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In general, Tech Staff are in charge of developing and maintaining theplug-ins used on the Server, the Massivecore systems, fixing bugs, advising other staff members on technical matters, and bug-testing in-game. Tech Staff Update software for OS, Minecraft servers, Discord, Websites, etc. They are also tasked with finding and installing interesting plugins created by third party authors. To upkeep their rank (or gain a rank, in the case of tech aspirants), points must be recorded on the Point Reports Forums by Saturday night each week. Tech Aspirants, like all Aspirants, tend to self-report their points via direct communication with the Tech Leaders Tech leaders will not always record unreported points! It is your responsibility to report your own points!


The Tech Staff must generally be 16 years of age, though exceptions can be made for expansive experience in software development. Speaking proper English and communicating via Skype and Discord is also crucial. Experience in Bukkit and Java are very, very necessary, as well as a basic knowledge of how to make use of github. Preferably, a few months of previous experience. Publishing a plugin of yours on Bukkit Dev, Github, or the Spigot forums is meriting. Previous knowledge in the MassiveCore library is a sure way to gain entry. The actual template for Aspirancy can be found on our forums under Staff Recruitment, though special attention should be paid to one's Tech Expierence and knowhow when applying.


Pull Requests

Submitting any sort of pull request, bug fix or otherwise, to the relevant Github, from Massivecombat to Factions. Assuming it is accepted, this pull request can be submitted and reported for points immediately after.

  • Pull Request Approval: 2 points.

Pull Request Processing

If given clearance, Tech Staff can process pull requests and implement changes.

  • Processing Pull Requests: 2 points

Documentation Updating

Working on updating Plugin Documentation on the Website or otherwise, as well as assisting Directors in larger scale Documentation updates, is crucial work to ensure an "active" presence online.

  • Documentation Updating: 2 points per hour spent.

Original Plug-in Development

Creating an original plug-in on a separate server is worth points. This can be as small as testing a new custom recipe, or testing other people's plugins before implementing them on the Massivecraft Server.

  • Original Plug-in Developing: 1 point per hour spent.
  • Original Plug-in Testing: 1 additional points per hour spent.

Tech Training

Training other Tech Staff on how to complete a pull request, review code, give substantive advising, and work together to get a finished product are worthwhile, especially when done in groups during a Tech Speedrun.

  • Tech Training: 2 points per hour spent training.



  • LumosJared


  • CS_Birb
  • TheComputerGeek2


  • TrumboneHD