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Official Name Stonepetal
Common Name Gleam Flower
Classification Flower
Common Use Utility
Origins The Stone Forest
Habitat The Stone Forest

Stonepetal flowers are a staple of Hyarroc’s Stone Forest, and are indispensable to any traveler who wishes to survive within it. First spotted in the aftermath of the Cataclysm, the shrub has grown all over Llíü’raëth’s rocky floor since. A succulent-petaled flower that glows with an obscure light, the Stonepetal is a strange and mysterious plant. Upon consumption it affects the consumer by imparting the ability to see through the ever-present fog in the Stone Forest. The only drawbacks are the long-term hallucinations that plague whomever consumes the plant, and the Wolathar that so jealously guard it.


The Stonepetal was first recorded by an Altalar explorer near the turn of the second century AC. The Cataclysm had broken Llíü’raëth into pillars and pieces, and with it, twisted the land into a strange place filled with fog and monsters. After days of wandering in the endless mist, the Nelfin was thirsty and desperate. Turning to the plants closest to him, he drank from the sap within them. To his delight, his vision cleared, and he declared the stone-colored plant miraculous. After his discovery, other explorers came to the forest, using the seemingly magical fog-lifting sap to navigate the corridors and pathways. It was only years later that the hallucinations were discovered, after people who had eaten the plant started suffering from the same kinds of visions: snakes eating them whole, the forest crashing down around them, trees and dirt seemingly turning to stone. The Wolathar had long since realized the ability of the flower, and started guarding it to keep outsiders from being able to walk in the forest. As such, finding a patch of Stonepetals is usually conducive to finding a Wolathar’s trap. Thus, the legacy of the Stonepetal was born; to this day they grow in the Stone Forest, keeping whomever ventures inside alive, but also chained to visions of Llíü’raëth.


The Stonepetal is a short, squat flower with wide, succulent leaves beneath a rosette of petals. The average plant is usually 8-10 inches tall, and can range from 12-14 inches wide. Their petals come in different varieties of colors: spanning shades of grey, white, silver, and pale green, these hues ultimately depend on the shade of the environment. An odd shimmer is unique to this flower, surrounding its entirety; this is due to fine down of the plant reacting to the fog. This shimmer is not unlike that of a road on a hot day, and often distorts the appearance of the plant and makes it difficult to find within the shifting mist. The plant’s leaves are filled with a cloudy sap that flows like water, accessed by breaking one of the firm leaves in half. The sap tastes mildly sweet with an acrid aftertaste similar to smoke. Its seeds are kept close to the center of the plant, in a small pod that breaks open if a leaf is removed. The plant itself only grows in the Forest, and attempts to transplant it or breed it have always failed.

Uses and Abilities

The Stonepetal is famous for two effects: One, it allows whoever drinks the sap to see through the fog that shrouds the Stone Forest, and two, it gives the explorer who consumes it terrible and disturbing hallucinations while they are inside the forest, and continues to do so for weeks afterwards. The hallucinations always consist of similar elements: visions of the Stone Forest suddenly growing up around the victim and trapping them, snakes appearing out of the corner of their eye, hissing noises that fill the ears and make the head start throbbing, and various objects around the victim turning into stone. Scholars that have studied Stonepetal plants have theorized that these visions are related to the Basilisk, a monstrous and magical serpent that lives in the Maw at the center of the Forest. The hallucinations cannot be cured, and must fade away with time.


  • The strange shimmering effects, as well as the hallucinations and the fog itself, are thought by some to be the effects of what might be an ancient, permanent Hex spell that originates from the Maw. However, no scholar has ever managed to get deep enough into the forest to test this.
  • The Stone Forest Snakes have an instinctive fondness to these plants, often nesting near them or around them. One can only assume that the Basilisk would share the same preference.
  • It is also rumoured that the deeper one ventures into the forest, the more vivid the hallucinations get, to a point where the victim starts seeing visions of ruins and treasure that, by all rights, should not exist.

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