Spirit's Sight

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Spirit's Sight
Appearance A deep red concoction, often similar to blood in appearance though discernible from blood by smell
Application Applied as an eyedrop
Proficiency Requires 8 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Heinrike Gabler
Potency Approximately three drops
Injectable No
  1. Allows individual to see in complete darkness
  2. Temporary blindness when exposed to bright light

Cerynsel, or Spirit’s Sight as it’s popularly known, is a mixture that induces night vision-esque sight upon its users. Made from a multitude of ingredients, Cerynsel finds itself a common sight among shady dealers and lurkers alike, known as one of the most affordable and somewhat easy to prepare mixes to make, should one be brave enough to face an Vampire for its blood. While it’s known for its affordability and how common it is, it is still rather illegal in many cities around Aloria.


Discovered by pure chance while experimenting in June of 270 AC by an alchemist of little note, Heinrike Gabler, this mixture became known among travelers the popular nickname, Spirit’s Sight, for the help it lent to wandering merchants, scouts, and worst of all, vagabonds. To this day, Heinrike’s original recipe can be found among many merchants and scholars under its true name of Cerynsel, though credit to Heinrike is rare, often given to her student, Carina Meissner.


The original recipe calls for dousing the Fireweed in Vocadine and allowing the flower to absorb the liquid for at least two hours, however more advanced alchemists are able to cut this process down to mere minutes through the application of precise heat and stirring. While this occurs, the brewer mixes the blood and saline solution together. The saline must be comprised of water and salt in as equal measures to the blood as possible, causing many alchemists to prepare this themselves. After the Fireweed has been sufficiently steeped, the Vocadine is drained out and the soaked Fireweed petals added to the saline blood solution. The Theomar Fungus and thinly chopped carrot are added into the mix next, then the entire mixture is placed over an open flame and stirred thoroughly until it has been sufficiently infused with the solid ingredients. If any particles remain, it can be sieved through a colinder or thin cheesecloth. Finally, the completed potion is bottled and left left to float in a tub of cold water overnight to conclude the process, without diluting the contents within.



Cerynsel is only viable when applied to the eyes via drops. Its potency lies in that it only requires three to four drops in each eye. The mixture is mildly toxic when ingested, and causes localized irritation if applied to the skin.


Upon application to the eyes, Cerynsel grants enhanced low light sight to the user, allowing them to see in darkened spaces or among the darkest of nights at full visual capacity. Even individuals with short-sightedness gain the temporary ability to see with full 20/20 vision, so long as they remain in a space lit with no more than dim candlelight. The potion lasts for roughly six hours if ideally concocted, and once the duration is up the user may experience a slew of symptoms, including; blurry vision, irritation of the eyes, temporary blindness, or something as minor as dried out eyes. Worse symptoms can come in the form of eye damage if repeatedly applied without rest, so it is recommended that Spirit's Sight not be used more than twice a day, twice a week. While under the effects, sunlight is greatly enhanced for the user, meaning that they must remain in the shade or wear tinted lenses to avoid being temporarily blinded by it's brightness.

Cerynsel has no effect on Vampires in possession of enhanced vision. If anything, it hampers their vision instead of aiding it.

Physical Characteristics

Cerynsel is a deep red potion thin in consistency, due to its eye-based use. Cerynsel has a horrible taste, often compared to rotting cabbage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t smell any better than it tastes.


  • Heinrike Gabler, the inventor of the mix, permanently blinded herself after repeated application in hopes of being able to use it near constantly.
  • Extended use of the potion over the course of a few days is known to lead to permanent blindness in the user. While to this day some alchemists try to devise a way to make the potion less harmful, or null the side effects, none have succeeded.
  • Carina’s credit to the creation of the potion was a simple mistake. When Heinrike presented the recipe, it was thought among many that her blindness had occurred before the discovery of Cerynsel.
  • Cernysel is often illegal to own in many cities, due to the few hazards it presents and the fact that it is used by ne’er-do-wells to steal, traverse sewers and generally harass people in the night. This hasn’t stopped a few alchemists and apothecaries where the potion is sold under the counter for a heightened price.

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