School of Lecgaen

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School of Lecgaen
Proficiencies Bodycare Training, Athletic Training, Unarmed Combat Skill
Race All Human-like Races
Location Gallovia and Regalia
Origins Gallovia

The art of a Lecgaen primarily focuses on the art of wrestling and is commonly seen within fighting pits for all classes, as Lecgaens are individuals of sport. This school’s practitioners often participate in grand tournaments of all kinds, facing humans and animals alike for entertainment. This is one of the oldest martial combat schools in Aloria, and the boasts a large number of styles that have formed in over the years, making the training experience very dependent on an individual trainer's individual approach. It takes at least eight years to fully train someone to become a Lecgaen and is often a sport that melds well with other combative schools. Whether the training is complete or not, those who apply themselves can come out with something noteworthy to use in their everyday lives.


Wrestling as a concept has existed since the inception of formal combat study, and for the Highland Ceardian Ailor it is just as significant; their ancestors practiced it heavily on Ceardia in the ancient past. The formal School of Lecgaen is said to have been begun by a famed fighter in the Highlands, Cadoc O’Braonáin, who lived sometime around the Cataclysm. He was well known for his ability to grapple with and pin his opponent in mere seconds and is also said to have been the first man to wrestle a Gallovian Black Bear into submission. He wrote down his philosophy and form of combat in a small, ragged journal that he carried with him in his travels. This journal is now named “The Art of a Lecgaen,” and though it did not provide a complete guide on how exactly to become a Lecgaen, it did describe basic positions, stances, and different formations that built the bedrock of the school. Following Cadoc's death to another fighter (who, ironically, put him into a deathly coma with a single punch), his son used his father’s journal to help spread the style and ideas of Lecgaen across the Highlands. By the time he died, the School of Lecgaen was deeply intertwined with local culture and remained that way throughout the region’s occupation by the Skagger Horde. Today, Lecgaen fighters are looked at with great respect in the wider military world. Regalian nobles, in particular, enjoy viewing members of the School wrestling for entertainment, while the lower classes enjoy forming betting rings around brawls fought in their local arena. House Howlester’s rise to prominence and Cedromar I’s enjoyment of wrestling has also increased the School’s popularity across the Regalian Archipelago, and this trajectory is likely to continue.


The School of Lecgaen is highly decentralized and boasts no formal academies. Prospective fighters must approach and prove themselves to those willing to teach in sites where Lecgaen is practiced. This is largely still in Gallovia and near and around Dearth groups in the Highlands, but several areas of the Crown Isle also feature wrestling groups where Lecgaenist fighters teach others for payment.

Code of Conduct

There is no set “Code of Conduct” amongst the Lecgaen, besides having a common brotherhood and following the Dearth system of the Highland Ceardian Ailor. For some, especially those coming from more conservative or restrained Cultures, this system can be odd, but aspiring practitioners must adapt or risk failing to be taught effectively.


The School of Lecgaen has a diverse set of sub-schools and techniques, but can be largely summarized by two styles based on the two major regions it exists: Gallovia and the Crown Isle. Gallovians teach their students how to use position reversals aggressively and sweeps to pin, lock, and choke opponents from the ground. Clinching is very important in wrestling, as sometimes bigger, and more brutish men can take a Lecgaen to the ground, but it is usually Gallovians who seek this out as a means of controlling an opponent. Tactical movement and wrestling forms are all taught through schooling; after years of training, students naturally learn how to flow more soundly and even improvise, which differentiates a knowledged student from a beginner. Training is never complete for Gallovians, as they believe there is always something to learn from every aspect of unarmed combat. A student is considered fully graduated after successfully wrestling a Gallovian Black Bear into submission - an extremely dangerous, often lethal task that can only be accomplished after over at least ten years of experience in the School.

In the Crown City, where sport is very important, students mostly focus on how to gain leverage over an opponent to make them submit, as Regalians usually never look to cause extreme torment to the person, even if they can. The Regalian art of Lecgaen training is thus often interpreted as more passive. However, contrary to many philosophers of the art, while Gallovians know how to quickly incapacitate their opponent (who usually ends the bout in a life-threatening position), Regalian students are able to make wrestling more painful over a shorter period of time. The Crown City Lecgaen teachers focus on things such as different styles of submission holds, throws, and takedowns, which all can be used to injure their opponent tactically. Graduation in the Crown City occurs much more formally than in Gallovia and comes when one wins a difficult or purposefully challenging bout in their tenth year of education in the School.

All students within the Lecgaen are taught how to lift weights, eat right, and subsequently grapple properly. All those beginning under the order will first get the participant into shape, and not until after will they begin training them in unarmed combat. Usually, a Lecgaen is easily spotted. The student’s legs and upper body are symmetrically built, for most wrestlers take great pride in their form. All Lecgaen also begin in their early teenage years, around the ages of 13 to 15.

OOC Rules for the School

  • The minimum body shape for a Lecgaen practitioner is Ripped because of the School’s highly rigorous training.


  • Most nobles who either hail from the Highlands or have a history with the academies with Regalia start gridirons for training soldiers and others who seek to learn and fight in the sport.
  • Often times those of commoner status to earn great fame and coin by investing their time in wrestling for sport.
  • The fighter that put Cadoc O’Braonáin into his coma is often said to be a Velheim in Gallovian folklore.

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