Sendrassian Civil War

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Sendrassian Civil War
Historical Event
Event Name Sendrassian Civil War
Dates and Times Unknown - 120 BC
Location Sendras
People Involved Allar

The Sendrassian Civil War was a conflict that possibly lasted centuries between the Allar majority who worshiped the Void, and the minority who did not. Originally just small-scale conflict, this divide ultimately grew cavernous as the Void-adherents sought to force the status quo on those who did not follow their beliefs. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands died and in the later years, Void Mages turned to acts of Magic terrorism to devastate their enemies. Ultimately, the minority abandoned Sendras, the war petering out as they engaged in a slow, fighting retreat, with the last boats crossing into Hadar around 120 BC. The new Sendrassian Empire claimed victory and now remains hidden in the thick jungles of their continent, plotting to destroy the now vastly populous Hadarian Allar population.

Background Information

The Allar Race appears to have always had a stratified system in their society, with one’s subrace indicating what their job or role was. Their society was also heavily divided, with multiple tribal fiefdoms feuding in ceremonial bouts with quick wars resulting in minimal suffering and damage. The Serass State, as it was known, oversaw them all, its organization and nature lost to time, but it likely was no true empire or central authority beyond any religious significance it had. It also held the capital city, the Golden Soor, which was a beautiful but small settlement decorated with golden embellishments. The final division of the Allar was their faith. Those who would become the minority faction once did not exist, and all Allar followed the Void, using it to hatch their eggs, and more. Some even believe that many events or corruptions attributed to the eventual civil war were from this earlier period. Ultimately, for many years, this was the order of their lives, isolated from outsiders and focused solely on their region of Sendras.


Prelude to War

It is not fully understood when the anti-Void minority emerged in ancient Allar society. Some suggest they had once been the majority, but through decades or even centuries, worship of the Void took a far greater prevalence until it eclipsed the former ways of the Allar to violent results. Others suggest that interference or engagement with an outside power, perhaps the Dragons, led some Allar to question their Void-tied existence and created a rift in Allar teachings. A final theory, perhaps the most radical, suggests both the Void and the Exist came to the region through the Arken, who used the Allar in a proxy-war to try and prove superiority. This final theory is the strangest because of the limited Allar knowledge of the Exist, and that the Hadar Allar society that later emerged turned to Alchemy rather than Magic for the development of their eggs. Regardless of the origin of the rift, it was initially small and of limited concern. By 250 BC, those following the Void openly attacked those who did not follow their beliefs, but citizens of the Golden Soor stepped in to facilitate peace. This was their last act before the doom to come.

Savage Opening to the Civil War

The war began viciously, as under the cover of night those loyal to the Void moved on the Golden Soor some time soon after the establishment of the peace accord. For several hours in the early morning, the city found itself harried by burning and looting at its edges, but the raiders soon headed back into the jungle as the sun rose higher. The next evening, similar attacks were carried out all along the border of the settlement. Suddenly, despite the previous attack on their capital, the loyalists attacked it again, but this time they were aided by Mages. In a dark spell, the Magic-users immediately vaporized the water of the surrounding swampland into a potent cloud of acid. Thousands died, including the Digmaan of the city, and those not of the Void knew that there would be no mercy given. Those of the Void willing to ignore or isolate those not of their mind were also pushed into the camp of violence, for the Golden Soor had not been some bastion of the enemy, it had been of the Void, yet their compromising attitude died with them.

Conflict Stage of the Civil War

The Sendrassian Civil War began in earnest, both sides raiding and attacking each other. The rebels had the advantage of a smaller force and were able to outmaneuver the forces of their enemies while often keeping their families and civilians out of the way. The rebels also committed terrible acts to try and force the conflict to end, with the Void-adhering reprising in kind. The slaughter made the swamps red with blood, and the wildlife feasted on the dead. This carried on for some time, until the Void loyalists turned to the power that was the cause of the conflict for answers. They began to aggressively corrupt the local wildlife of Sendras or turn to their beasts of war to track or destroy what they could not see or sense with their own faculties. A significant example of this is the Battle in the Great Stampede, when over a hundred agitated animals rushed around and burst through rebel lines, crashing into camps, charging down those who stood in their way, and leading the way for a vanguard of Void-aligned raiders to sweep in and slaughter the disordered populace. These threats, however, were countered one by one by Magic, now used by the rebels while traps killed the beasts, or simple animal management techniques calmed them from their rampage. For the loyalists, this was a delay tactic as they crafted new spells, diving deep into the hissing scream of the Void and learning the dark secrets that they eventually unleashed.

Ending Stage of the Civil War

The Void worshipers used horrific and devastating spells on their enemies, sneaking behind enemy lines often to unleash them on the civilian population. They were varied, and it is not known how many the Allar speak of today are embellished or accurate, but in general the tales range from dark clouds of acid fog that could envelop a whole platoon and leave nothing behind, to every orifice of an Allar suddenly pouring blood until the subject died. It was horrific, and with their numbers dwindling the rebel Allar looked beyond their shores. The exact nature of this act is unclear. The Sendrassian Allar eagerly state it was cowardice and weakness, and showed the strength of their position, to leave the fight. Others suggest that initially, what became the exile were efforts to seek out allies beyond the nearby Altalar and their decaying Allorn Empire. A last suggestion has been that it was the Slizzar who found the Allar, and not the other way around as is so commonly told. Scant Slizzar whispers claim communication from their deity told some Slizzar to head south, where they ran into islands off the Sendrassian coastline where the rebel Allar dwelled, building and already sailing ships to seek freedom. It was an easy task from there to convince these Allar to flee to peaceful, quiet Hadar. Whatever the truth, starting around 160 BC, grand ships that were essentially upscaled river boats, flanked by smaller craft, began leaving Sendras to travel and land in Hadar. Around the year 120 BC, the last of the rebel Allar left Sendras for good, with Sendrassian scouts cheering and sneering at their departure.


The most immediate effect of the war was that Sendras became a true dark continent, sealing itself off from the outside, and the loyalists took to forming the Sendrassian Empire. To the Allar species as a whole, it was a time of great social upheaval, as their species became irreversibly fractured compared to the fierce loyalty they are known for today. The flight did, however, prompt many things for the survivors. A new language, altered with some similarities in tact, new foods and cuisine due to the islands of Hadar, and new connections with a broader world. Additionally, their reliance on the Void to influence the eggs of their Race was broken, replaced with Alchemy, another pastime which greatly expanded on Hadar. The Slizzar were also affected, coming to advise and aid many thousands of Allar over the coming decades in a deep partnership which was only briefly damaged by the Chrysant War. It is also speculated that Mananya-Manya’s ultimate goal with the Essa Empire was to wage war with the Sendrassian Empire and return the Allar to their homeland united. Overall, while many Allar consider the civil war a tragedy, they focus on what came after and their three centuries of prosperity in Hadar.


  • Some wonder what, if any, role the Teal Throne of Dragons had in the war given the south is their cardinal direction. A common assumption today among the Slizzar is that the conflict was the result of the Teal Deep Dragons’ meddling, yet more reasons to defeat those Dragons and their servants.
  • For a group whose cause was noble, some have grown uncomfortable at how many Hadarian Allar records of the civil war were destroyed or severely damaged after the fact. Most suggest this was a result of the Cataclysm and the guilt from some due to how ravaging the war was, but the possibility remains for a much less positive narrative.
  • Some suspect that the Void-aligned side of the conflict had aid from certain factions of Altalar from the Allorn Empire, in return for the promise of Allar slaves from the rebel side of the war.

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