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Official Name Sulfur
Common Nicknames Brimstone, Stinkrock
Origin Aloria
Uses Utility
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Sulfur is easily one of the most widely-used brittle rocks, possessing flammable properties followed by ease of acquisition that has turned it into a staple item among the adventurers of Aloria. Its discovery was described as a "happy accident" when a man in need of fire struck two rocks together. Conveniently, one of these rocks was a Sulfur rock, which solved the cold man’s plight by creating a flame. Its flammability has also made it a key ingredient in gunpowder, one of the most controlled goods in the world.


Sulfur has been known to Aloria centuries, dating back into the heyday of the Allorn Empire. While Daen had limited amounts of the substance, Altalar exploration of Hadaria and their brush over Essalonia revealed the substance in substantial quantities. Most suspect that Ailor were first introduced to the substance when the Altalar reached Ceardia. However, an Ailor myth claims that its discovery came long before the Altalar interacted with their kind. The great warrior Midir the Fine was said to be freezing one night, high in the hills in the middle of winter, the land so barren that not a speck of wood could be found for a fire. But then, he came upon a flaming place, gloomy but still livable, and ultimately fought off its vile guardians. He left that place the next morning with a stone in his pocket which was said to be able to produce fire with ease, meaning that he never went cold at night again. Regardless, Sulfur was widely known to Aloria for centuries, the material was generally useless for decades. The Altalar ignored it while the Ailor only valued the hot springs it created. However, that changed with the arrival of the first fleeing Dwarves.

In their endless excavation of the earth, the Dwarves had birthed many machines to make their efforts possible, but one of their final innovations before the fall of the Dwarven Empire was “Blasting Dust”, a mix of several component elements to form an explosive substance which the Dwarves used for excavation, and then, when the Dakkar began to attack, as a weapon. When the Dwarves fled to the surface though, this “Blasting Powder” fell into the hands of the Regalian Empire who rapidly perfected it. From then, it proliferated across Aloria, though as a trade secret of the Regalian Empire. Only the Dwarves and the Eronidas know the recipe, but even then, only their own individual versions. Inferior to the Regalian-made stuff, all gunpowder is often effective in accomplishing what needed to be done. In all of this, Sulfur was known to play a major role, and it still does. Across Aloria, Sulfur is often traded in high quantities, as the demand for it is always high. In recent years the price of the rock has risen drastically as supply chains have fallen into chaos thanks to various world events, as well as the way of mining it becoming more and more advanced as time has gone on meaning there is even more of the material to go around.



Sulfur is a brittle mineral, pale yellow in color, and often easily harvested raw where it appears due to its chalky texture. Individual rocks are generally never bigger than an Ailor’s fist, though underground veins can be vast.

General Uses

The one and only use of Sulfur is its likely role in the creation of gunpowder. While technically this has not been confirmed in over three decades, reports exist of it being a major ingredient in the two cruder forms of gunpowder seen in Eronidas and Dwarven science. Other uses were long ago disproven from being effective by the Altalar, in particular the supposed medicinal values, and so not it appears to be solely useful for the creation of these various explosive powers.


Sulfur has only one natural ability: the fact that it reeks. Its smell is pungent and distinct, and easily distinguished as a result.


  • The Velheim have a very similar myth to the tale of Midir, though they place “Midmir” and his travels as being sailing adventures, and the flaming place in what is known today as Essalonia, specifically in the territory of Arlora and Torse, whose volcanic hot springs are well known across Aloria.
  • Sulfur extraction is largely natural, however in southern areas of the Regalian Archipelago, special furnaces exist that can extract Sulfur from sites of former volcanic activity. They are called “Azzi Furnaces.”

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