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Appearance Mostly white, creamy soup with green specks
Difficulty 3 (0-Easiest)
Creator Songaskian chefs
Class Middle and Upper Class
  • 3 parts cucumber
  • 1 part Mint leaves
  • 2 parts yogurt
  • ⅓ part oil
  • ⅓ part vinegar
  • 2 parts water
  • ⅛ part salt
  • Desired amount of hot or tabasco sauce

Deep in the deserts of Farah’deen, expert cooks worked their magic; cutting, mashing and mixing until they discovered the perfect concoction now known as Sumaturun. A delicious soup made of crisp cucumber, fresh mint and tangy yogurt, the dish is a local favorite, giving a refreshing burst to those who partake. Its creation has prompted an increase in Songaskian purchase of the foreign products used to make it.


Sumaturun began its life in the Songaskian capital of Korbamakora several decades after it's completion. Rare goods seized by the pirate activities of the Songaskian Masaya led to the discovery of ice chests, cucumbers, and mint in a short span of time. The Massya's chef at the time sought to combine these elements together into a unique dish, resulting in Sumaturun. It has remained a highly-sought-after culinary creation due to the uncommon ingredients that go into it's creation.


Sumaturun takes little special knowledge but a good bit of prep work to make. First, the cucumbers need to be cleaned, peeled and minced. Then the Mint leaves must be cleaned and diced, though a few whole ones must be kept for garnish later. The Mint along with a half cup of water and the cucumbers should be ground up, via a mortar and pestle, until the mixture is mashed and mixed into a puree of sorts. The puree mixture should then be transferred into a larger bowl, mixed in with the yogurt, oil, vinegar, salt and remaining cup and a half of water. The creation must then be stirred well until everything blends in together. The mixture must be left to settle on a chilled bed of ice cubes or the ice cubes must be directly added into the mix. The soup can then be served with a garnish of whole Mint leaves and, if desired, a dollop or two of hot sauce.


  • Sumaturun looks like a smooth white liquid, with flecks of green from the Mint leaves and cucumber chunks.
  • The dish sports a strong cucumber and Mint smell, with hints of a tangy scent from the yogurt.
  • This cold soup tastes like cucumber and mint intermingled with tangy plain yogurt, though can have a spicy tingle should hot sauce be lightly applied.


  • This dish is commonly served to outsiders as a way of bragging by the Songaskia, to show how they have conquered heat that most other Races find oppressive.

Writers Ampers07, HydraLana
Artists Ampers07
Processors HydraLana, WaterDruppel
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