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Official Name Sphalerite
Common Nicknames Blameless Coal
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Metallurgy Arts
Origin Ellador
Uses Antitoxin, Decoration, Culinary
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Commoner or Nobility

Sphalerite is a rare mineral initially uncovered within the depths of the Dwarven Hold of Skorr, however the mineral would eventually be discovered to be abundant in any deep mine of the Northern Mountains. Sphalerite, only rare because of the required depth of a mine to find it, is merely a luxury amongst the Dwarves, only useful for its minty flavor. For other Races, however, the mineral acts as an anti-toxin upon consumption. Given the resistance of gases and toxins to the Dwarven Race, this was often overlooked, making the resource a trade surplus for the Holds with deep enough mines to export it.


The Dwarven Hold of Skorr originally discovered Sphalerite in 100 BC as a side effect to its astronomically deep mines. Over the next century, the mineral was uncovered in mines which ran along the length of the Northern Mountains. In this region, as long as a mine was deep enough to reach deposits of the mineral, it could easily be extracted. It was initially used as a luxury good due to its minty flavor by the dwarves, as there were no unhealthy side effects for consuming the mineral, and there was no need for Dwarves who were naturally resistant to gases and toxins to medically need it. With the isolated personalities of Mithorrin politics, it wasn’t until 307 AC that Sphalerite left the Dwarven Holds. The mineral is now exported to mostly Regalia, though other smaller states and nations throughout Aloria partake in the market. This has created a trade surplus for the Holds of Aldruin and Grebor.

In Regalia, Sphalerite serves as both a minty topping for pastry dishes and desserts, or as a flakey aid for doctors and physicians to prescribe to poisoned patients. It’s antitoxin abilities were initially discovered by the Dwarves in 89 BC, but only in rumor, as they rarely used it albeit for extreme cases of fatigue. Its documented discovery was made in 287 AC by a Regalian chef who had served pastries to a tax collector poisoned by an assassin. The tax collector experienced near death before the Sphalerite kicked in moments after, saving his life. The chef, completely unaware of what had just occurred, inspected the pastry for poison and eventually discovered the minerals attribute. The hired assassin was caught, revealing the attempt of a commoner who couldn’t afford to pay his taxes, causing him to devise a plan against the tax collector’s life. Since the discovered ability of Sphalerite, the price of the exported luxury skyrocketed, mimicking that of an expensive aid monopolized by the “Deep Ministers” of the Urdweld, who are known to delegate to Regalia and among other things, sell off the luxury good.



Sphalerite is a dark green rock with the texture of moist clay. It can easily be shredded with a cheese grater, cut, and crushed. The mineral is very brittle, making it difficult to shape, if not intractable. It is normally suggested to clean or wash off the mineral, as dust or rocky debris can often be found littering Sphalerite after shipments or shortly after extraction.

General Uses

Sphalerite absorbs toxins and poisons at roughly a 10:1 volume ratio, meaning for every one measurement of Sphalerite, it can absorb ten measurements of toxin or poison. Once the maximum quantity is consumed, the minerals ability to absorb is halted and nullified, taking on a darker green appearance, if not almost black. This form is generally referred to as “Nullified Sphalerite.” There are no disadvantages or negative effects to Nullified Sphalerite that absorbs its maximum capacity, thus it can still be safely consumed as long as poison isn’t layered on it, or toxic residue.

Another use for Sphalerite is its minty taste and texture. The mineral has been known to be shredded atop pastries, ground into a powder for baking, and sprinkled into tea or Kaffee, as well as other methods for cooking or seasoning. It is widely sought after for this consumable reason with the additional antitoxin.


Sphalerite can be used to create dark green, and in some cases, even an indigo black dye. At a dye vat, the mineral is crushed to a powder then boiled. If Nullified Sphalerite is used, the boiling water and crushed powder will chemically appear as a very dark indigo, almost black. If a non-nullified Sphalerite is used, then the dye will appear dark green.


  • Nullified Sphalerite can be cured to its original state if boiled in salt water. The salt water however, is contaminated, holding all of the absorbed poisons and toxins of the Sphalerite. Sphalerite cannot absorb poison or toxins in salt water.
  • Almost all Urweld leave Ellador with some supply of Sphalerite to barter or sell.

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