Seraphic Mysteries and More

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Seraphic Mysteries and More
Author Say’tannava Tormack, edited by Jacob Tomley
Genre Nonfictional Prose
Printer Scholar’s Court Press
Accessibility Specialized Knowledge

“Seraphic Mysteries and More” was written using remnants of the work of noted Half-Elf scholar Say’tannava Tormack. With an Ailor mother and an unknown father of Altalar background, Say’tannava was notable both for his dedication to ancient history and magical knowledge, but also for his close ties to Morgann I, the notorious “Golden Sun” Chancellor. Say’tannava is suspected to have plundered Dragon-aligned shrines and sites in the lands of the Lower-Heere Group in Anglia to benefit House Kade. His “death” in 239 AC has since been determined to have been either a bureaucratic error or a coverup of his disappearance. With his death, much of his writing beyond the work stored in private hands or in the records of the Scholar’s Court was lost, though “Seraphic Mysteries and More” was compiled by another writer, Jacob Tomley, in 277 AC using some surviving notes found pertaining to an unfinished book that Say’Tannava was working on in his final years.

Seraphic Mysteries and More


The world of Aloria is filled with many mysteries and ancient things. I have spent my life uncovering them, and I devote this book of my knowledge of some of the oldest and most mysterious things to my ever-gentle and generous patron Morgann Kade I, the Golden Sun Chancellor.


Angels are strange beings, perhaps mirrors to the Void-based Demons, who are scantly mentioned in the records of Aloria. Most known to the Breizh Ailor of Kintyr, these beings are all shrouded in white with beautiful wings, and are mostly known to dwell within the local mythology. Despite this origin, they were certainly real, just as it is certain that the other aspects of Arthairian myth are given the ruins of such locations. Angels today have also transcended their physical form in the minds of the Breizh, and are now more a concept than a being, but rest assure these creatures of the Exist are real.


A creature from Altalar myth, but certainly real, is the Bakdelldon. It is said to have been a monstrous mammal of some sort, perhaps existing as a blend of several creatures, and it long harassed the eastern coastline of Daen from the Consolidation all the way until the Cataclysm, upon mention of it leaving Altalar records. The creature is considered by many to have been an early Void infestation given its monstrous size and nature, though its exact purpose is unknown today. Still, the records of its battles with Archmages of the Allorn Empire are numerous, and while none survive today, fragments of the creature’s horns and shed body parts formed trophies held by half a dozen of the most powerful mage houses in Aloria.


Demons may be spoken of metaphorically for many in Aloria but these beings of dark energy from the Void remain real, though very rare in the modern-day. They formed from Void incursions into Aloria, and came to have the abilities to possess and corrupt individuals. They were a primary force in enthralling the ancient pre-Kathar Void Cults into service, but after the Kathar broke away, came to use the Demons as a source of power. This is how the Kathar of today possesses an array of evil powers. Demons themselves though have been rare since the Cataclysm, and mostly only dwell in distant lands where the Void holds sway such as in Drowda, for Sihndar tell of dark formless clouds of energy that flee from their martial prowess.


The Dragons of Aloria were once populous and powerful in Aloria, but the rise of the Altalar and then the Ailor saw them rendered extinct. These creatures claimed many domains and territories as their own, and many followed them. Most notable of them all were the Blue Crown Dragons from the mountains of the Regalian Archipelago, who blessed the proto-Anglians and the ancient Kingdom of Regalia. However, they were killed off by a combination of the Great Hunt, the Cataclysm, and then despair as their time came to an end. The last known Dragons died with the Great Storm of Farah’deen, in a destructive act of spite to forever change the world.

Hehlus Sphinxae

This creature has been nothing but rumor and myth to the wider world since the Sariyd Empire fell over a century ago to the Great Storm. In the myths of the people now called the Qadir, the Sphinxae were strange, half-Human beasts that existed in their inner mountains, and carried with them deep knowledge in their guardianship of ruins back from the earliest times of the Qadir Race. Many a hero in their polytheistic society faced and defeated their puzzles of logic and rhetoric, but since the time of the Cataclysm, none have been known to Aloria, not even to the new power of the Songaskian Masaya that has formed in formerly Sariyd lands.

On Beasts

On Beasts are the class of lesser beings of energy created in Seraph ruins. They have limited power, and focus on a single element of nature to wield, and are far more easily dispelled than Petra Beasts. Most appear as a cloud that shoots energy, but a scant few can also possess certain items or areas of buildings and use that as their weaponry.

Petra Beasts

Unique creatures of energy formed by the latent power remaining in Seraph ruins, Petra Beasts are the largest and most deadly of their kind. They guard the deepest Seraph chambers and seek to entomb any who they come across. There have been many notable encounters with them among the Altalar, for the Allorn Empire plundered many a Seraph ruin during the Consolidation. Of the most feared was Targath, a beast that occupied a Seraph ruin deep in the deserts of Ithania. Asha in the area worshiped it, and so followed its example in protecting the ruin. However, the great Archmage Daus’tahn defeated all these threats and was said to find great wisdom in the Seraph ruins at the site.

Spring Bok

An ancient creature to the Altalar, and said to be a servant of Estel in line with the long-dead Va'sil Trees and the Yanar. It is a spirit of nature and the deep jungles, and was capable of taking many forms but appeared naturally as a green wisp of air. Some records claim in ancient times it could take a wooden, plantlike form that appeared much like Yanar do today, while other records state they appeared like a cervid formed of vegetation. Regardless, most today believe that while the Wildering might have briefly seen them return, their groves and special places at the heart of the deep jungle were taken by the Wolond Walds, and if the creatures exist today, they are hopelessly corrupted by the Void.


Vannhestias are beings of water and sea life native to waters where sunken Seraph ruins exist. They have been recorded since the dawn of the Allorn Empire, and while some were lost in the long ages of that Empire, others remain. One is said to dwell off the southern coast of Cain in the North Belt, while another supposedly exists in the Pachs of Gallovia. They most commonly take on the form of horses made of water, but when angered they can warp and change into creatures of a darker design.


Witchbloods are strange creatures in Aloria, ancient but long lost to modern Aloria. Spoken of sparingly for much of recorded history, it would seem that they were born from Ailor who made pacts with Dragons, and so received a portion of that power. As the Dragons controlled the raw energy of Aloria, no Witchblood could ever truly die when dealt a mortal blow, unless they fell away from worship and obeying the Dragons. But, this dependence on the Dragons caused them to be tied to their decline, and across the Regalian Archipelago but also likely other lost locations, Witchblood tombs exist, kept and protected by those fringe and rural peoples who still worship the Dragons. They were best defined by brilliant green eyes.


  • Say’tannava Tormack definitely got some aspects wrong in his notes, but it should be noted that those pieces of his writing were from across his years as a scholar, and represent his knowledge at different periods in his life.
  • The last entry, on Witchbloods, is thought by many to be proof that Say’tannava raided and looted ancient ruins in Anglia similar to those that recently came to the public forefront during the Dragon Crisis.

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