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Official Name Skymoss
Common Name Towerbane, Crane’s Delight, Debater’s Moss
Classification Moss
Common Use Culinary
Origins Altaleï
Habitat Anywhere at high, humid altitudes

Skymoss has long been known to wider Aloria thanks to its association with the Allorn Empire. Spreading up from the treetops of Altaleï, the plant came to be a common substance that afflicted the tops of Elven towers. While not harmful, it spreads itself rapidly and can grow thick quickly, earning it the view of a pesky plant lacking uses. Among the Maraya though, it is sparing consumed in supposed emulation of their ancestors. Today most still associate it with the Elven opinion, and also see that it is a commonly consumed food source of the Ciel'lapanna Crane.


Skymoss has been a near-constant feature of the jungles of Altaleï since time immemorial. The first mentions of Skymoss come from the Altalar poet Taltea’inn who wrote about the “cyan curtains that frame the grand play of the jungle” in his poem “The Cranesong.” The poem dates back to 12,000 BC, and mentions of the plant emerged frequently over the next several centuries, with the substance coming to adorn the top of their high turrets. Ciel'lapanna Cranes became well noted among the Teledden for their consumption of the moss, and the great service they were doing to the Race by keeping these towers clean. Very little changed over the course of the moss’s history, as it survived the Wildering and came to consume the tops of many Elven ruins and the great trees that magically erupted at the center of their old urban centers. Today, the substance grows thickly in the forests of Altaleï. Some have also reported that Skymoss is appearing in areas of Corontium and Hadaria, likely thanks to the travels of the Maraya who enjoy the substance, but such reports are unconfirmed. Regardless, the plant stands as a testament to the power of nature and also its broad color spectrum.


Skymoss appears much the same as most mosses with the exception of its color. It takes the form of a thick carpet of bright blue leaves that weigh down heavily on whatever it happens to be growing on at the time. It makes no discrimination between what it is growing on, expanding across artificial and natural surfaces with equal gusto. It can expand to be up to six inches thick, and specimens have no limit to how large they can expand across a surface. Skymoss is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, capable of growing up to half an inch per day, and without predation or removal, it could perhaps overgrow an entire tower over the course of a few years. At lower altitudes though, the moss appears to grow with less vigor, and if kept at ground level for a few months, it will slowly turn grey and die. It is unknown why this occurs.

Uses and Abilities

Skymoss has few uses in Aloria, as besides being consumed by animal life, it has long gone untouched by most Races due to being viewed as a weed. However, in recent decades, it has been noted that some Maraya eat the moss, but as something of a garnish. They only do this should they be traditionists, as they claim the substance dates back to the ancient Meraic Empire. Additionally, it supposedly helps one with their eyesight. The substance is reported to have a dense, chewy texture, with a surprisingly sweet liquid inside the strands of the moss. It is eaten roasted, freshly grown, or chopped and added atop dishes.


  • It is a common occurrence in the jungles of Altaleï to hear the sharp snap of a branch in the air, and watch as a branch that is more moss than wood tumble down to the forest floor.

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