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Quest staff members are responsible for the in-game questing experience, but what should you expect to actually be doing hour to hour as a part of the team? The division below assumes you’ve been around a while, have a good understanding of the commands, and that you have sufficient rank to perform all of these things in game yourself (If you don’t, that’s fine! Higher ranked members are always happy to assist). Here’s how a team member’s weekly work might be divided up:

Possible division of weekly work for a Quest staff member.
  • Organizing (8%)
    • Requesting resources like builds from the world team or assistance from lore with compliance issue.
    • Keeping good records for your quest or project.
  • Collaborating (16%)
    • Attending meetings and working with other team members.
    • Responding to and checking Skype.
    • Spending time on TeamSpeak working with Quest and other staff members.
  • Writing storylines (17%)
    • A good quest begins with an engaging and well-written narrative.
  • Writing Commands (18%)
    • As a MassiveQuest author you will be writing Quest commands.
    • Best compared to using a scripting language. See MassiveQuest Author Commands for more information.
  • Implementing Quests (8%)
    • Those commands needs to be entered into the game, either by hand or w/ a macro mod.
  • Misc in-game activity (8%)
    • This includes creating WorldGuard regions, Citizens 2 NPC’s, placing quest related blocks or signs, and otherwise making the Quest possible in game.
  • Quality assurance (25%)
    • Throughout the process you’re going to be fixing bugs, correcting typos, and resolving issues ranging from good lighting to the walking speed of an NPC.
    • The small stuff matters, and you might be surprised at how much time this takes. Fortunately, the time spent here makes a huge difference in the player experience.


The ideal candidate for Quest staff is multi-talented and self-motivated. Only on this team would it be reasonable to expect a member to be at once a game designer, writer, programmer, and project leader. Intelligent and creative individuals are of value in every area, but here on the Quest staff you’ll be writing well-formatted Quest commands one day and expressive, rich character dialogue the next. If you know you have the talent and drive to be a MassiveCraft staff member and feel at home when pursuing both technical and artistic goals, we encourage you to learn more about for Quest staff.

Please visit the Staff Applications forum to apply after reading about The Team, familiarizing yourself with the Staff:Codex, and taking into account any restrictions and information contained in any sticky threads in the application forum.

It is not necessary to already know how to write quests before joining the team, but it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the Quest Workflow and look over the MassiveQuest Author Commands. After all, you need to know if this is the right place for you, and it’s wonderful when a new applicant comes prepared with a general understanding of what’s expected. Some go as far as to create a sample quest—just know that it’s not required.


Quest Workflow

The workflow described here applies primarily to Quest Leads, who follow their assigned quests from concept to production implementation.

  • Create Quest Overview document.
    • Document should be stored in Quest Workspace→Quests→Development
    • Follow naming convention.
    • If quest is part of a longer questline, the leading quest should be the one to contain the questline-specific information.
  • Development
    • Work through each sections of the overview document, involving other parties as necessary.
    • Update team integration worksheets (World, Lore) with requests for each area.
      • This may include a request for a storyline(How to Write a Quest Storyline) if you're not writing it, world locations, dialogue, lore checks etc.
      • Involve other teams early in the process, especially lore and world if you’ll need something in the development stages or are working with a deadline.
    • Update the Quest department worksheet w/ any tasks above rank. Add requests for Commands, Implementation, NPC’s, regions, item frames, etc if you do not have sufficient rank to handle these things yourself, do not wish to, are otherwise unable.
    • Prior to the implementation stage, the storyline/concept needs to be approved by a rank three. It is your responsibility to seek their sign-off.
  • Implementation
    • Keep the team Worksheets and the quest overview document updated.
    • Keep the Quest department worksheet updated w/ tasks above rank.
    • Ensure that each team has done their work and everything is in place.
      • Locations, roads, NPC’s, regions
    • Quest node implementation (may take place at any appropriate point)
  • Quality assurance and testing
    • Keep the Worksheets and their quests updated w/ any new tasks.
    • Outside and internal testing should be recorded on the overview document.
    • Leads, follow the Quality assurance checklist before signing off on quest.
    • At least one other individual must test your quest before requesting a final sign-off from a rank three. Keep track of this on the overview document and make changes based on their suggestions.
    • Involve a rank three (aside from yourself, if applicable) in the final sign-off of your quest.
      • Do not request final sign-off until you are certain of the quality. Feedback and assistance from others in the quest department should proceed this request.
  • Release and Maintenance
    • Notify gamestaff if there’s anything out of the ordinary they need to watch for. (Some especially dangerous NPC leading, for example)
    • Be available for game staff assistance and bug fixes.
    • Update documents appropriately, including worksheets.
    • A rank three will move the quest document to the Quest Workspace→Quests→Production folder
    • A rank three will archive any necessary documents.
  • Follow-up
    • A rank three will move permanently inactive quests to Quest Workspace→Quests→Archive

Project Workflow

  • Create Project Overview document
  • Development
    • Categories
    • Overarching plots
    • Questlines
    • Individual quests
  • Implementation
    • Quest Leads keep the Team Integration Worksheets and their Quest Overview documents updated.
    • Quest Leads follow quest workflow.
    • Project Leads leads tie together loose ends, encourage participations, run sessions.
  • Quality assurance and testing (likely overlaps with implementation)
    • Quest owners follow quest workflow
    • Project leads oversee that process
      • Ensure that each team has done their work
      • Leads should pay special attention to PR tasks that may only be applicable at this stage of the process.
      • Develop release plan and finalize dates.
    • Leads act as project owners, signing off on the final product
  • Release and Maintenance
    • Leads follow up on PR tasks.
    • Quest department available to assist game staff.
    • Leads coordinate improvement and bug fixes, involving quest owners.
  • Follow-up
    • Consider working with info department to analyze success.


Quest Workshop

Host a workshop for the Quest department. Workshops can be about teaching people how to write quests or about working together with others to create/implement quests. There should be a well-planned agenda, a set time for the workshop, and a notification given at least three days from when the meeting would begin.

  • 1 point: For every hour of productive workshop participation.
  • +1 point: Organizing the workshop.

Quest Storyline

Write a riveting, creative, and fully developed story that can be converted into a quest for either an existing quest island or the capital city. Do keep in mind that if the story is not interesting, or if no quest writers are interested in the story, you will not be awarded points for it until it is used in a completed quest. The written format for this should follow that found in the Quest Template. This is also available as a Lore project:

  • 1 to 2 points: For every 15 nodes written, depending on complexity and node quality/length.

Quest Lead

As a quest lead you are responsible for keeping track of all matters related to the quest, requesting work from other areas and the quest department through team integration sheets, quality assurance, and bug fixes (both yours and those found by others).

  • 0 to 2 points: Depends upon the complexity of the project and the demands placed on the lead.

Quest Commands

Turn the storyline into visually formatted commands per the Quest Template. The quest should follow the storyline. Use the commands listed here:

  • 1 point: For every 10 nodes converted.

Quest Implementation

Implement and debug a quest. You would need to have the commands for the quest you are going to enter. You then need to copy and paste the commands into MassiveCraft. Make sure that you paste them in the order they are listed! Ensure that the nodes all function as expected. This step includes the initial tech quality assurance that should occur prior to bringing in others to test the quest.

  • 1 point: For every 10 nodes implemented and debugged to the point where they work as expected.

General Quest Quality Assurance

Debug and test a quest for quality assurance. Make appropriate fixes as needed and able based upon skill and rank. Refer to the quest document while doing this testing, log your work, and follow the quality assurance checklist.

  • 1 point: 1 hour’s worth of productive testing and repair as evaluated by independent review.

Quest Team Integration tasks

Resolve items listed by others on the Quest team worksheet. This may include the creation of NPC’s, regions, placing blocks, or otherwise facilitating quest creation.

  • 1 point: 1 hour’s worth of productive work assisting the department. Time noted on the sheet will be taken into account but ultimately evaluated on a task by task basis.

Project Lead

As a project lead you are responsible for keeping track of all matters related to the project, monitoring the work of the quest leads and other resources, and coordinating the project release. The points award for this are in addition to any work the lead may have done resolving items on the quest worksheets or doing quality assurance testing.

  • 1 point: For approximately every 2 quests within the project, will vary with project complexity.


Quest Staff Leader

  • Derpadillo

Quest Staff Members

  • Zacatero
  • Morbytogan