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Full Name Silbrae
Pronunciation Sil-bray
Demonym Silbravian
Area 55,000 mi²
Languages Common
Population 4,500

Silbrae is a small landmass isolated at the meeting point of several Alorian seas. The location made it a valuable trading port for the Regalian Empire, but after a conspiracy against the state by the island’s leadership, it was made an example of. Unfortunately, this created a pirate state which has persisted on the island ever since. However, the island is relatively peaceful. Its jungle terrain is devoid of disruptive animals, and the pirates mostly keep to the shoreline in the ruins of the former colony of Silverwind. The region’s inhabitants have served Regalia well in the past, so the Empire leaves them alone, not mentioning that the pirates always elude capture on their island anyway.


Silbrae has had a noteless existence for much of its history. It is a relatively new landmass, formed by the forces of the Cataclysm thrusting a sizable piece of land up to the surface of the waves. The minor volcano on Silbrae quickly cooled and then died, leaving the island lacking the same dangers as its hostile cousin, Kelmoria, far off its western coast. Over the coming century it developed tropical plant life. The first to find it were Daendroque Ailor under the commission of Lusits in 140 AC, who were seeking lands beyond Talamoor. They passed Kelmoria, scared of it, before eventually finding Silbrae. They returned with word of the island, but it was too remote at the time to be anything more than an interesting location on a map. With the rise of the Imperial Navy in the Regalian Empire, its accessibility changed. The Regalian Empire began efforts to make it a military waystation as soon as they discovered it, as well as to install a trading post for expansion out into the east. In 210 AC, an official colony named Silverwind was established on the island and, by 230 AC, it became a thriving port and a frontier region for future exploration. The explorers who mapped and charted Essalonia came from this region, and it became a key link between Regalia’s allies in the east and the Empire’s own territory. The Regalian Pessimism did not seem to harm the trade to the island directly, and it continued its operations as normal. Behind this facade, however, corruption boiled. Smugglers and pirates became a common sight, and a bit of coin in the purse of local officials meant they went about their business unhindered.

Even at the very top, the colony’s governor began to deal with Farah’deen and secret representatives from the Songaskian Masaya. While to some degree this may have all been a simple prelude to a bid for independence, it was still a threat to the Regalian Empire’s security. When the Chrysant War ended, one of the first military actions was against Silverwind. In June of 291 AC, a Regalian fleet approached the island. Without any apparent warning, they then opened fire, devastating the colony’s port and areas further into the jungle as well. They then landed and moved to arrest the entire colonial government, who had ignored the one warning sent to them to stop their dealings with enemies of Regalia. The local population was then left to its own devices though, within a matter of months, all survivors and military personnel were gone. Regalia thought the region would be a testament to their new might, but instead, all it did was create a new problem; pirates soon moved into the ruins and created a pirate state. The Regalian Empire has mostly ignored them as whenever they sought to dispel the pirates in the past, the brigands vanished to the seas and inland into the now dense jungle. The island itself, as well as its coastal ruins, are now overgrown with plant life. But the pirates do not mind, and they will likely continue to carry out their pirate lives over the next decade.


Silbrae is located southeast from the Regalian Archipelago and, though it is far out in the ocean, is still considered to be part of Corontium. Kelmoria is the closest landmass, and it is found to the island’s west. The island also sits at the intersection to several seas: the Great Middle Sea to the northwest, the Altar Sea to the North, the Turmen Sea to the south and the Ceardian Sea to the southeast. Silbrae has only one major land elevation, the long-dead volcano known as Silver Mountain, which is located at the center of the island. The rest of the region is a jungle, with smaller ground plants from Corontium and Essalonia existing alongside jungle and palm trees and larger plants from Hadaria. Three small rivers run across the continent, though the plants mostly get their water from the light rains brought by the remains of both southern and northern storms. There are also a variety of small cave systems across the island, some of which are the remains of ancient lava tubes. The coastline of Silbrae is wide, and includes sandy beaches with a few lagoons scattered around the southern coastline. There is also a variety of ruins across the island, the last remains of the Silverwind colony. While the original port was bombarded and now sits unrepaired, other coastal areas such as former holiday homes and villas have been taken up by pirates. These pirates vary in Race and creed, but one thing brings them all together: greed. They are seen as a pest by most of the Regalian Empire, though their services have sometimes proven useful to the nation over the years.


As previously mentioned, Silbrae is home to a collection of plant life which reflect the island’s old life as a connection point between continents. Small flowers, root vegetables, and ferns from Corontium and Essalonia can be found here, mainly the leftovers of now long untended gardens or abandoned crates of produce. The trees, on the other hand, were growing by the time the Regalian Empire got there, and they represent Hadaria’s jungles most with palm trees along the coastline but some taller, more Daen-esque specimens closer to the island’s center. The one unique plant found here was Vinette, a short plant which grows in springs and produces a cool sensation on the tongue. Specimens still grow on the island and help the pirates to keep cool, but the plant was almost immediately exported to other humid regions of the Regalian Empire where it is now grown for personal and commercial use.


Silbrae has little in the way of animal life. Birds and fish are the most populous in the branches and the waters, but a variety of small mammals also survive on the island. Mice, specifically House Mice and Field Mice, are populous here. They were brought to the island in the ship hulls of traders and are now enjoyed as a meal by pirates seeking a quick meal. There are also a variety of insect species, such as the Common Red Ant and Feathered Meadowfly. Further diversity in animal life was brought to the island by pirates, with Ghor Ka Bloodscales and Daendroc Weasels accompanying their owners around the island and on their ships. The Daendroc Weasel has also escaped onto the island, resulting in a few scattered populations in the jungles and ruins.

Politics and Demographics

Silbrae was once controlled by the Regalian Empire but is now essentially unaffiliated. The pirates and criminals who live there are mercurial in their targets, motivations, and affiliations. Some are loyal to the Regalian Empire, others the Altalar principalities, and some have no allegiance whatsoever.

Notable Locations

Silver Mountain

Silver Mountain is the very unimaginable name for the dead volcano found at the center of Silbrae. The mountain did originally have small veins of Silver, but they were mined out within the first few years of Silverwind’s founding. Since that time, the mountain has kept its deceptive name and stood in lone watch over the surrounding sloping territory. It is a small mountain, and its top is easily visible from the ground. The slopes are jungled, and the top also holds plantlife, but it is minimal. Time has also eroded the crater flat while the main vent has collapsed, leading to what is now a pleasant small grove of plants perfect as a scenic lookout over the whole island. The pirates do not come up the mountain much anymore but those that do gain a bit of peace and quiet, especially at night as the starscape of the sky stretches out above their heads.

Hollow Town

Hollow Town is the largest pirate town on Silbrae, located on the island’s eastern coastline. It is built in the ruins of an old noble estate, with significant additions made of wood and added by the pirates. There are all the major areas needed in a pirate hideaway, a storehouse, a tavern, sleeping quarters and a training area. The area is currently dominated by the crew of three ships which are under the control of Great Captain Reynolds. Other pirates are free to use the facilities, but they risk being overcharged, pickpocketed, and/or beaten up, though even among the crew members this is known to happen. When Regalian vessels arrive, any ship in the harbor immediately sails in the other direction while the shoreline immediately drops curtains of plant foliage over their most sensitive areas. Then the pirates retreat to the town’s namesake, a series of secret hollow trees which lead to a hidden dugout base underground in a small cave system. With the supplies there, they can last three weeks before re-emerging to resume their activities.

Pool of Pillage

The Pool of Pillage is supposedly a site of Velheim devotion or Altalar insanity depending on the myth you believe. The first states that the Pool of Pillage is a sinkhole with water in the bottom somewhere out in the jungles of Silbrae which holds the riches of a Velheim pirate crew devoted to their faith. After suffering a stunning and amazing victory which was pulled out of nowhere like magic, the group of raiders dedicated a portion of their spoils to their Gods and let it fall into the sinkhole as a sacrifice in honor of them. They continued this until the Regalian bombardment, at which point they left the island for good, leaving their treasure to be discovered in the sinkhole’s watery bottom. The other myth around the Pool is an ancient work of Altalar magic. When the legendary Altalar Admiral Prince Rakaritham was disgraced in his home state, he left in a rage at their betrayal, stealing a vast fortune on his way out. He then used his mastery of illusion magics to create what looked to be a small reflective pool of water over a cavern where he hid a portion of his riches. Unfortunately, the Regalian Empire caught him in illegal dealings, and he was executed, leaving the location of his treasure a mystery until this day. Regardless, many a mildly drunk pirate has tried to seek out the Pool of Pillage only to come up empty-handed, though perhaps others with better skills might uncover it for themselves.


  • Silbrae was also said to be home to bears at one point, but this was just a man going around in a bearskin scaring people to get them off his unmarked property inland.
  • Silbrae’s total mineral wealth was all extracted during the early years of colonization, leaving the region relatively empty of resources.
  • Some claim there are mysterious ruins hidden near the top of Silver Mountain but these rumors have never been confirmed.

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