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School of Medicine
Combat Schools
Race All races
Location Regalia, Daenshore, Yang-Tzu
Origins Various

The School of Medicine is an intellectual school concerned with training students in not only the healing and care of injured individuals but also the healthcare maintenance of entire communities. The School of Medicine has humble origins: many of the current and former academies were established by holy men of local religions in the form of healing houses to give respite to the general populace. Since then it has become an industry all of its own, which has created one of the most competitive fields in all of Aloria. Doctors, surgeons, and rudimentary healers are bred from all races, with any person with enough coin having the ability to attend the School of Medicine and receive instruction in everything from alchemical healing to advanced surgery to the production of healing herbs for use in poultices. The School of Medicine is somewhat unique in the fact that students often do not directly participate in healing until their third or fourth year. In the first few, the new recruits often sit through lengthy and dull lectures discussing the importance of bedside manner and seeing patients as more than customers. After this grace period, however, there is no holding back as students are thrown into the thick of things, eventually resulting in a patient and practiced graduate that is highly regarded in all cities of Aloria.

School Location

In the present day, three Academies for the School of Medicine are registered with the Medical Union: The Haüwald Academy in the City of Regalia, The Halctus Academy in Daenshore and the High Temple of the Loong Chaar in Yang-Tzu. All of these Academies permit any race with a clean criminal record and enough coin to enter. These schools are not boarding schools, so they require the students to sustain their own food and lodgings. That being said, all of these schools have basic almshouses and inns near them, so the very basest of care is provided locally for those who can only afford the steep entry fees. To get around this limitation, all of the schools offer to pay for the student’s tuition if they volunteer as doctors in the frontlines for their nation’s respective militaries or other unsavory and risky places.

OOC Rules for the Order

Those who graduate the School of Medicine do so with a doctorate. This Doctorate is only gained after pledging to the Oath of no Harm, an Oath that is backed by most State Law. If a person violates this Oath of no Harm, they should be reported, and when reported, they will be expelled from the Medical Union, which is the governing body that represents healers across the world in notable states like Regalia. Loss of membership of the Medical Union results in the loss of +10 Proficiency in Medicine that is gained as long as the Oath is upheld.


The practices of Medicine have long been harnessed by the peoples of Aloria, with even ancient Seraph paintings depicting the basic methods of bloodletting and medical care. For years leading up to the Cataclysm, all medical schools ran independently from one another, with no singular entity regulating the practices taught wherein. The most prestigious of academies were those ran by local priests in the form of Healing Houses, which were bound to both religious and moral obligations to provide their clients with the very best care. This was the norm until the year of 14AC when the first Medical Union was created in the city of Regalia. The board, led by a team of expert Physicians, Surgeons and Scholars from across Aloria, was formed in response to an increase of fraudulent healers who utilized shady methods involving snake oil to charge patients for dangerous healing practices. It’s creation sparked the very first School of Medicine: The Haüwald Academy in Regalia, which was subject to the same strict regulations which gave religious Healing Houses their favorable reputation.

With such high standards expected of the prospective students who walked through its doors, The Haüwald Academy bred some of the most talented physicians of its time. It grew in popularity swiftly and soon lead to the creation of two other formal academies which were bound to the Medical Union: The Halctus Academy and The Loong Chaar Academy. Within the doors of these schools, students are taught the Oath of No Harm: a moral pledge that demands that those who bring remedy and respite to others, cannot simultaneously cause them physical harm. The implementation of this rule resulted in graduates of the School of Medicine often following a single mindset and archetype of high morals and duty to the people; a trait which, in the present day, has become synonymous with professional healers.

Code of Conduct

  • Students in the School of Medicine should look down upon Magic, especially magical healing in its entirety, as it is ingrained into their heads during teaching that Magic is a dangerous solution. While this is often harshly enforced by the Medical Union, some see it as a soft rule where the use of magic is tolerable as a last resort for otherwise unsavable medical situations.
  • Members of the School of Medicine should generally be pacifistic in nature as, similarly to the distaste in magic, the Oath of No Harm is strongly ingrained into student’s minds during teaching. The Oath of No Harm is strictly enforced by the Medical Union, and doctors who violate their Oath often struggle to find work for the rest of their lives. Self-defense is the only exception to the No Harm rule, as doctors may defend themselves if necessary.


  • Older students and professors of the School of Medicine are widely known for playing one particular trick on the younger initiates: one person lays under a sheet pretending to be a cadaver, while the others tell the younger students to approach and begin labelling it. As the younger students, whether in a group or individually, get close to the person under the sheet they lurch upward, thoroughly scaring, and sometimes scarring, the new blood.
  • The first year of schooling is often very decisive for newer students, as those with weak stomachs or short attention spans hardly make it through the first few months of lengthy lectures and regular dissections.
  • Doctor Alfie von Gaske, former Headmaster for the Haüwald Academy in Regalia, is widely rumored to have performed several surgeries on himself while teaching high-level classes for graduating students, which ultimately lead to his death. Because of this, surgeons who botch surgeries they perform on themselves, no matter how simple, are often mocked and called ‘Von Gaskes’ up until they graduate.

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