School of Turall

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School of Turall
Combat Schools
Race Any
Location Turall, Anglia
Origins Turall, Anglia

The School of Turall is a fighting discipline which values endurance, fitness, speed and double weapons over other martial arts as a means to train soldiers. The actual fighting style was developed by the Order of Turall, where the Bladesmen are considered the best double weapon sword fighters in the Regalian Empire and beyond with unmatched stamina. The teachings at the Turall School for Blades has been perfected over the decades to form a counter style of the School of Viridian based on agility. Members of the Turall Blade School are often called Blades, and often also find employment in other physical related activities like acrobatics that connect well with their disciplines. Blades often fight with two daggers or two short swords, valuing speed over actual striking force to both out-balance and outmaneuver an opponent. The Blade’s technique has often been likened to Skagger Berserking, but with more control and class, albeit with less raw power. The Turall Blade School is naturally situated in the southern Anglian province of Turall, a relatively unremarkable piece of land mostly covered in forests and hillsides with the occasional town. The School itself is on the outskirts of the town of Turent which also doubles as the capital of the province. The fact that it is called a Blade School is because the school solely trains in the use of blade-like weapons, though more often than not will its students actually use daggers.

School of Turall

The School of Turall is a very open minded Academy that lies in the very progressive area of Turent. Despite it's somewhat dark conservative woodland vibes, the people in Turent are actually very tolerant of other races and outsiders. As such, there are no limitations to entry in the Academy of Turall, though it's worth noting that warriors of the Turall School need to be capable and have the Ripped Body Shape. This includes women.

OOC Rules for the Order

  • Armor usage for Turall is limited to Leather Armor, if any at all, since any amount of armor seriously endangers their ability to properly use the Turall Techniques.
  • Warriors of Turall must be Body Shape Ripped to properly pull off the acrobatic stunts they engage in. This is race or gender blind, if a race cannot achieve this level, they cannot attend the School.


The School of Turall was developed at the same time as its ethical cousin, the School of Tyrian, in that some Kade Knights believed the Viridian Order to be a dangerous organization (though paradoxically still kept sending their sons to train there). Some years after the failed Viridian coup of 122 AC, the Tower Knight of Turent came up with the idea to create a school dedicated to simply defeating Viridian Knights in combat. He gathered funds to start the school, and within some years, the school itself was already popular among the Anglian locals because it offered reduced training courses for less money than was required for the more noble academies.

Over the decades, various innovative teachers have shaped the School of Turall to include extreme endurance and fitness disciplines, as well as cohesion activities among the students, making the School so much more than it's narrow initial mission statement. This made the Turall Blade School a unique academy that fosters a strong camaraderie among its pupils. The cohesion of the Bladesmen is similar to the Viridian Knights, in that they have a brotherly connection, though for Turall Bladesmen it goes further, almost acting like a second family as they have shared hopes, dreams, losses and victories with one another. The school’s ideology toward admittance is still very conservative to this day, only men of the Ailor race are permitted to enter the school, though to an extent some teachers have started teaching the art of two handed sword fighting outside of the school as well. Despite these freelance teachers, one can never quite reach the same level as a fully taught Champion Bladesman at the actual School.

Code of Conduct

The Turall Bladesmen don’t really have a code of conduct, and a lot of their behavior inside and outside of their time at the school is rarely moderated. However, punishments for failing to perform in the school itself are extreme, including but not limited to public humiliation, exhaustion to the point of total collapse, and expulsion. Bladesmen who finish their studies at the school often either stay behind to teach for a few years or move on to eventually take a pupil of their own elsewhere. The general rule of the freelance teachers is that the art of Turall is one to be passed down to others, should the Viridians ever attempt to seize the Empire again.


  • Turall Bladesmen receive an ornate dagger upon their graduation that they often use to identify each other due to the disorganized records of the School.
  • There is not an official distinction for Turall Bladesmen, but many who graduated the school wear their ceremonial dagger on their chest in some form of satchel or decorative leather piece. Despite being against State Law, a small exception is made for these ceremonial daggers as they are often dulled.

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