Schwarz Pudding

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Schwarz Pudding
Appearance Blood pudding made of pig blood, ham, egg and and blood sausage
Difficulty 5/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Brissiaud chefs
Class Commoners
  • Ten cups of pig’s blood
  • Two pounds of pig liver
  • Twenty feet of pig intestines
  • One pound of pig fat
  • Half a cup of chopped onion
  • Half a cup of chives
  • Half a cup of thyme
  • One cup of diced ham
  • Four hard-boiled eggs
  • Eight limes
  • Eight tablespoons of salt
  • A gallon of water

Nearly as old as the region it was born in, the Schwarz Pudding is considered a regional delicacy for the inhabitants of Dragenthal. Although referred to as a pudding, the dish is essentially a sausage made from blood and ham. It gained popularity for its accessibility, and it quickly became a staple for the peasants and commoners. The meal is notably less popular in other regions and countries, often reviled as disgusting because of its unconventional ingredients.


The dish was developed as a product of conservation and necessity. After harvesting the flesh from a pig, many butchers in early Ailor settlements found themselves at a loss for what to do with the remaining liver, blood, and intestine. The liver provided a strong, metallic taste, and thus was rarely ever purchased, while cooked intestine produced a rubbery consistency, causing it to be unfit for consumption. In an attempt to make each part able to sell, they decided to market the whole thing as one. Farmers cleaned out the intestines, and stuffed them with pig blood and minced liver. To add some flavor, they added diced ham, hard-boiled eggs, and an assortment of strong spices. Although it wasn’t the most appealing meal, it was the cheapest fare sold. Over the span of a few generations, the dish began to work its way into the role of a cultural dish for those in Dragenthal.


The first step is to prepare the stuffing. Mix the blood with salt, and allow it to sit in a cool place. Mince or grind the liver and fat together, and set this aside for later. Squeeze each lime into a bowl, draining as much juice as possible. Then rinse the length of intestines in lime juice, being sure to scrape excess fat or tissue from the insides. After you’ve finished, flip it inside out, and repeat the process. Add the onions, chives, and thyme into your mixture, taking care to incorporate them evenly. Afterwards, dice your ham and peeled hard boiled eggs, and dump them into the blood. Allow this to sit for another five minutes, before mixing in the liver and fat. Using string of some sort, tie off one end of the intestine. On the other end, insert a funnel, and begin spooning in the blood mixture. Use a stick or a similar implement to feed the blood through the funnel, in case it gets clogged. Continue until the intestine has been filled, before promptly tying off the end. Boil the sausage in a gallon of water in your large pot, at a low to medium flame. This should take approximately three hours.


  • The pudding looks like a dark sausage, with visible chunks of egg and ham. It can be served in a variety of ways, though it is most commonly fried.
  • Despite steps being taken to dampen it, the pudding usually smells of blood. It does have accents of ham and thyme, though those are more subtle.
  • Much like the scent, the Schwarz Pudding tastes metallic. Many have likened it to a stronger sausage, though the meaty flavor his heavily accented by spices.


  • A common mistake to make is to let the blood sit, without mixing it thoroughly with salt. This causes the blood to clot and thicken, turning the consistency of the pudding into that of a crumbly paste.

Writers Skeletennessee
Processors HydraLana, PonyoWantHam
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