School of Sølslåssing

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School of Sølslåssing
Proficiencies Fist Combat, Strength Training, Bodycare Training
Race Ailor (ideally Velheim, Tarkkin, Fridurfolk, or Zvorun in Culture), Avanthar, Url, Dwarves, Eronidas
Location Various
Origins Unknown

The School of Sølslåssing is known to many beyond the Velheim and northern world as the form of education for Northern Mud Wrestling, the term given to the form of combat utilized by this breed of wrestler. Utilizing a broad approach of wrestling moves and jabbing punches, Sølslåssingers have a more relaxed education process than many others, and can also be learned alongside another School. Recent years have seen the School open itself to non-northerners much more explicitly as Imperial Culture pushes the value in wrestling. However, many still view the School as deeply tied into Velheim practices, and its reach has faltered as a result.


The School of Sølslåssing is often considered by most to have a dateless founding, as most scholars have argued reliably that the School unofficially began with rituals conducted in honor of the Union of Earth and Union of Air of the Old Gods faith. The idea of fighting in a mud pit, a shifting, altering feature of the ground, may have held additional practical significance in order to teach Velheim about the nature of life, and how despite being in a strong position at one minute, fate can change that just as easily as one might slip in the mud. Regardless, actual documentation and confirmed lessons of the School of Sølslåssing, known to most Regalians as “Northern Mud Wrestling” or “Mud Boxing” today, was with the Highlanders of Gallovia. They reported the use of literal “dirty fighting” by the Velheim in their coastal settlements and outposts that lorded over Highland centers and discussed its practices. Later, the Regalian Empire also noted the same practices from the Skagger Horde, and as they expanded northward, among other Velheim peoples from Cain to northern Essalonia. Unlike the School of Skagger though, due to its broad reach and very laid back way of education, the School of Sølslåssing has not been damaged by recent political turmoil within the Regalian Archipelago or indeed abroad. In fact, thanks to the interest of Imperial Culture in wrestling, largely thanks to the push of Cedromar Kade and others beyond the traditionally allowed Northland Cultures, the School has itself expanded and begun to teach more to outsiders, though such people are often limited. Still, it is likely that soon, if not already, the stigma of “Northern Mud Wrestling” that exists within the Regalian Empire will end.


  • Kraftmasser: Located within southern Drixagh, now just north of the Hadrian Mountain Chain, the Kraftmasser are a series of semi-naturally formed mud-pits that sit along a river, called Lat by the Velheim and Faul by the New Regalians (though the latter no longer have access to it). Here, the Velheim settlement of Sølby, or “Søle Town”, often considered the heart of the entire School (hence its name), is also a hub for mercenaries and fishermen.
  • Gruves av Opprette: Located on Nordskag, the Gruves av Opprette are a more religiously significant site than most others. The mud pits located here, in the island’s south, are also near claypits, and Old Gods believers commonly espouse the location to a place of holy creation, where gods and goddesses once sculpted and formed many things. Today, the site remains a religious place and is a far stricter training ground for the School of Sølslåssing.
  • Østpits: The Østpits, located in Østryll, are one of the more savage arena spaces operated in the overview of the School of Sølslåssing. Most commonly the place of origin for non-Ailor practitioners of the School, given a healthy mercenary population and frequent visits from populations outside Hedryll, the mud of the pits is said to be red-brown not from natural substances, but from the mixture of blood and mud over centuries of combat training and bouts.

Code of Conduct

The School of Sølslåssing lacks a rigorous code of conduct to help inform its combat and training methods. However, there exist general rules that most wrestlers from the School follow. The first is that there can be no weapons within the arena, whether it is mud, or something more refined. However, weapons can be added into a fight should an opponent cheat, bringing out their own force, thus allowing their victim to reply evenly. The next is that no challenge, when issued in a pit, can be denied or retracted. This is out of a belief that the pit is a place of truth and power, about the truth of one’s body and the power of their form, as well as of their spirit and convictions. No further rules exist in the School, resulting in sometimes quite aggressive and varied education and combat experiences across the many pits of the Combat School.


To learn the School of Sølslåssing, an individual needs to dedicate at least four days a month to visit a Sølslåssing training ground to put themselves at the mercy of those who wish to teach them. This very decentralized form of education has allowed for many from other Schools to learn Sølslåssing in addition to their existing education. For example, many Velheim Blackmark mercenaries learn hand to hand unarmed combat from Sølslåssing tutors. Other restrictions on teaching, such as the age of “enrollment”, are often very lax in the School. However, an individual must be at least 15 to be taught. Additionally, while it takes about four years to learn the array of mixed wrestling and jab-punch fighting that the School is known for in the standard, four days a month model, most who fully dedicate themselves to it can complete the Schooling required in just 3 years.


  • The School of Sølslåssing is often considered a very “lazy” Combat School when compared to something like the School of Palattu, however, fights between combatants of the two Schools have down their move-sets and physical prowess to often be fairly even, forgiving the natural combat advantage most Eronidas possess.
  • A number of Velheim nobles are educated privately in the School of Sølslåssing, mainly as a last line of personal defense or attack if assaulted without weapons on hand.

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