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The Sciences Proficiency Category summarizes all the Proficiency Skills which are related to Character capacity for Science skills, both for in-game Roleplay, as well as Progression Report Skills, which may be relevant to some Science Skill Checks. These Skills are fairly broad, for example, Medical Knowledge covers a wide range of apothecary application, the diagnosing of illnesses as well as surgical skill, so it is up to the player to specialize the character to apply this knowledge and skill where applicable.

Medical Sciences

Medical Sciences covers everything to do with ailment treatment. This includes from the base dispensing apothecary medication to treat already diagnosed ailments, but also diagnosing both bodily malfunctions as well as sickness and other natural ailments (so not magical ailments, which fall under Magical Knowledge). Furthermore, Medical Sciences also covers surgery, understanding of bodily anatomy as well as other medical procedures and even holistic medicine. Points put towards this proficiency increase the speed at which all these actions can be done, as well as their efficiency, or the amount of knowledge a character has on the bodily functions of any given sapient being.

Alchemy Sciences

Alchemy Sciences covers the production of alchemical substances, whether it be the healing tonics dispensed by medics, the toxins used by rogues, or the general utilitarian items used by the common and unusual peoples across Aloria. Each Alchemical item as described on the wiki has its own Proficiency requirement in order to be produced. For more information, consult the individual item pages on the Alchemy page.

Nature Care Sciences

Nature Care Sciences covers the know-how and application of caring for anything to do with nature, ranging from sealife to plantlife to wildlife to even trees and in some cases geology. Nature Care scientists keep animals and plants in good health and can generally wield nature through harmonious (or exploitative) means. Points put towards this proficiency increase the effectiveness of all actions taken towards Nature Care.

Food & Drink Sciences

Food & Drink Sciences covers the know-how and application of food and drink knowledge and production. This means that a person with points put towards Food & Drink Sciences can cook good food, produce good beverages, and can even brew good beers, having greater understanding of what ingredients to use for all of these, what categories these ingredients fall under and how they all play with each other in dishes in even very subtle ways. Such a person can then also cook and serve all of these things with high quality.

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