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Weekly Staff Meeting

The weekly staff meeting is held every Sunday, and lasts three hours long at most. Each of the three hours serves a different purpose.


  • 21:00 CET for MonMarty
  • 15:00 EST for Derpadillo
  • 14:00 CST for LumosJared
  • 12:00 PT for TheComputerGeek2
  • 09:00 NZT (Monday) for CS_Birb

During the direction hour, only direction members may participate. The weekly change log is translated into the activity log and rank changes are calculated.

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  • 22:00 CET for MonMarty
  • 16:00 EST for Derpadillo
  • 15:00 CST for LumosJared
  • 13:00 PT for TheComputerGeek2
  • 10:00 NZT (Monday) for CS_Birb

During the common hour, all staff members are encouraged to participate. We announce the rank changes and answer questions about them to explain further what staff members should do to rank up. At that point, we talk about MassiveCraft in general, what we did during the week, and what we should focus on for the future.

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  • 23:00 CET for MonMarty
  • 17:00 EST for Derpadillo
  • 16:00 CST for LumosJared
  • 14:00 PT for TheComputerGeek2
  • 11:00 NZT (Monday) for CS_Birb

During the department hour, the staff splits up into departments or other work groups and gets stuff done. This is a golden opportunity to do some work and achieve results, since so many staff members will be able to be present.

Not all departments will operate meetings at this time. Should the Common hour finish earlier, individual department meetings may meet earlier than listed.

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Point Value Guidelines

The general guideline for the value of a point goes as follows: "1 hour of active work at a standard speed of standard quality is worth 1 point. " However! This can vary depending on the following factors and is reflected in the description of certain staff project descriptions.

  • Example: Efficiency of the Task.
  • Example: Quality the completed work arrived at.
  • Example: Necessity of the Task/Response time.
  • Example: Director discretion based on non-bureaucratic factors.

We hand out points for delivered value. Only the end result matters.

  • Example: Say someone is new to their department and works slower because they are inexperienced. It takes them 4 hours to do something that takes most staff members 1 hour. They would get 1 point.
  • Example: Say someone is extremely skilled and creates something in 1 hour that would have taken most staff members 7 hours to create. They would get 7 points.
  • Example: Say someone spends 5 hours of work at something that never get's implemented or used. They get no points at all.
  • Example: Say someone spends 1 hour of work completing a pressing or urgent assignment, that other staff could not complete. They would receive more than 1 point.

No points are specifically handed out for just being available and ready to help. For some projects we do however compensate for that standby time spent since it results in a higher quality for the player base.

  • Example: It only takes 30min for CS_Birb to wake up and restart the servers in the middle of the night in case they crashed. However 2 points is given to compensate for the availability. The playerbase experiences this value through the server coming back up again quickly and seldom being offline.
  • Example: The median MassiveTicket takes around 2 minutes to complete. Yet we count each ticket as 6 minutes to compensate for the availability. The playerbase experiences this value through their ticket getting answered at once by a staff member (as opposed to having to wait).
  • Note: CS_Birb does not get any points for being afraid in his sleep unless the server actually crashes. Correspondingly LumosJared does not get any points for being available a whole day where no tickets were made. What is always crucial is the end result of a project, whether it be a processed application, an updated page, or a new quest.