time in the wilderness, some members spending as much as six months out in nature. After an especially tough or very success hunt, it is common practice for pupils of the School of Huntverk to travel to the nearest lodge and celebrate with their peers.


The School of Huntverk begins very informally, with the individual learning to hunt from a young age with the aid of family members. Learning in their early childhoods with fathers, uncles, brothers, or cousins, prospective students of Huntverk are primed for an introduction to the guiding text for the next ten years of their life. This is a personal journey which requires concentration and dedication to reading the Annal constantly and, for most of its practitioners, it becomes just as important as the Ten Creeds of Unionism. Expert hunters can quote flawlessly from Huntverk’s prime text on demand. The other half of the School is dedicated to actually training and using the skills described in the text, often with a specialization on one method over the others. Learning times and speeds are different for all, but ten years is generally enough for a hunter to be considered “graduated” from the school by others, often requiring the killing of some dangerous creature as proof of their knowledge.

OOC Rules for the School

  • It is uncommon for women to become Huntverk hunters (or hunters in general) but not impossible.
  • Whilst Huntverk hunters and survivalists can learn a great many skills and Proficiencies from the supplementary materials tied to the School, the ones listed above are fundamental skills directly taught in the main text of the School of Huntverk.


  • No one knows what happened to the young Velheimer who so often accompanied Huntverk on his hunting trips, as he vanished after Huntverk died. Some claim he wasn’t even real, despite the Baron thanking him in his original text and two of the Baron’s friends seeing him once or twice.
  • The original publications of Huntverk are incredibly rare and it’s not uncommon for the later editions to either include or revise various parts from prior editions, so many manners and styles of hunting have been included across many different versions.
  • There is one Huntverk lodge in the Highlands of Gallovia which has an old hunter, rumored to be the best hunting hound trainer in the world.

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