Stonepetal Tea

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Stonepetal Tea
Appearance A murky liquid, color ranging from grey, white, silver, or pale green
Difficulty 3/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Zvonimir of Baben
Class Upper class
  • 2/3 Boiled water
  • 1/6 Stonepetal Leaves
  • 1/6 Sugar or milk

Stonepetal Tea, renowned for its intense hallucinogenic effects and sweet taste, has grown to become a popular good among the black markets of Regalian society. Whereas some enjoy the nightmare-like experience associated, others utilize it towards more malicious ends. Created by the half-Alt-Regalian, half Vladno, explorer and Regalian military officer Zvonimir of Baben, Stonepetal Tea has a great history to it. Much like its primary ingredient, Stonepetal Tea has been used to traverse the Stone Forest of Hyarroc, allowing the user the ability to see through the ever present shroud of fog. With the Regalian State’s expanding surveillance and police capabilities, the scarce and highly illegal Stonepetal Tea will likely continue to raise in value and demand.


A short time after the discovery of Stonepetal flowers in Hyarroc’s Stone Forest, the explorer Zvonimir of Baben, charged by reigning Emperor Allamaria, traveled in search of this rare substance. Shortly after arriving in the area, Zvonimir was able to acquire a good deal of the then-plentiful Stonepetal. Knowing, however, the Emperor’s positive disposition towards exotic liquids, Zvonimir endeavored to create something more savory - a form of tea.

After some correspondence with his close friend and confidant, Godfrey Chamberlain, Zvonimir was, through trial and error, able to concoct what is now known as Stonepetal Tea. It first began with the Stonepetal being sent north to Drixagh where Chamberlain, then observing the Imperial Seal, examined the flower’s petals extensively. Experimenting with local mammals, Chamberlain was able to illustrate the degree of hallucinogenic effects; the more Stonepetal consumed, the more intense of a reaction the animals would have. For all his work, however, Chamberlain never was able to create something appetizing enough for a human.

Springboarding off Chamberlain’s findings, Zvonimir took the Stonepetal flower and ground it down. He placed these grounds into rudimentary tea bags, which were then lowered into cups of boiling water mixed with some milk. Inhaling the steam was enough to provide Zvonimir with lesser hallucinations, and thus Stonepetal Tea was born. After the effects wore off, Zvonimir reported the findings to the Emperor with instructions as to how it could be created and a package of Stonepetal.

Shortly after its arrival to the Crown Isle, Stonepetal Tea was banned by imperial authorities for its potency and fear-inducing hallucinations. While not quite becoming part of day-to-day affairs, it found its roots in secret portions of Regalian high society - particularly among the degenerate.


Stonepetal Tea, while effortless to put together, is difficult to procure when faced with the acquisition of Stonepetal. Water is brought to a boiling temperature and then mixed with the bag of Stonepetal grounds. Alternatively, the Stonepetals can be lowered into the boiled water uncrushed, effectively creating the same drink. With the Stonepetal sufficiently steeped, it is removed and ready for drinking.


  • Stonepetal Tea is best described as a pale, murky liquid served scalding hot. Its color depends entirely on the Stonepetal used in its creation, meaning it can vary anywhere from grey, white, silver, or pale green. When compared to other beverages of the same variety, it is hardly indistinguishable.
  • Its most notable characteristic however, is how sweet it can be. The tea itself is incredibly sweet and can always be coupled with more sugar to amplify such.
  • Its smell is most akin to a green tea, fresh and soothing, though differs in that the steam feels heavier when inhaled.


  • Emperor Allamaria never actually tried Stonepetal Tea, despite engaging in correspondence with its creator Zvonimir of Baben; members of the inner court of the Empire intercepted the shipment. The reason for this is unknown, however, it is suspected that Godfrey Chamberlain had something to do with it.

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