Slithering Maggots

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Slithering Maggots
Affected Races Humans, Magus
Contraction Submersion in infected water
Mortality Rate 3%
Origins Unknown
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Dry mouth
Treatment Aspects of the full disease can be treated by Ceá’llë's Herb and other herbal treatments.

Slithering Maggots is an insidious and strange illness that has tainted water sources in Daen, Corontium and Oldt Era for at least a millennia. Affecting the body first, it then proceeds into the mind, causing people to feel and then see phantom insects crawling on their bodies that vanishes upon closer inspection. While not lethal on its own, the illness has been known to cause madness and terrible accidents, thus producing its current mortality rate. It also affects a variety of Races, from Ailor to Avanthar to even the plant-like Yanar, and while not directly contagious between individuals, care must be taken by the lower classes to avoid this sickness when they bathe.


The origin of Slithering Maggots is unknown, though it is a long-present disease that has affected a number of diverse Races over the millennia. It would appear that Slithering Maggots existed separately among the Altalar, Ailor, and Qadir at least a thousand years before the Cataclysm, with all recorded instances connected with water. In the case of the Altalar, such waters were often associated with lesser Races within their nation, and some even blamed them as the cause of the sickness. As for the Ailor and the Qadir, Slithering Maggots came from various dark waters or supposed swamp gods, who wielded the disease as a means of punishment or to trick the unworthy. Luckily for the Altalar though, Ceá’llë's Herb and Ruby Flower were effective treatments for the illness, and so the Nelfin population largely remained healthy. However, for their slaves such treatments were rarely accessible. It would remain this way until the Cataclysm caused the rapid spread of those plants from carefully curated gardens out into the wild climate and more open hands. Slithering Maggots in the modern day is largely found in swamp water, but also sewer water, and often afflicts the lower classes. Additionally, it remains a common illness in Daen, Corontium, and Oldt Era, with the cold swamps of the north seemingly unsustainable for the disease, while in Farah’deen the Great Storm annihilated all of the locations the disease festered. No major outbreaks of the disease have occurred in years, as most sites of the sickness are well known and warnings are ample to most. Every so often, however, several cases are reported when a new area of a wild water source develops the disease, or when the poor of a city accidentally consume or bathe in infected waters.

Disease Cycle


Slithering Maggots can’t spread from person to person, but instead, it occurs when a person is submerged in a source of water infected by the disease. Being pushed in or going for a swim has the potential to infect someone with the disease. However, the infection hasn’t been attributed to any other kind of water aside from the rancid water lurking in city sewers or sedentary-water focused swamps.


Slithering Maggots has no direct cure for its entire sickness, but aspects of it can be treated. For the initial stages of infection, Ceá’llë's Herb and other herbal treatments will help alleviate symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and dry mouth. While they won’t usually remove the symptoms entirely, they’ll certainly help make them more manageable. As the infection progresses, there is nothing to alleviate the hallucinations or the bizarre sensations, but common salves of Ruby Flower can at least be used to treat the rashes. If an individual is suffering from Slithering Maggots, it’s commonly recommended that they wear gloves to bed to prevent scratching in their sleep, and are given warm teas or remedies to aid relaxation and rest.


  • A member of the Violet Order once wandered down in the sewers after a band of criminals. When he returned a couple of days later, he was missing his armor, covered in rashes, and complaining about “the bloody bugs followin’ me all about.”
  • Vampires have experienced nibbling sensations instead of crawling, reminiscent of how they imagine a leech’s bite would feel.
  • Some suspect that the disease is some remnant of a Void-based illness caused by some ancient Magic experiment or perhaps a Void Invasion.

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