School of Tenpenny

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School of Tenpenny
Proficiencies Fast Blade Combat Skill, Heavy Bow Combat Skill, Shield Combat Skill
Race Any Race
Location Various
Origins Regalia

The School of Tenpenny is the most widespread combat school taught to soldiers both inside the Regalian Empire and in many of its vassal states. Tenpenny soldiers are trained to fight in larger numbers, but can also hold their own in a one-on-one situation. Tenpenny provides them with a set of basic combat survival skills on the battlefield, while also teaching them more advanced formations for the sake of army maneuvering during a bigger combat event. Tenpenny is the next step in the Regalian Empire’s martial development; transitioning from a feudal system of untrained levies to standing professional armies which are drilled and trained by a centralized corps of mentors. The School of Tenpenny is based on the Tenpenny Army, which was Regalia’s first official standing army established in the wake of the Chrysant War by Emperor Justinian II. The Army of Tenpenny, in turn, takes its name from the tax of the tenth penny, a financial tax levied on transactions between merchants which obliged them to pay taxes equal to a tenth of a total sum. This tax was used to sustain the army entirely, and as such, the name was derived from it.


The Tenpenny army was established as a response to the Empire’s needs to be able to mobilize quickly during a war. Following the Chrysant War, one major component of the Regalian Navy complained the performance of the soldier levies was lacking and their deployment often took too long as they had to be centrally gathered and then deployed from the homeland. A tenth transaction tax was created which would fuel the costs and wages of a professional army, (known as the Tenth Penny Tax Reform under Emperor Alexander I) thus creating the first Tenpenny Army in 291 AC. The School of Tenpenny became a product of military cross-pollination where various schools competed with one another in tactics. A Turall Bladesmen, a Wapnbogger, a Lancyon Halberd, a Viridian Knight and a Bloodcast Knight were eventually responsible for striking a fine balance between all of their doctrines to create the Tenpenny School. The Tenpenny School was never intended to compete with these various doctrines; it was intended to create a middle ground which would function well for common soldiers without diving too deep into the doctrines and practices of Schools that taught Front-line Combat Skills. As such, Tenpenny became a very popular school even among people who were not professional soldiers, as it provided a simple combat technique which was easy to learn, useful in most situations, and granted a fast-track entry process for the Regalian Military. The School is still formally overseen by the Marshals of the Regalian Empire who only occasionally make modifications to the doctrine.


The School of Tenpenny does not have any singular Academy or School, but rather the School of Tenpenny is taught by instructors all over the Empire. This means would be students are capable of being part of a Regalian Army or settling near a Military School to learn this School on the fly. It is not a boarding School, so providing one's own food and social engagements in society are necessary.

Code of Conduct

The School of Tenpenny has no particular Code held among its members. Being a fast-track to service into the Regalian Armed Forces, a strong loyalty to the armed forces of the Regalian Empire is common, as is continued service as a soldier.


The very basics of Tenpenny fighting tactics can be adequately taught in two years of schooling, resulting in a short tutelage period for incoming recruits. After achieving individual prowess with the Tenpenny’s typical weapons, group formations are drilled often, always with alternating members to instill a sense of camaraderie between all Tenpenny trained soldiers. Basic skills with the Anglian Longbow and Crossbow are taught to Tenpenny recruits, but the bulk of their training involves the use of arming swords and shields, to properly take part in Tenpenny attack formations. The intricacies of Front-line commanding are not taught at the School but upon graduation, promising Tenpennies are normally sent on to the officer academies of the Regalian Empire to build on their skills of obedience, creativity, and under-pressure thinking.


  • Ironically enough, the current highest authority in the Marshals determine the future doctrine uses of the School of Tenpenny is a Leutz-Vixe called Tonnmiche Pènce. His controversial views on increasing discipline with harsh body punishments are seen as unpopular.
  • Some foreign schools also teach Tenpenny technique, even though they may never refer to it as such. The School of Tenpenny has simply become synonymous with “general combat training.”
  • Tenpenny is practically teachable to any Race, gender, age or disposition. It is more frequently taught in Regalia as other nations have local alternatives or varieties that differ.

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