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The Permission Registry exists to allow players to register for a special permission roleplay asset. Special permissions are special statuses or positions that characters may have to enhance their roleplay and provide interesting scenarios or character development. Contrary to other servers, we do not believe someone needs to be a celebrity to have a shot at these. This means anyone can apply for them. There are, however, a couple of requirements that should be taken into account:

Limitations on Registering

  • Two at a Time: At any point, you may only have two special permission. You may only have one special permission per character, and two overall. If for any reason you believe you need more permissions than two, or that you want a third character with a different special permission, contact your nearest Lore or Roleplay Staff member with your pitch idea, and they will convey it to the rest of the staff for discussion.
  • Approved Character Application: You must have an approved character application to register a character for a special permission. If you are writing a character specially for a special permission, simply write your application as if you already have the registered permission. The reviewing staff will review your character like normal and simply evaluate the fairness and quality of the character itself, as opposed to judging the special permission.
  • Revocation: Your permission registration may be revoked by Roleplay Staff members for violating roleplay etiquette or server regulations. Once your permission has been revoked, you will be blacklisted from playing the permission you’re registered for, or registering a new permission until you have been pardoned by the staff. In order to appeal for a pardon, contact your nearest Lore or Roleplay Staff member with your appeal and they will discuss it internally. Various violations are listed below.

Reasons for Revocations

  • Misuse of the Permission: For example, if you register to be a Regalian Admiral, and start funding a rebellion against Regalia, your permission has a chance to be revoked. All permissions have certain drawbacks, and they are made to be played out, not to be thrown into a backstory. Your permission may be revoked if you only pick out the fun and cool parts of a permission and avoid the negative ones. Remember, special permissions are intended to create character development and situations, not make your character cooler.
  • Roleplay Etiquette Violations: For example, metagaming, powergaming or god roleplay will result in revocation of permissions. Special permissions are intended as examples for the community and certainly are higher profile than non special permission characters.
  • Server Regulation Violation: Server regulation violation can result in permission removal in some rare cases. Sometimes violating server regulations results in a game punishment, but if it’s also seen as an attack on the serenity or server itself, we will no longer feel inclined to offer you special permissions.

Further Notes

  • Regalian Army: Regalian Army characters should always be of advanced age, and of higher class citizenry. We believe it would be optimal for Regalian Army characters to be between the ages of 40 and 60.
  • Trustee Permissions: Trustee permissions enable a player to portray Mages and Silven. Trustee permissions can be obtained by asking Lore staff to propose a name for Trustee status, which will be discussed within the Lore department and ultimately approved or denied.

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