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The PR Department is in charge of developing and maintaining the MassiveCraft Image and Brand on the forums, wiki, and several other social medias. To report their points, each member needs to visit the Point Reports Forums by Saturday night and enter their points each week.


To become a staff member we always ask that you post a staff application. You can post an application by following this link towards the Staff Application Forums. In order to be considered for the PR department, an applicant should show previous experience in areas such as graphic design, brand management, online social media marketing, or possess skills which will help them carry out the various projects the department is responsible for.

Members of the PR department are recruited by the Direction Member in charge of the department, however other members of staff can offer input on the person when asked to pay testimony to their personality and skill set. It is recommended that those wishing to join the department display work similar to that presented by the PR department to show off their skills and creativity. Great ways to show off your talents include but are not limited to;

  • Writing player Guides
  • Creating Wikiart
  • Creating self made trailers
  • Writing interesting stories
  • Taking HD Screenshots

As with every other department, PR staff members start as Aspirants with no in-game rank until they have successfully recorded a number of points required for a promotion to Rank One.


The PR Department is responsible for the MassiveCraft image and brand, as such the department is mainly focused on the following responsibilities;

  • News Posts on our main Website, the Forums and other social medias
  • Create advertisements for the server and various events
  • Host various competitions for the player base
  • Write guides and content on the main website and the wiki
  • Maintain and improve the graphic profile for MassiveCraft
  • Create images for news posts and guides
  • Create informative videos and trailers
  • Create spotlights for locations and factions on the server
  • Create and publish the “Daily Creeper”


News Post

News Posts are part of our daily work as PR staff, as such you will need to create interesting, yet player-adjusted articles, including the recent changes and updates on MassiveCraft. Information from the various departments (If there is a plugin update, than ask the Tech department, etc.) needs to be collated before a first draft can be written. The draft can be reviewed and final edits can be made, including adding a screenshot and formatting text. You should use a screenshot, which fits the topic of the news post or create a piece of art for it. Afterwards you can ask for another review or publish your work where relevant.

Daily Creeper

The “Daily Creeper” is a form of newspaper, covering Roleplay events, World Progression Reports and other in-game stories. The “Daily Creeper” is often created after important roleplay occurs, for example after a trial between two noble families, covering the basic information and often accompanied by a single picture. Funny advertisements, secret codes and a weekly command tip can also be added to the paper. The process to create a “Daily Creeper” is the same as the News Post, but you will need to do the whole process on a premade scroll-image, giving the “Daily Creeper” a more realistic and creative look.


The PR department runs both in-game and forum competitions hosted by MassiveCraft also including building, writing and art competitions. Creating a competition requires a basic idea, followed by a first draft for a possible competition in the PR directory. Every week a competition will be required and you can suggest yours to be held that week. Rewards and additional rules will be required for every competition and these can be decided by the final draft. All competitions are posted on the homepage of the forums and will include the relevant information and a closing time or date. Competitions normally run for a week and, giving players enough time to submit their entries before winners are decided. Winners will be judges by the competition creator and another PR member before rewards are distributed.


Spotlights offer players an insight into the districts, worlds and factions that MassiveCraft has to offer. As such they are handled like normal news posts, but are often filled with important information on specific locations detailing their use in Regalian roleplay. Spotlights are accompanied by various screenshots and sometime a map or video, to show off the architecture and individual elements of the location.


Create the post or your work on Wordpress or a Google Document first. Show the draft to other staff members, ask for feedback and refine the text a lot. The end result must look really professional. Ask a senior staff member for the go ahead before publishing if you are new to the production of news posts, images, etc. Publish on all these medias:


  • Access: Personal Account. Created by LumosJared.


  • Access: Personal Account. Created by yourself. You are required to be PR1.


  • Access: Personal Account. Created by yourself, but LumosJared need to grant you access.


  • Access: Personal Account. Created by yourself, but LumosJared needs to grant you access.


  • Access: The password for this specific account will be handed out by Jared when required..


Every member of the department needs to report their points on the forum. To report their points each member needs to visit the Point Reports Forums by Sunday and enter their points each week. Here is a small list of possible work examples and possible point amounts:

  • Regalian spotlight, 3 hours of work; 3 points
  • Spotlight video, 9 hours of work; 10 points
  • Directory updates and edits, 2 hours of work; 3 points

Points are decided by the amount of hours put into a specific task; more often than not, one point is granted for one hour of work. However, projects which require special work and span over a much longer period of time, such as the creation of a trailer or redesigning a media platform, can earn you more points based on its importance.



  • LumosJared

PR Staff Members

  • LeDinklebergFM
  • Muffins_
  • Kaezir
  • YLMadness
  • Ragnio
  • DrFong
  • CustomeBiome
  • Completely_Evan