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Affected Races All, bar Slizzar, Allar, Ashanti Songaskians, Yanar, and Drowdar.

Silven are gold-or-silver-eyed beings influenced by Arken at conception who are vilified by most cultures, yet revered by some. Hardly understood by any society, Silven are actually much-less the same as any other Alorian, though they have chaotic--and often harmful--tendencies. Most Silven are societal deviants and world-wanderers who long to reconnect with the Arken that they were “conceived” from. They are not inherently good nor evil, though many scholars theorize that native Alorians do not have the mental capacity to cope with having Planar Essence woven so directly into their souls at birth.


The Silven were first recognized by the Nelfin toward the beginning of the Elven Empire as charitable and helpful beings who were instrumental in its founding. Over time, the complicated people found a high place within the Faith of Estel. Because Arken were revered as Gods and Goddesses, it only made sense that their children would be honored as well. Silven soon came to be treasured within Elven society, with some even going so far as to handing them positions of power for the sole fact that they had gold or silver irises. As a result, many Silven grew to be incredibly influential. Seaboat captains and slaving warlords took to the rest of the world, and inspired fear among the other populaces that they enslaved; except, of course, non-Nelfin who were Silven. Ailor Silven were taken in by the Empire and were immediately gifted citizenship by the Elven Emperors, who conceived that these non-Nelfin Silven were divine indications of the Nelfin right to rule. These Silven integrated into Nelfin society and often turned against their non-Ailor brothers, earning them a nefarious reputation for trickery and betrayal. In the waning years of the Elven Empire, rising slave resentment was at an all-time high. Aside from hating their Nelfin masters, Ailor slaves despised their brethren, the Ailor Silven, who sold them out to the Elves. This resentment never disappeared; all across Aloria, anti-Nelfin sentiments were followed by anti-Silven sentiments. Ceardia, and later Regalia, passed folklore down from generation to generation about the inherent evil of the children of Arken. Silven are now hated and vilified by most of Aloria because of this and are hardly tolerated in society. Recently, Silven eyes reverted back to normal hues, however they have since turned back as a result of unknown magical affairs.


The exact circumstances in which Silven are created is barely understood by modern scholars, though they have managed to categorize the methods of conception. A Silven can produced in three distinct ways, either by direct conception, indirect conception, or by artificial conception. Each method results in a slightly different Silven, with different circumstances. In any and all circumstances, children of the same Arken, even though of Indirect Conception, can simply "sense" in the back of their mind that they are related. This only works if the children were all born in the same active lifespan of the Arken however.

The most straightforward method, the direct conception, is when a (almost exclusively) male Arken reproduces with any Silven compatible race, even if technically the two different species are not compatible when it concerns cross-breeding. For example, a Maraya cannot cross-breed with an Orc, but if a male Arken Orc reproduces with a female Maraya, this Maraya will still become pregnant with a full-blood Maraya Silven. If however the Arken parent and non Arken parent were compatible with one another through cross-breeding, then a proper Half-species Silven would be born. The reason why direct conceptions are practically exclusively for male Arken, is because female Arken never bear a pregnancy to full term, and instead produce Shadowbrood. A male possessed by the Soul Essence of an Arken still produces a Silven as if they were their own biological child. For more information on Shadowbrood, refer to the articifial conception section. Children born from direct Conception have the same Muters as all other Silven, but often bear an additional mark of the Father. The Mark of the Father is different for every Silven, and only manifests when the Silven comes into close physical contact with the parent as a fourth Muter. Silven who have an active conception parentage tend to take physical traits more strongly after their father than mother For a reference of parentage traits, see the bottom of this section.

Indirect conception is a more convoluted method of Silven birth, where an Arken parent (either Male or Female) infects a person with a so called Arkenspark, either intentionally be using a particular spell they are privy to, or by simply being around a person for a long amount of time. This is usually for the mother, where the mother's womb will become infected with an Arkenspark, which will last for as long as several years, even if the mother is away from the Arken, but is not outwardly visible. Celestial Light Mages can usually sense an Arkenspark active in a mother's womb and attempt to cure it over the span of several sessions of Light Mending. A mother whose womb has been infected with an Arkenspark will continue to produce Silven children until the Arkspark is removed or dissipates from lack of contact with the Arken. Indirect conception Silven are the most common Silven, and only have three Muters. Silven females always have an Arkenspark present in their womb, which cannot be cured in any way, meaning female Silven always give birth to more Silven.

Artificial conception is an even less understood method of Silven birth (and one that can only occur in-roleplay on the server). Artificial conception is where an Arken infects either themselves or a host with a so called Shadowbrood. This can be done either directly through a spell by the Arken on a female victim, by a female Arken reproducing with a non Arken male, or by a male or female Arken producing a Shadowbrood Vessel from the Shadow of a person's soul. A Shadow Soul as they are called, is a copy of a person's soul that is created purely when another person is infected with Demonic Possession. If the Possession is carried to full term, this soul will duplicate the host's and when expelled or killed through various exorcism methods, return to the Arken to deliver the Shadow Soul. A male or female Arken can then produce a Shadowbrood Vessel, which acts as an artificial womb to create a Shadowbrood of the Shadow Soul, which consumes it in the process. In all other methods of Artificial conception, the female is pregnant for a mere 5 hours after which they give birth to a Shadowbrood infant. Shadowbrood infants grow over the span of a week from infant to adult, appearing like a shadowy and dark mass of magical energy that slowly takes shape and form, largely to that of the non-Arken parent. For example, if a male Arken uses a Shadowbrood spell on a female Cielothar non-Arken, then her Shadowbrood (if not killed immediately when being born) grows out to become an adult Cielothar female that looks strikingly like the mother, strongly enough so that identifying them as their child is unavoidable, but still different enough not to look like their twin. Shadowbrood take over the parent's Proficiency point total but can redivide them over any Proficiencies, though cannot cast any magic or gain other racial abilities. A Shadowbrood is usually biologically younger than the parent, just enough to possibly be their child, but old enough to appear like a well developed adult. Shadowbrood are not in any way different from regular Silven except that regardless of the age of their parent or their own biological age after birth, will immediately develop all three of their Silven Muters.

Parentage Traits

Silven Parentage traits are traits produced only when the child is a direct conception child of a (usually) Male Arken. Specific periods imply specific physical traits, because Arken are not immortal and are reborn in specific races, unless specified otherwise. These physical traits are not mandatory, and can even be completely ignored. However, in lore, the vast majority of the Silven take strong physical appearance traits from their Arken father. The years specified are also the only time frames in which a child of an Arken could have been born. If two children of Arken are born in two separate time frames of the parent's life, they are not considered half-siblings or Silven siblings. This can only occur if the children are born in the same lifespan of the Arken who conceived them.

Arken Term Dimension Direct Conception Indirect Conception Physical Traits Comments
Pride Void
  • 271-306 AC
  • 226-256 AC
  • 150-210 AC
Not Applicable
  • Velheim Blond
  • Broad Shoulders
  • Tall Posture
  • Arrogant Nature
Often twinned with Fury and as such, looks identical.
Fury Void
  • 271-304 AC
  • 226-256 AC
  • 150-210 AC
Not Applicable
  • Velheim Blond
  • Broad Shoulders
  • Tall Posture
  • Violent Nature
Often twinned with Pride and as such, looks identical.
Body Void
  • 0-306 AC
Not Applicable
  • Songaskian Blond
  • Body Arken Conduits
Children always born with a specific type of body markings called the Body Arken Conduits which appear like swirling lines over their body.
Trickster Void
  • 290 - 306 AC
Not Applicable
  • Anglian Black Hair
  • Average Posture
Death Void
  • Any Time
Not Applicable * Kathar Black Hair
  • Cranial Ridges on Forehead
Children always have cranial ridges shaped like numerous "V" from the hair line down to the browbone.
Lust (Female or Male) Void
  • - 306 AC (only Male)
  • - 306 AC (only Female)
  • Slender body shape
  • Tomboy if Female
  • Effeminate if Male
  • Pristine bright skin
Children always appear androgynous in both genders.
Beast Void
  • 0-306 AC
Not Applicable
  • Tall, Broad Shouldered
  • Excessive Facial Hair
  • Excessive Body Hair
  • Sharper Canines
The Beast Arken only produces Male Children.
Malediction Void
  • None
Discuss with Lore Staff
  • None
Malediction's children are only born when one of Malediction's Cursed Items falls into the hands of a person who later sires a child The Cursed Item transfers an Arkenspark to the owner.
Avarice Exist
  • None
Not Applicable
  • Short & Stocky Build
  • Surplus in Body Hair
  • Coarse Black or Brown Hair
Nature (Female) Exist
  • None
Any time in any of the Yanar Groves in Daendroc
  • Black Haired Avanthar
  • Tall Broad Posture
Nature frequently gives birth to Female children, though can also birth males. Regardless of the race they had intercourse with, the children always come out as black haired Avanthar.
Salvation Exist
  • Any Time
Not Applicable
  • Young Appearance
  • Disarming Nature
  • Social Nature
  • Bright skin & Hair
Justice Exist
  • 0 - 281 AC
Discuss with Lore Staff
  • Tall Brown Hair Altalar
  • Sharp Facial Features
  • Arrogant Nature
  • Self-Righteous Nature
  • Obsessed with Swords
Justice has sired a number of children naturally, but may also indirectly sire children through an Arkenspark transferred to a woman via a Justice Blade.
Regnance Exist
  • 241 - 299 AC
  • Tall Altalar Blond
  • Sharp Facial Features
  • Arrogant Nature
  • Obsessed with Power
  • Obsessed with Royalty
Knowledge Exist
  • None
Discuss with Lore Staff
  • None
Knowledge's children are only born indirectly from and Arkenspark transferred from a Tome of Arken Knowledge produced by the Knowledge Arken.
Weavess (Female) Exist
  • 261 - 291 AC
Discuss with Lore Staff
  • Short or Petite Ailor
  • Auburn or Ginger Hair
  • Lively/Energetic Nature
  • Obsessed with Creativity
Weavess's children are either born naturally from her, or indirectly through an Arkenspark transferred by wearing a Cloth of the Weavess.
Divinity (Non-Gender) Exist
  • None
Discuss with Lore Staff
  • None
Divinity has extremely limited circumstances in which a child can be born through indirect conception. Divinity is related to the Divine Faith.
Scripter Exist
  • None
Discuss with Lore Staff
  • None
Scripter's children are only born through indirect conception when a person owns a Scripter's Feather, a writing pen that causes them to obsessively record everything around them which transfers an Arkenspark.

Parentage needs to be formally registered and approved, to do this contact Percuriam over the forums or on Discord. Parentage can be found here Special Permissions Repository. Make sure to have your Parentage request approved before you submit your application.


There are two kinds of Silven: Exist and Void. Exist Silven have silver-irises with a blue limbus and are born from Arken who have close ties to the Exist. Void Silven have gold irises with a red limbus and are born from Arken who are bound to the Void. Silven irises glow their respective colors; not bright enough to illuminate anything, but enough to make them visible in the dark. Silven also have an inherent inclination to take after their “parent” Arken. If an Arken chooses to appear as a blond strongman, their children will naturally take after them, as opposed to the mundane Alorian parent. This boils down to skin-tone, hair-color, body build, and more individual traits.

Arken Interactions

Silven and Arken interact with each other on the occasion. Silven are excellent hosts for Arken Souls that have been ripped out of their body due to their ability to connect with the Void and Exist. That being said, most Arken will die when killed in their physical form and only some Vehel Arken are able to sustain themselves while outside of their body. When exposed to an Arken, most Silven will be absolutely fine, except when their "parent" Arken is nearby. When a parent Arken is nearby or enters the near area around their Silven "offspring", the Silven suffer a sting-like sensation in their eyes like someone is poking into their eyes with needles. This sensation is felt while the Arken enters a proximity of several dozens of meters, and remains there for roughly 10 seconds after which it fades out. This interaction has often been used to track Arken down, as well as a measure for who is offspring of what Arken.


In spite of common superstition, Silven are not inherently immoral or evil. However, trend lines see that because most are outcasted from society, Silven are forced to take to lives of crime. Silven are more chaotic than not, and often feel inexplicable urges to wander and search after their parent Arken, even if they don’t know who they are or what they look like. Scholars theorize that the Planar Essence in the souls of Silven wishes to return to its source, but is unable to because it is tethered to the Silven.

Treatment and Curing

There is no cure for being a Silven, though Dragonblood does seem to temporarily suppress the state. Once an unborn infant has been imbued with Planar Essence, they cannot be rid of it, as their soul grows intertwined with the that of the energy. As an alternative, many Silven opt to hide themselves with goggles or other headgear. Still, rumors circulate that some royalty have access to a special kind of acid that cloaks the glow of the Silven’s eyes and turns them a dark grey, allowing them to move around virtually incognito. This acid is exceedingly rare and only obtainable by the wealthiest Alorians.

Silven in Regalia

Regalia is incredibly hostile to Silven, in part due to the folktales that still circulate around the Empire, but also because of recent events. Silven are often attached to large disasters and have gained a harrowing reputation for causing strife and harm wherever they go. Silven are shunned by some and despised by most. As a result, Silven group together, and rely on each-other to survive. This solidarity creates isolation, and this isolation only disparages the public image of Silven even more. All of this has prompted the Regalian Government to take several actions against the Silven within the Empire’s borders. Inquest after inquest is sent, yet still, few remain.

Silven Muters

Silven experience so called Body Muters as they age, a state of bodily or mind based mutations that alter their physical appearance of abilities because of the natural leaking of Void or Exist essences into their body from their soul connection to the respective dimensions. Silven of either category can receive any of the below depicted Mutations at random, but special rules apply to the order. These mutations don't cost anything (Proficiency wise), but if they are taken, must be mentioned under the Character Proficiency Points. Keep in mind, these Mutations may not occur at all, or only one or only two, depending on age. Muters are (in lore) random and occur because of random Essence leaking, which may not occur at all if the circumstances are not right. Players have the freedom to choose when and which occur however, depending on the rules, at age 10, 20 and 30. The rules are as followed:

Each Rank of Muters are split into the First, Second, Third and Fourth Special Ranks. When a Silven becomes 10 years old, a first Muter may unlock from the First Rank. At the age of 20, a second Muter may unlock from the Second Rank Muters. Finally, at the age of 30, a third Muter may unlock from the Third Rank Muters. These may all be from different trees. For example, someone who has the Burning Muter in the Whitegod Muters tree at age 10, may also develop the Oorl Muter at the age of 20 from the Beastgod Tree. The column from which the Muters are chosen does not matter, as long as only one per row may is chosen. The Fourth Rank only unlocks if all Muters from the same column are chosen. This is to say, if the Burning Muter from the Whitegod Tree is chosen, then the Oorl Muter from the Beastgod Tree, and finally the Varran Muter from the Whitegod Tree again, this means only 2 of 3 required Muters are met, so the Repentance Muter which is the Fourth Special Rank Muter in the Whitegod Tree, may not be chosen. If the Voidcurse Muter was chosen instead of the Oorl Muter, 3 of 3 Muters required would be met, and the character automatically receives the Repentance Muter when the Third Rank is unlocked at age 30. There are some additional information sections for some of the muters below. They follow immediately after the image.

Chart of Silven Mutations
  • Beastlord Muter(1): The Hellion Beast is a wolf-humanoid hybrid with furred skin, a canine head, large teeth and claws, a hunched bulky form and Cro-Allar-like strength. This form is as fast as a Varran and as strong as a Cro-Allar, but weak to Holy Water. When hit by Holy Water, they are forcibly transformed back.
  • Dragon Muter(2): The half Drakon is a permanent physical change that occurs regardless of race. The character loses all body hair including head hair and facial hair, where much of this hair previously was, scales and spikes form. The eyes become slitted, and from the waist down, their legs are digitigrade dragon-like legs with large claws. They gain a long tail, and all along their tail and back are 5 inch long thin spikes. Their forearms and hands also become scaled, and they develop sharp claws on their fingers.
  • Valeia Muter(3): The wings of Valeia are angelic wings made of white feathers that have a wide wingspan. While they are in essence wings, they cannot be used to fly, as they are a means for protection. The only control those who summon the wings (which are an activate based ability) can do with them, is wrap them around themselves (or hold onto someone else and wrap the wings around them too) to act as a shield. The Valeia wings do transfer pain to the one who summoned the wings, but they cannot be pierced or destroyed unless the person who summoned them dispels them. They can however be used to gently glide down from a high location, but the person who have them on their backs are incapable of flapping them to create momentum and lift.
  • Vilegore Muter(4): The blood and spit develops an acidic and poisonous quality. This is in most cases, however not always. For example, if the person attempts to kiss with someone, their saliva is not acidic or poisonous and may in fact be experienced as sweet and pleasant. If however they spit with the intention of harm, or have their blood drawn, then the blood becomes acidic and poisonous. The acidity is strong enough to rot away armor and cloth, but it doesn't affect organic skin or a humanoid body beyond causing skin burns and painful rashes. It also damages any weapon they are struck with, by causing the weapon to be damaged and become blunted as the acidic properties bite away the sharp edges. The poisonous properties only come into play when either blood or saliva somehow makes its way into any part of another person's face. If it does, then this person starts violently coughing and wheezing until the substance can be removed with a wet cloth.
  • Changeling Muter(5): Race changes can only occur within the categories defined on this Wiki. That is to say, Altalar and Avanthar are part of the Magus Category, so they can switch between these at will. Unlike other forms of magic race changes, the Changeling Muter does allow for racial proficiency to be swapped also.


  • The current Imperial Steward, Tristan Kade, is a Silven. The Emperor has declared by divine ascent that Tristan is no different than any other Humanum, and that he is absolved of being a Silven.
  • Despite the teachings of Elven mythology and folklore, Silven do not embody key personality traits of their Arken “parents.”
  • It is difficult to distinguish Ch’ien-ji Silven from the rest of their populations because their natural eye color is gold.

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