Sewer Maggots

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Sewer Maggots
Affected Races Human, Nelfin, Yanar, Kleinfolk.
Contraction Submersion in sewer water.
Mortality Rate 3%
Origins Something in the water.
Treatment Some symptoms can be alleviated with Sundoma’s Herb, Ice Root, or Ruby Flower.
  • Coughing.
  • Sneezing.
  • Minor respiratory problems.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Skin-crawling sensation.
  • Difficulty focusing/sleeping.
  • Minor to major rashes.
  • Auditory and visual hallucinations.

While nonfatal, Sewer Maggots is a disconcerting disease that comes from taking a swim in the canals of the sewers. Sewer Maggots causes minor symptoms at first, which eventually lead to visual and auditory hallucinations that last about a week after exposure. Infected individuals will experience skin-crawling sensations and start to perceive an increase of insects in their environment. It’s unclear why this happens, but many attribute it to the sewers’ questionable sanitary conditions.


No one fully understands why the water from the sewer canals brings about such an illness, but it’s been recorded ever since the sewers were first discovered by the Regalian Empire. While it isn’t consistent, the only times it ever does occur directly coincides with a plunge in the sewer water. This means it doesn’t always happen when someone goes for a swim, but it can’t come about any other way. Some believe the sorry state of the sewers has to do with it, while others speculate a sort of magical or alchemical concoction is involved. Whatever the reason, contraction from the undercity has earned it the title Sewer Maggots.



Sewer Maggots can’t spread from person to person, but it’s a very common ailment that often occurs when a person is submerged in the sewer water. Being pushed or going for a swim has the potential to infect someone with the disease. However, infection hasn’t been attributed to any other kind of water aside from the rancid water lurking in the canals.


For the initial stages of infection, drinks mixed with Ice Root or Sundoma’s Herb will help alleviate symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, respiratory problems, and dry mouth. While they won’t usually remove the symptoms entirely, they’ll certainly help make them more manageable. As the infection progresses, there is nothing to alleviate the hallucinations or the bizarre sensations, but common salves or Ruby Flower can at least be used to treat the rashes. If an individual is suffering from Sewer Maggots, it’s commonly recommended they wear gloves to bed to prevent scratching in the sleep, and are given warm teas or remedies to aid relaxation and rest.


  • A member of the Violet Order once wandered down in the sewers after a band of criminals. When he returned a couple days later, he was missing his armor, covered in rashes, and complaining about “the bloody bugs followin’ me all about.”
  • Vampires have experienced nibbling sensations instead of crawling, reminiscent of how they imagine a leech’s bite would feel.

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