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Appearance A cloudy green liquid, murky with sediment.
Application Consumption
Proficiency Requires 8 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Unknown; Possibly the Elven goddess of compassion, Orelaben.
Potency One gulp
Injectable Yes, faster onset
  1. Flushes the body of basic toxins and poisons.
  2. Rebalances the bodily humors.

Springblossom is a potion known for its ability to clear the body of many different toxins and restore its functions through balancing the essential humors. It is an invaluable remedy for any healer, unfortunately outweighed by the complexity of its brewing process. The potion has long been a staple in the well-being of Elven travelers before the Cataclysm, and now stands as a famous traditional remedy for the Cielothar tribes. While expensive, Springblossom is often available for purchase from Elven alchemists and temple healers who follow the faith of Orelaben and Avetyaben.


Records regarding the first use of Springblossom have long been lost, since the fall of the Elven Empire. An ancient myth tells that the remedy was created by Orelaben, the Elven goddess of Mercy, to save the life of a valiant warrior who had been bitten by a snake. It is said that Orelaben took the form of a forest hermit upon catching glimpse of the dying fighter, and concocted the potion from the surrounding nature. Whatever the true origin may be, the potion has lasted through to the modern day despite the ever changing fortunes of the Elven people. It remains as a reliable and popular remedy to the Cielothar tribes who inhabit the western continents. The modern name was chosen by Cielothar for the season that encompasses the return of vibrancy and health.


Springblossom is quite difficult to brew and is often created in large batches to compensate for time and effort spent. The base of the potion is pure water, often taken from a natural spring in the mountains. This water is boiled to remove it of any lingering impurities, and kept aside. A large amount of Dagruhn’s Clove and Lady’s Shine is then ground into a fine powder and kneaded into a measure of deer tallow that is still whole and unmelted. The tallow is then placed into a clay pot and set above a weak fire, where it needs to be melted without burning the various herbs. Once the tallow has melted into liquid, ground mint and Ruby Flower is added, and the clay pot is taken off the fire. This mixture is then decocted with the pure water over a stronger heat, until a thin paste remains. The potion is finished with the juice of a forest apple, which works to dissolve the mixture and turn it into a liquid.



Springblossom must be ingested for it to bestow its healing effects. Depending on the nature of the poison afflicting the patient, more doses may be required. Most healers prescribe a gulp per dose due to the potency of the potion. For the potion to work its best, the patient would also require rest and steady consumption of clean water. Large doses of Springblossom also increases the frequency of urination and nose-bleeding, which requires suitable facilities to clean. Although Springblossom is most often used for hospitalized rest, it is also possible to cure one’s self of toxins in the field with multiple doses of Springblossom.


Fundamentally, Springblossom works to detoxify the body through alchemically eliminating harmful essences in the blood and fluids. It is most effective on natural poisons such as venom or plant-based toxins. Complex poisons are also affected by Springblossom, though to a lesser extent that may require specific antidotes. It is also said to restabilize the five humors, though the specifics on how it returns the balance of one’s essences is unclear. If the potion is ingested in large measures, the body will start to expel bodily fluids such as urine or blood as a provoked response to the removal of toxins. Nosebleeds are the most common symptoms of a large intake of Springblossom. Overdosing may cause severe dehydration, which can prove fatal if untreated with clean water.

Physical Characteristics

Due to the presence of herbs and the natural sugars of fruit juice, Springblossom has a pleasantly sweet smell and a sickeningly sour taste. It is best to ingest the remedy with one gulp, as the taste of diluted juice can nauseate those with a weak stomach. The potion is visually characterized as a cloudy green liquid that swirls with herbal sediments and syrup from the apple juice.


  • Springblossom is well-known throughout rural communities all across the western continents. It is one of the best recognized products of alchemy in those regions.
  • Amateur healers from the western continents use Springblossom as a crutch for their healing services, which can prove harmful to their patients due to dehydration caused by overuse of the potion.
  • Many Elven herbalists have their apprentices brew Springblossom as a test of aptitude for medical alchemy. Once passed, they are often entrusted to brewing the potion while the teacher works on more complex concoctions.

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