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Notable Person
Full Name Suel’lrodäd Athëngaal
Race Suvial Altalar
Date of Birth 1234 BC
Date of Death 800 BC
Claim to Fame Cult founder, father of the Avanthar

Suel’lrodäd is well known in modern Aloria despite having lived over a millennia ago. He was no great ruler, nor was he even that successful as a philosopher given how much controversy he stirred up. Instead, his legacy and name will be forever attached to the Avanthar, who he worked to develop through careful experimentation and selected breeding between Ailor, Altalar, and Half Elves. While he did not live to see the modern Avanthar rise, his Cult continued his work, and it was his words that ultimately led to the Avanthar fleeing their indentured service to Altalar masters.

Origins and Early Life

Much of Suel’lrodäd’s early life is lost to the uncertainty of myth. It is known that he was born and matured to at least the age of 60 within the city of Ülenmapattra. But from that point, there is little that is certain. Some claim that he explored the world while young, sailing with Fin’ullen Altalar to lands as distant as Farah’deen. Others state he stayed at home, but instead his ventures took him the breadth of the lands controlled by the Allorn Empire, from the territory of the Drovv in the north down to the southern coast of Teled Methen. It is safe to say, ultimately, that he was well-traveled. It is also known that he kept a rather small complement of slaves with him at all times; two were Asha, known as the Stern Twins, but the six others were all Ailor, and of them, four were women from Ceardia. As he traveled, he gradually came to add more and, by 1150 BC, it is known he had a total of sixteen slaves in his service. This is known due to the accurate and reliable survival of his first tract on philosophy, released from the city of Ülenmapattra itself in the same year. In it Suel’lrodäd described a worldview that shocked most Altalar of the time, and still does to this day: he prophesied that the Altalar were beginning to weaken. He claimed that centuries of life and dominance over others had made them weak in body. He then went out to vociferously argue for a healthy, well-exercised, and powerful body to compliment one’s magical potential and claimed that all Altalar subraces needed to follow this way of thinking. Suffice to say what happened next was unsurprising.


He was expelled from the city of Ülenmapattra, proceeding to the mainland of Daen, never to return to the Far West and his homeland. While traveling for the next several decades, he continued to publish and aggressively push his ideals wherever he was invited, which was often met with reactions ranging from disgust to idle curiosity from fellow Suvial and Teledden. Gradually, while on these travels, a Cult formed around him, for it was now the Grandening, and such things were quite popular. By 1000 BC, they were a known commodity and existed in several major cities across Teledden dominated land. At first, he attracted only Suvial philosophers like himself, who at the very least believed that their lives of luxury were gradually eroding at the Altalar dominance in the world. However, it is said his sixth tract attracted a whole new kind of interest. In it, he revealed his multiple and fruitful couplings with his female Ailor slaves, and then the further coupling of these children with others, from other Half-Elves to full-blooded Ailor and Altalar. He theorized a way to fully absorb the Ailor blood pool into that of the Altalar, to make perfect Ailor-Altalar hybrids with all of the physical ferocity of that Race accompanied by just as much magical potential from the Altalar. It was now that he received perhaps his greatest and most significant backer for the next several centuries: Prince Avan’tär.

The Prince’s identity today is not well known. He lived for only a few decades longer than Suel’lrodäd, and was generally known as a stern Teledden military leader. Some have suggested he was Fin’ullen, but others counter that his traditionally imagined lands were deep inland, and even the Avanthar today state his origin as Teledden. Regardless, it was from the Prince that Suel got himself a permanent position in the man’s court, and Avan’tär frequently shielded the experimental philosopher from political machinations by other Cults at the time. He was a loyalist to the Empress and believed that a new, efficient, and powerful army would greatly aid the Allorn Empire when it was facing internal problems. Along with the Prince, hundreds of Half-Elves, kept downtrodden, hidden by parents, or simply of their own free will, flocked to the Cult of Suel to demonstrate the value of Half Races to the Empire. However, the Cult had unknowingly immediately gained the ire of other Cults, especially the early Void Cults. They believed that, through their efforts, the Altalar would be uplifted, and so a series of massacres whittled down the Cult of Suel to a sizable group, wholly dominant only in Prince Avan’tär’s court; but soon, even this was not enough, and Suel’lrodäd escaped into hiding to continue his world, with a vast array of test subjects and willing participants in his work.

Later Life

Much like the beginning of his life, the end of Suel’lrodäd Athëngaal’s life is a mystery and steeped in myth. The most commonly held structure is that, in 880 BC, the first in the lineage of what would eventually become the Avanthar was born due to his careful care and manipulation of various traits under his watch. This first warrior was soon joined by yet another, and another, and close to 800 BC, he had amassed his greatest achievement into the Avan’tär Legion, a force of 3000 warriors under the personal command of the Prince. It was also during this time that he became perhaps his most radical; he loathed the staunching of progress from the last four centuries, and finally and openly decried the Altalar Race as a whole. He claimed that his creations, his perfect children, would someday rule the world as the guardians of the legacy of Estel and the champions of the Elven people. Some claim that this ultimate, full rejection of Teledden supremacy and doom-casting about the future saw him murdered by his own Cult, who were themselves more turned toward general improvements of the broader Race through selective breeding and Genos experiments. Others claim it was Prince Avan’tär himself, who killed him after getting what he wanted from the philosopher, scholar, and mage. Most suspect that he simply died of old age, perhaps even disease, as the Avanthar themselves state his death to have been a natural one; they name his date of death as 800 BC.


Suel’lrodäd was an unconventional Suvial philosopher and was often named as having much more in common with the Fin’ullen in temperament for his overt and earnest nature. He could be just as tactful as a Suvial and reserved, but when he started into his theories and political beliefs, he very quickly lost all decorum and plugged straight in. He also couldn’t stand criticism for his stance, and argued with anyone of different opinions, to the point that is said to have dueled with fellow mages on more than one occasion. However, he showed a much different side in private and to his Cult, as well as their end product. While limited on details, all Avanthar insist that the man was practically a father to all he developed with his experimentation. He apparently also cared quite deeply for his slaves, and some suspect that having witnessed Ceardia first-hand in his early life may have colored his opinion of Altalar slavery practices. Further knowledge of him, though, is sorely lacking, aside from Avanthar praising of his greatness as their patriarch.


Suel’lrodäd’s Cult survived the Wildering and continued his overall work, but his lasting legacy is most certainly the Avanthar. While never called that in his time, and indeed, perhaps not what he truly desired in a Race of supreme Altalar-Ailor hybrids, his fellow scholars continued to work even after his death to perfect the process, producing the modern Avanthar. It was the Avanthar who turned to Suel’s teachings to prove their role in the world when the Altalar stumbled. Confirmed in their belief, they broke away from the Altalar and entered the wild open plains of Daen. For many Altalar today, Suel’lrodäd Athëngaal is seen as the worst Race traitor imaginable, perhaps even worse than the Kathar; not only did he pollute countless bloodlines of Altalar with Ailor blood, but he openly despised some of the “best times” of the Allorn Empire. He is also hated in some circles for his creation, the Avanthar, as a dangerous menace and thorn in the side of Altalar progress in the new age.

Extended Family

Suel’lrodäd Athëngaal likely had family and certainly had a mother and father, but he never discussed them during his lifetime. Only later did records of a Taiveno and Aggaya Athëngaal, likely his parents, surface, and it was suspected that some of the scholarly families in Ülenmapattra descended from them. Unfortunately, all further knowledge was lost when a Void-out consumed the city. As for his own offspring, Suel’lrodäd openly suggested romantic encounters with his female Ailor slaves, and others he later acquired. He also had relations with female Half-Elves, and it is assumed by most that the first group of his “experiments” were, in fact, his own children. Their actual identities have been lost to history, though the Avanthar do speak of several notable children (though these are widely assumed to be allegorical or mythical).


  • There were some claims that the Avanthar massacred a large portion of the Cult of Suel in 10 AC, at a tower complex known in Modern Altalar as “New Dawn” in the Ularen Plains before they escaped into the surrounding plains. At the very least, said tower is known to hold some significance to the Avanthar, as they have defended its ruins for decades.
  • Some believe that Suel’lrodäd was a woman. However, the term “däd” at the end of their name is masculine, leading others to conclude that the famed philosopher was actually of two genders.
  • A common belief among the Kathar is that Suel made a pact with an Arken to produce the Avanthar and that in some ways, that Race is a rival to the Kathar’s own Arken-influenced society.

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