Sponge Frill Coral

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Sponge Frill Coral
Official Name Sponge Frill Coral
Common Nicknames Sea Fan
Classification Fish
Habitat Tropical waters
Domesticated No
Current Status Common

A species of brightly colored coral, Sponge Frill Coral has existed for untold centuries and has largely gone undisturbed in all of that time. Built by thousands of organisms known as polyps working together, Sponge Frill Coral is a common sight in the tropical waters of many locations across Aloria. Those in Hadaria are now in a process of recovery in the wake of the destruction wrought by the Chrysant War.


Sponge Frill Coral has been known for a number of years, perhaps dating back as far as the Meraic. Ancient wall art in Vaults supposedly shows this species in carved form, but nothing is certain. What is for certain though is that the Altalar identified the substance when they traveled through Hadaria on their way to Oldt Era. The substance was viewed as colorful and a fine sight in the ocean, but that was all. Throughout the rest of Alorian history, the animal has remained as such due to its underwater location and lack of uses, it has gone undisturbed for many years. However, this changed with the Chrysant War, as the fine waters of Hadaria were devastated by alchemical pollutants, artillery fire and all variety of damage caused by numerous sea vessels. Spong Frill Coral was one of these, but in the years since the end of the war, it has made a comeback. It now grows on the ruins that now fill the waters, and recolor the vast reefs that once made the region famous.

Physical Appearance

Sponge Frill Coral are colonial corals that form a fan, bush or tree shapes with their central, yellow-toned axis ranging anywhere from two to seven feet tall. These main skeletal cores are jointed and spread out to form the aforementioned shapes with flexible joints that allow the creature to move with the ocean. Growing from this are the Frills, the lighter and often very colorful expansions off of the yellow-toned skeletal structure.


Spong Frill Corals exist at a wide range of sizes and can exist in a wide variety of colors. While the coarse yellow skeletal structure is always yellow, the Frills that grow off of them can be red, orange, pink, white, pale blue and pale purple. Gender in the species does not exist, as far as Alorian science is aware.

Life Span and Development

Sponge Frill Coral has a very poorly understood development cycle. What is known is that, like all soft corals, this species releases a series of “buds” much in the way that a plant might. However, these “buds” are living creatures known as polyps, who group up and come to form their own colony on an appropriate surface, or eaten by a variety of other oceanic wildlife. Spong Frill Coral specifically buds twice every year, and can grow to maturity within six weeks.

Mental Overview

Sponge Frill Coral are mindless in the way that only a simple animal can be. While its creation of colonies and co-operation is impressive, the animal does that all on instinct and totally lacks higher, or even lower, brain functions except to group up, grow, and feed.

Territory and Groupings

Sponge Frill Coral are not territorial and are in fact built on the mutual cooperation of thousands of individual tiny organisms. While they do compete so to speak with other nearby corals, this is an entirely passive act.


  • Sponge Frill Corals as “Sea Fans” were occasionally removed and then dried out for use by Altalar. The “fan” effect did not last above the waves.

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