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The Special Race Proficiency Category summarizes all the special Proficiencies that are only usable by the race which they belong to. Each of these proficiency has special rules, and more often than not are additional rules applied on the race page itself. This means that if you want to make use of these Proficiencies, make sure you've read both the race page and this informational page without just adding it to your character sheet.

Altalar Martial Skill

The Altalar Martial Skill encompasses all the Martial training the Altalar engage in when they have chosen the patron deity Tal'Sieth. This skill is unique, because it grants multiple different weapon and armor Proficiencies in one. The Altalar Martial Skill is as such a group skill, meaning that all points invested in this Proficiency give equal skill proficiency in all the weapons and shields specified, even if they defy categorization that is normally applied in other Combat related Proficiencies. The weapons included in Martial Training are: The Altalar Singing Bow, the Altalar Gallop Lance, the Altalar Glaive Sword, and the Altalar Hook Spear as well as the Altalar Charay Shield. These weapons are specifically fine tuned for Altalar only, taking their body proportions (which are unique to them) and styles into account. Furthermore, because of the relative rarity of these weapons, they are hard to come by for non-Altalar. It is extremely important to note that these combat skills do not factor into the Regalian Guard. That is to say, if the Regalian Guard requires a minimum of Combat Proficiency Points, this Martial Skill does not factor into those points, because all of the Altalar weapons do not comply with Regalian Guard regulation equipment. These skills also do not translate into any other Combat related Proficiency.

Kathar Ritualism Skill

Kathar Ritualism is explained on the Kathar Page under Kathar Ritualism. It unlocks a new ability every 6 Points invested.

Unionist Sanktism Skill

Unionist Sanktism Skill is a Proficiency in Unionist Sanctified Rituals otherwise referred to as the Holy Words. Holy Words are acts or rituals used to instill holy power or cleansing onto individuals. Unionism Sanktism Skill is not specifically a race locked Proficiency (despite it being in this category), but does require a specific learning path. Unionist Sanktism Skill can only be learned by Unionist Reverends, or those who have learned it directly from an Ailor Unionist Reverend in their character's backstory (this may be learned from an NPC Reverend). The progression of skills is as followed:

  • 6 Points Invested: The Character can write in Sanktist script and warding, which are purely aesthetic at this point. They are able to graft (a form of tattooing) these holy scriptures onto a person, or write them in a book, or carve them in wood or stone. When Sanktist Ritualism of any kind is performed near Sanktist Script, it lights up with a light yellow glow. For example, a ritualist using Holy Word: Protection or Holy Word: Purity who also has Sanktist script as tattoos on their body, will see these tattoos light up with a light golden/yellow glow. Additionally, those with 6 points in Sanktism can perform the Sanktist gesture with their hands which causes any Sanktist tattoos within a 30 feet radius to shine as if a ritual is being performed nearby.
  • 12 Points Invested: The Character can bless any liquid by speaking the Sanktist prayer of the Holy Word: Blessing, and then dipping their fingers into the liquid. When this ritual is performed, the liquid in which they dipped their fingers immediately turns to Holy Water (though the liquid must be contained in a bottle-sized quantity, otherwise the amount of liquid will disperse and dilute the blessed liquid portion.
  • 18 Points Invested: The Character can ward another person with the Holy Word: Loyalty ward, a Sanktist protection spell from evil. The person speaks the Sanktist prayer of protection, after which they apply their hand to the other person's forehead. When complete, the person who the ritual is performed on will have a yellow glowing band mark (like a regal band) spanning across their forehead, with a small Unionist eye in the middle, accompanied with radiant symbols of sunrays. This ward is active for up to 5 days and protects the person against any form of possession, mind control spells or abilities, Vampirism infection or any other kind of Affliction. Only two individuals may ever be protected with this ward at any given time, and in order to bless another person, the ritualist must break the ward on an existing one or let it expire.
  • 24 Points Invested: The Character can use the Holy Word: Purify, which is also more commonly referred to as the Exorcism Ritual. The Exorcism Ritual is a special process used to drive a Demonic Possession from a person. It is performed over the course of an evening or night, in which the Sanktist wards a room with Holy Words and then speaks the verses of Purification for hours on end, a process that is very painful for the possessed individual. If the ritual is performed without interruption, the person is cleansed by daybreak.
  • 30 Points Invested: The Character gains the passive Holy Word: Protection blessing, which is an ability to create holy weapons while wielded by the ritualist. Weapons wielded by the character with 30 points in Unionist Ritualism can turn any weapon they wield (for the duration that they wield it, meaning if they let go of it, it stops being holy) into a holy weapon. They do this by striking their hand against the weapon (sometimes referred to as clapping or slapping) which causes an audible and echoing clang noise, along with sparks as if striking a hot piece of metal with a hammer. The weapon then begins to light up with a golden yellow hue, and a light golden smoke rises from the weapon that dances gently in the air in the trajectory of the weapon. Holy Word: Protection blessed weapons (when wielded by the ritualist) ignore all mutation and ability based damage mitigation of those who are impure (for example the Possessed, Vampires, Mages, Abberrants etc.) and treats all of them like normal bare flesh. Additionally, cuts and stabs of holy weapons cause a burning sensation beyond the normal pain caused from the wound.

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