School of Tarint

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School of Tarint
Proficiencies One-hand Blunt Combat, Husbandry Art, Hunting Art
Race Various based on the location of education
Location Etosil and in Szabadok territory of the Regalian Archipelago
Origins Etosil

The School of Tarint is a cavalry-based military discipline that focuses on the use of the flail on horseback that originates from Etosil. Finding its origin with either the Vladno or the Szabadok, the School is male-exclusive and focused on two different tasks. For the Vladno, it is primarily used against the Undead and in enforcing their slavery practices while for the Szabadok, it is for combat and the hunt. Despite the distance that has since developed between the two variations on the School, they remain rivals though rarely get a chance to battle out their internal animosity.


The School of Tarint has an uncertain origin date as two different groups claim to have created its skillset. The first of these is the Vladno, who claim it to be part of the styles of combat they brought with them from Mirnoye when they came to the zealous isle of Etosil. As for the other party who claims to found the School, their claim is slightly more substantial. Coming from the Szbadok, they claim the School to have originated in their oldest horseback riders as a tool of the hunt and a tool of their Culture. Regardless of who created it, by 200 AC, both peoples possessed the School and actively used it in their combat or the hunt. Etosians were dragged into the mix since they largely served as the retainers to the Vladno during their combat and in their hunts. 211 AC saw the first formal academy focused on the School, founded on Etosil mainland by the Vladno. From this, a new generation emerged in the fight against the Undead and in the practice of slavery, the Vladno using their skills to run down those who sought to escape them. The Szbadok on the other hand still kept it decentralized, and when they were pushed out of Etosil and somehow transported to the Regalian Archipelago, they took it with them. To this day, these two forms of the School have survived in opposite parts of Corontium with slightly different focuses to each as is befitting the Culture that teaches it.


  • Prizdeg Fortress: Found outside of the city of Mlyat on Etosil, it houses several hundred riders at a time while also doubling as a cloister for Etosian monks. It is considered to be a dreary place with the bare minimum offered in amenities to its students. However, most are Vladno and rarely care about such things.
  • Bashnya Boli: The “Tower of Pain” is a slaving facility located in the southwest of Etosil, with a low-lying temple complex expanding out from the base of the single dark tower. As it is largely focused on slavery, most of the students get rather hands-on experience with the whole practice and methods of it.
  • The Tent of Masters: Found in the capital of the Szabadok Culture, Szülőföld, this large yurt is the central tent that teaches the School of Tarint to those who apply themselves in the needed skills. It has an attached forge which also is a thriving part of the local market and serves to supply the armor key to the Szabadok identity to each student.

Code of Conduct

The School of Tarint has strict guidelines among the Vladno and Etosians. Only male Ailor are allowed to attend the School, and they must be devoted to Unionism. Additionally, they must be native-born and not from offshore. In comparison, the Szabadok have almost no guidelines. As a very open people who have adopted a variety of other Races into their society, you merely must be trusted by the Szabadok people to attend the School. However, you must be a male due to the strict division of gender roles that the Culture follows.


The School of Tarint begins at the young age of twelve when prospective students are sent to learn the combat form. The first two years are largely focused on learning how to ride a horse and on combat on the ground with the use of the flail, training up the individual in certain moves and offensive actions to take against an opponent. After that, the next three are spent focused on riding with the flail, and on training students on how to disarm or disable other mounted opponents and ground-ones alike. They primarily focus on the rider and not the actual mount, though there are certainly some brutal tactics that can be used against a rider’s horse to bring them to a crashing stop. They also learn hunting skills during this time, primarily tracking techniques. The final year is spent wrapping these skills together into one cohesive combat form. The student graduates after six years, but most Vladno keep on at their chosen academy to learn techniques specifically in slavery. Despite all of their skills, the School is weak in two key ways: They are vulnerable to ranged weapons and lack the maneuverability of Drixon riders. Despite these flaws, the older a Tarintian gets, the less these flaws present themselves.

OOC Rules for the School

  • You must be male to attend this School in a Vladno setting.


  • Members of the School of Drixon typically clash heads with members of the Tarint School, due to the general headbutting of ideas between the two.
  • Aged students from the School of Tarint sometimes go on to become monks as well in the Prizdeg Fortress after they become too old to continue their duties. This, in turn, creates an interesting cycle of keeping the Fortress filled with people and inspiring a brotherhood complex.

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