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The Study Proficiency Category exists to merely have Progression tier-usability, meaning it can never really be used in live roleplay. Study Proficiency does not actually dictate the skill your character has at being a diplomat, financier or legal person, rather, it dictates how much your character knows of past instances of these statesmanship aspects. Case precedence is important for many of these factors in progressions, as there is a wealth of historical context to progression interactions that aren't always clear to players, so the Study Proficiency helps to crutch that lack of knowledge by signalling to the Lore Staff that their characters would know what they are talking about in progressions. This can be particularly useful as an "ace up the sleeve" during tense missions with foreign nationals, or really to just create a decisive argument for a job application.

Legal Case Skill

Legal Case Skill covers the studying of past historical legal cases, laws and other legalese that will allow your Character to understand and interpret the laws of foreign nations that are not strictly recorded anywhere on the Wiki.

Financial Case Skill

Financial Case skill covers the studying of past historical financial records, transactions and other financial deals that allows your Character to make a better assessment of foreign finances, and progression effects.

Diplomatic Case Skill

Diplomatic Case SKill covers the studying of past diplomatic movements, relations and nuances, allowing your Character to appeal to unique history to engage in more effective diplomacy in progressions.

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