Sewer Rot Fly

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Sewer Rot Fly
Official Name Sewer Rot Fly
Classification Insect
Habitat Sewers
Domesticated No.
Current Status Common

Found in large swarms, the Sewer Rot Fly finds and consumes unattended corpses in a matter of days. These horrific flies live in large cities, and can reduce a corpse to nothing but clean bones. It’s a commonly known fact that the insides of the flies are exceedingly dangerous. Every fly is filled with a rank sludge that will cause gangrene if it comes in contact with the skin. This makes combating swarms highly dangerous, and possibly deadly. Wherever there is death, the Sewer Rot Fly will be close by.


The Sewer Rot Fly is yet another monster created by the disastrous events of the Cataclysm. Flies have always fed on the dead, but none with the hunger and ferocity of the Sewer Rot Fly. After the Cataclysm, dense populations of blackflies swarming the regions of Daen were quickly mutated into the carnivorous Sewer Rot Fly. The flies instantly gathered in towns and cities, or merely anywhere with a high population. The swarms were noticed immediately, as they were able to discover recently dead corpses only hours after death. What's more is that any unattended corpse would become host to a swarm of the flies and would devoured down to just the bones in two days. The havoc of the Cataclysm saw widespread death of people and animals, causing a massive boom in the fly’s population. Their numbers would slowly decrease as populations grew sparser, and and less concentrated. Yet, their presence still loomed wherever fresh corpses could be found, especially in the underground of many cities.

Sewer Rot Flies saw a resurgence in recent decades with many major cities emerging across Aloria. Over the centuries, ships unknowingly carried eggs of the flies all around Aloria, spreading them from Daen to Hadaria, Essalonia, Oldt Era, Etosil, Sendras, Farah’deen, and Regalia. Currently, the city of Regalia holds the highest population of Sewer Rot Flies in Aloria. These swarms are concentrated in its sprawling sewers and slums, where they quickly dispose of the corpses that collect there. It was in Regalia where the Sewer Rot Fly was formally named for its habitat and its potential to inflict gangrene. With strongholds in cities across Aloria, the Sewer Rot Fly’s population now only steadily grows.

Physical Appearance

The Sewer Rot Fly is a horrible and misshapen creature that is as horrific as the corpses it consumes. Each fly can range from one to one and a half inches in length and around an inch in diameter. Out of the three sections of the insect, the head is disproportionately larger than the rest, causing the fly’s head to always droop down from the weight. The most prominent feature on the flies are its four, lime green eyes that bulge out like globes on the sides of its head. Below the large eyes are two large mandibles that curve upward. These mandible are usually the length of the fly’s entire head, and rest just between its eyes. Its wings and legs are the same that would be found on normal black flies, but scaled up to the fly’s size. The insides of the fly are especially dangerous. Every fly is charcoal black, with a rough shell covered in small grey hairs. Due to the fly’s exclusive diet of rotting flesh, along with its own stomach acids, the flies are filled with a foul sludge that explodes outwards if the flies happened to be crushed. This sludge not only smells of decay, but if it is exposed to skin and not properly cleaned in a hasty fashion, will cause gangrene in the affected area.


Sex-wise, there are almost twice as many female Sewer Rot Flies to males at any one time. Swarms also keep this two to one ratio, as the females are incredibly fertile and are almost constantly mating with the males. This results in the population always rises sharply and falls slowly, as new flies are always being born. There is virtually no way to discern any sexual dimorphism between the male and female flies with the naked eye.

Lifespan and Development

The Sewer Rot Fly is born, lives, and dies around corpses. It starts with a swarm of flies finding a corpse and beginning to feed. Once a corpse is found, the flies will begin eating and mating almost immediately, but the females will not lay their eggs yet. As the flies devour the corpse, a good deal of flies will literally eat until their bodies burst, spilling out their foul insides. The females will then lay their fertilized eggs in that sludge, in batches that range from 50-100 eggs. Within an hour, the eggs will hatch into large, blood-red maggots, which will begin to feed on the sludge they were born in. The maggots gorge themselves on the slime for about six hours before pupating. Within twenty-four hours of being laid, the new generation of flies will be fully formed and flying and mating. This process repeats until the corpse has been reduced to clean bones (an adult male Ailor’s corpse lasts about two days). Typically, no sludge or any form of residue is left behind as the swarm moves on to find another corpse.

Mental Overview

The Sewer Rot Fly has no semblance of intelligence to speak of at all. Their entire existence is driven by an animalistic drive to eat and reproduce. The flies are relatively harmless to living creatures if left unprovoked. Attempting to dispose of a corpse that has already attracted a swarm of the flies will cause the flies to gather around the assailant and bite them. The flies’ vile insides can prove deadly to their attackers, as flies would commonly be crushed during the attack. However, the flies are known to able to be completely scared away with perfumes or scents that smell of fruit or sweet flowers.

Territory or Groupings

Sewer Rot Flies always are found in massive swarms in areas of dense population or a high death rate. These swarms typically range from a few hundred to thousands of flies, depending on the area. The higher the population or death rate, the larger the swarms. In areas affected by a mass sickness or on particularly bloody battlefield, individual swarms will merge to form so-called super-swarms of millions of flies, that storm an area and devour almost all of the corpses in a matter of days. The Sewer Rot Fly has no form of territory, as they simply go to wherever there is food.


  • Undead commonly must combat the threat of the Sewer Rot Fly, as the flies will still try to eat the reanimated, but it isn’t too much of a difficult task to ward them away. Undead can combat the flies by spraying themselves with fruit-scented perfume.
  • Religious leaders regularly use Sewer Rot Flies as a way to teach of the evils of gluttony, as the flies eat themselves to death, which yields yet more flies.
  • Sewer Rot Flies are the main component in the aptly named “Fly Torture”, which consists of locking someone in a sealed room with a large number of the flies. Overtime, the flies will grow hungry enough to attempt to consume the living victim. The prisoner then must decide if they’d rather be eaten alive or succumb to gangrene.

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