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Society Point Buy is part of the Proficiency System. Its Packs grant a Character knowledge/membership/access to specific NPC groups existing in lore, each with their own functions. Some of these Packs have rules attached to them, only allowing the Player to purchase them when certain conditions are met. If a Character does not fit the Pack Rule requirement(s), the Pack is not refunded.

Archive Wisdom Pack

The Character has access to design-sensitive Archives and Scholar contacts that are able to dispense information to the Character on request. This Pack exists because Scholar Roleplay is very difficult on the server, as most information is readily available on the Wiki, and deep-lore information is much harder to acquire without multiple other players immediately having that information also. The Archive Wisdom Pack allows a player to send in a Ticket to Lore Staff on the Ticket Bot, in which they can ask specific information about a specific subject matter, for a specific roleplay reason. It is not permitted to use this mechanic to just know things for the sake of curiosity, each request needs to have an ongoing in-roleplay reason why your character would need this information, and where you would like to use it. If you cannot provide this reason, or give a reason that you just ‘want to know,’ Lore Staff will decline the request. Additionally, not all Characters have access to the same information due to design choices. For example, only purist mundane Characters can access the Lothar Order Archives, and only pro-Allorn Characters will be given access to the Allorn Empire and let into the Allorn Academies. The list that follows is the list of available sources. As soon as you have chosen your source, you are stuck with this choice on that character indefinitely, unless your Character drastically changes.

  • Gray Crown Archive: An Archon Gray Witch Archive in Anglia that records a lot of information to do with Dragons, Archon, and Primal Magic. The Gray Crown Archive is only accessible to those who are Dragon Worshipers, or Archon, or Primal Mages.
  • Lothar Darkwald Archive: The Lothar Darkwald Archive in Tirgunn records a lot of information to do with Afflictions, particularly Vampires and Cahal, but also general Occult hunting. The Lothar Darkwald Archive is only accessible to Non-Occult Unionist or Old Gods Purists.
  • Alwaqie Hadritya: The Alwaqie Hadritya is a Qadir fort-city in the Regalian Archipelago that records a lot of information to do with Artificers and Technicians and general technology. Only non-Afflicted and non-Songaskian Artificers or Technicians can enter this Hadritya.
  • Storvel Circle: The Storvel Circle in the north of Drixagh is a repository of Old Gods, Velheim, Cearden, Gallovian and Kintyr folklore, extending further back to old Ceardia, thus being a center of old Pagan Ailor lore. The Storvel Circle is only accessible to Old Gods Characters.
  • Neela Aakaash: Neela Aakash is a college in the Suvial lands which acts as a center of learning for Demonology and Arken, containing vast information about the Arken, Greater Demons and Apparitions, and aspects of Theurgy. Neela Aakash is only accessible to Suvial, or Theurgist Characters who are not Kathar.
  • Amontaar Sarvaana: The Amontaar Sarvaana, despite being in Amontaar, is a national archive for the Allorn Empire’s history and history as seen through the eyes of the Allorn. Amontaar Sarvaana is on Allorn embassy grounds, so it is only accessible to (secret) Allorn Loyalists.
  • The Tyrian Redoubt: The Tyrian Redoubt, while named such, is not manned by the Imperial Guard, rather by Imperial fanatic loyalists of House Kade. It specializes in information regarding politics, political forces, kings, queens, princes and foreign nobles. It is only accessible to House Kade loyalists.
  • Mana’s Wisewell: Mana’s Wisewell is an Estellon faithful shrine in Solleria close to Sinnavei’s Temple where the branches of Mana record information particularly to do with Estellon Gods, the Exist, and Exist Arken. Mana’s Wisewell is only accessible to Estellon Worshipers.
  • Hasama Death Temple: The Hasama Death Temple in Farah’deen has all manner of Ordial lore recorded by its necromancers to aid the Benntiya keep check of the Undead. Only those who are Ordial Occult but not Undead can access the Hasama Death Temple.
  • Girobalda Mage Archive: The Girobalda Mage Archive is attached to the Magic College in Girobalda that stores general historical information on Magic, manifestation, usage, application, et cetera. The Girobalda Mage Archive is accessible to anyone who is not a known Regalian criminal.

In order to request information, a ticket must be opened, which must first declare which character is requesting information, then from where they are requesting said information (such as one of the Archives above), then why they are requesting this information (such as for example explaining how it would help your roleplay move forward and how you want to use it in roleplay), followed with the rough request. It is important not to request general information such as “all information the Pride Arken”, but specifically “Sighting information on the current Pride Arken incarnation, where he was born, and notable events since his last birth”. Usage is fair-use, meaning there is technically no limit to doing it x times per month, but Staff may decline requests if it is overused, or the reason for the information is deemed insufficient. Also, sometimes an Archive may simply not have the information your character is requesting, or we may leave the information as mystery because we feel this is not the right way to make it semi-public. Some of these Archives are already accessible to some Characters (for example, Lothar Darkwald Knights can already access the Archive due to their Specials, just like Aelrrigans can access their own Archives). If such a case occurs, taking this Pack and going to a different Archive does not interfere with the function of either. For example, a Lothar Darkwald Knight may still use their Archive Special, while also choosing this Pack and picking the Tyrian Dedoubt as their chosen Archive. Double dipping this mechanic as Slizzar is considered harmful to Roleplay. A Slizzar who purchases this Pack can (as per the special Scribevex) sample two Archives. If they are a Knight on top, said Knighthood counts as one of these two Archives.

Hôterie Wisdom Pack

This Pack allows a Character to have been a member of, or trained among the Hôteries, an organization of Ithania-based courtesans and entertainers who specialize in providing exotic services and personal attention to their customers, with maybe a little bit of spying and information brokering as a side-job. This Pack does several things for your Character:

  • Your Character may attempt to employ this information to seduce an NPC in Progressions (permitting marital availability, and sexuality compatibility). This may confer additional benefits both in server-roleplay (if the entity is near Regalia) or in further Progression orders pending success.
  • Your Character is able to apply a make-up and prop based disguise with perfect voice modulation that acts as a disguise and can change anything about the user except their Race and Sex. This acts as a disguise, and unlike normal disguises, cannot be removed when restrained or knocked out.

Amontaar Wisdom Pack

This Pack allows a Character to have been a member of, or trained among the Amontaar Feathers, an organization of Amontaar based neutrality focused diplomats who try to distance themselves from geo politics and rather present a more neutral face to extract personal benefit and legacy. This Pack does several things for your Character:

  • Your Character may enter any State that would normally have imposed an embargo or no-entry policy on Regalian nationals or residents, or find any other reason to deter entry (except the country Methenwyäal) in Progressions.
  • Your Character becomes immune to the effects of the Charisma based Point Buy Packs “Diplomat Pack” and “Agitator Pack”. The Abilities Forced Truce and Forced Aggro can no longer affect them in server roleplay.