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Official Name Sulfur
Common Nicknames Brimstone, Pyro’s Rock
Origin Regalian Archipelago, Ithania
Uses Lighting things on fire
Rarity Common
Accessibility Commoner

Sulfur is easily one of the most widely-used brittle rocks, possessing flammable properties and an ease of acquiry that has turned it into a staple item among the adventurers of Aloria. Its discovery was described as a "happy accident", when a man in need of fire struck two rocks together. Conveniently, one of these rocks was a sulfur rock, which solved the cold man’s plight by creating a flame. Its flammability has also made it a key ingredient in gunpowder, one of the most traded goods in the world. Alchemists and forges alike carry large amounts of sulfur in stock to supply to the nearest customer.


It is said that, long before the advent of gunpowder, an Ailor found himself lost in a dense wood, and faced death by freezing if he didn’t find heat in time. In a stroke of seemingly sheer luck, the man struck two rocks together, and created the fire he so desperately needed. From that point onwards, it was known that Sulfur was a flammable rock. The credibility of this story is unknown, and questionable at best, but it is known that the Ailor of the Regalian Archipelago found use in this rock, and invented an ingenious way to collect it after several mines each suffered disastrous explosions from the sparks generated during the mining process. After years of experimenting on what was and wasn’t safe, the Regalian Empire began using Sulfur in everything from ovens to gunpowder. If it needs a flame, Sulfur is generally involved. Around Aloria, Sulfur is often traded in high quantities, as the demand for it is always high. In recent years the price of the rock has risen drastically as supply has fallen, as well as the way of mining it becoming more and more advanced as time has gone on.



Sulfur is a brittle stone, pale yellow in color, and has some sort of chalky material on its surface. It is this chalky material, combined with the brittleness of the stone itself that gives rise to its useful ability as an igniter or catalyst, in scientific terms. Individual rocks are generally never bigger than an Ailor’s fist, though underground veins can take up as much space as a small town.

General Uses

The one and only use of Sulfur is its ability to ignite when quickly rubbed against another surface, or when exposed to high temperatures. Sulfur is generally used in anything that requires a quick source of heat, due to its wide availability, though the most common uses are in oven igniters and gunpowder.


It has no secondary abilities, as it is too brittle for anything other uses.


  • In the Regalian mines, a man once tested out Sulfur inside of a sulfur mine, he burned to death shortly after.
  • Currently, it is unknown if ovens or gunpowder use up more Sulfur within the Regalian Empire.

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