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The Game Department is responsible for the in game moderation and player support.

  • Answer help tickets using MassiveTickets.
  • Answer questions in the help channel.
  • Help players ingame.
  • Enforce rules ingame.
  • Answer the help central forums.
  • Host ingame events on a weekly basis.


Every now and then, based on need the gamestaff have extra meetings. These are used to discuss major changes, protocol updates and news. There may even be full training sessions that happen in gamestaff meetings.


To become a gamestaff we always ask that you post a staff application.

When an application has been submitted the gamestaff lead looks over it and discuss it with the other game admins. Criteria they look for are:

  • Helpchat contributions
  • Previous offences on the server
  • General attitude toward other players
  • General attitude toward staff
  • Initiative to get to know the current staff
  • Ability to listen, learn and ask questions when unsure
  • If the person is often on teamspeak

Once these things have been evaluated we often invite you to a conversation on teamspeak. Using teamspeak is essential to the gamestaff as we must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with each other and across to other departments of the staff. Pending on the outcome of the talk you may become a gamestaff aspirant. If we feel the criteria are already met, we will simply add you on skype and bring you into the team as an official aspirant.

We are always looking for new members to the gamestaff and we look forward to review every application we get so if you think you have what it takes then send us an application!


The Gamestaff does not have many full "projects" such as other departments have. The department is there to help, guide and entertain the community. Most points come from the ticket system, helpchat, events and various other tasks as you move up the ranks.


MassiveTickets is the plugin the Game Staff use to help players You must have completed the rank1 training course, ticket training and command training to do MassiveTickets. Remember to keep the best practises and the staff codex in mind.

  • 1 point: For completing 10 MassiveTickets. Repeatable more than once a week.

Help Chat Support

Helpchat is where many players go to get quick answers for their problems. Game Staff member helps the player base through answering player questions in the help chat channel. Make sure your answer is correct. Ask a senior staff member if you are unsure. Additionally avoid long conversations which should be taken to private chat to reduce spam. As opposed to the MassiveTickets you don't need to have taken a course to answer helpchats. If a problem is too big for helpchat or requires staff help and attention the player should be encouraged to use the MassiveTicket system.

  • 1 point: Answering 10 questions in the ingame help chat. Can only be done once per week. Unlimited for aspirants.

Ban Appeals

Ban appeals are handled by rank 3 gamestaff. These require experience, training and trust. Every week we get between 10-30 ban appeals. These have to be answered in a professional way and requires rank 3 powers. Lower ranked staff can not see ban appeals. Only the Gamestaff leader can train/approve someone for ban appeal work.

Only available to Rank 3 Gamestaff.

  • 1 point: For every active hour spent handling ban appeals and delivering the final decision to the player.

Help Central

Help Central is on the MassiveCraft forums, this is where players ask for information and help regarding various issues. We encourage everyone who wants to apply for gamestaff as well as every excisting gamestaff to answer these questions to the best of their abilities. Make sure your answer is correct. Ask a senior staff member if you are unsure.

  • 1 point: For every 10 Help threads answered.

Player Reports

Player reports is when a player reports another player. This requires rank 3 gamestaff to handle. The staffmember will review the report, investigate by the use of logs, screenshots and various other tools at their disposal. If there is uncertainty the staff member will consult with other staff members and get their opinion and convey the result of the investigation to the reporter as well as dealing with the offender if need be.

Only Available to Rank 3 Gamestaff.

  • 1 point: For every active hour spent handling player reports.

War Declarations

War Declarations require training and is available from rank 1. There are several steps to war declarations:

  • Initial review of both factions to make sure leaders are correct
  • Review reason for war
  • Review max tribute to make sure it is within the rules
  • Convey is a war declaration is approved or rejected
  • Declare a winner/loser

Once someone is declared a winner in a war an item has to be made, this requires rank 3 and it is the responsibility of the staff member handling the war declaration to make sure the item is created and distributed by a rank 3. Only Available after training

  • 1 point: For every hour spent reading the war declaration threads and approving/rejecting them.

Staff Rank Training

Staff rank training can be done by any gamestaff that has been approved by the gamestaff leader to train people. Once the staff member is cleared they will be available for training sessions at their own discretion. Training includes but is not limited to: Tickets, punishments, codex, war declarations, rules, indepth rules, hacked clients, chat and more. Only Available after clearance from Gamestaff Leader

  • 1 point: For every hour spent training staff.


Events are held at staff discretion, we have many events tailored for all ranks to host. You need training before you can host an event to insure maximum efficiency and quality. Some events such as PvE events require MassiveMobs and clearance before it is set up. Some of our events are:

  • Pig Racing
  • Keep Moving
  • Maze
  • Cups
  • Hide and Seek
  • Jumping
  • Dancy Chairs
  • Archery
  • King of the Hill (Requires clearance from Gethelp)
  • PvE events (Must get clearance from Addrion)
  • 1 point: For 1hour of set up and hosting
  • 1 point: For 1 hour of moderating


Warzones can be applied for on the forum. To set up a warzone is no picknick which means it requires training and patience to learn. There are many tricks and pitfalls when it comes to warzones which is why it requires extra training. (Only available for rank 2 and above)

Only available after training by Gethelp.

  • 1-3 points: Approval and creation of the warzone.

Stat Transfer

Stat transfer is only available to rank 3 gamestaff. This is due to the volatile nature of mcmmo and changing stats. If done incorrect it will ruin the players mcmmo stats. The basic premise is to change the stats of a player from 1 account to another. Resulting in the account that has the main stats to be banned afterwards. This is an option for people who lose their accounts or get hacked.

Only available after training by Thortuna or Gethelp.

  • 1-3 points: Approval and transfer of the Player McMMO stats.



  • Thortuna


  • Gethelp
  • Omnomivore
  • Addrion
  • Diaphonos


  • Lazzulai
  • JoyShake
  • Jackson413
  • Barsi_
  • Oblivaify
  • Kronova


  • Neon_57
  • Jadex224