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Appearance A deep red liquid.
Difficulty 4/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Unknown
Class All Classes
  • 2 cups blackcurrants
  • 1 cup swamp berries
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 cups of vodka/distilled alcohol

Sumpbær is an old drink, made centuries ago from the bounty of swamps and enjoyed by the early Velheim who discovered their uses. The drink, while having a bitter aftertaste, also reportedly warms the heart and body, and so it’s often consumed in particularly cold regions of Aloria. The beverage also has connotations with the Union of Water, given its emergence from swamps and blood-like coloration, though its usage in religious ceremonies has greatly diminished in the past century.


Sumpbær has been produced for an unknown period of time, likely stretching back centuries to even the time of the Proto-Velheim. However, it was a product of Nordskag first as, while the land was hostile and wild, the Ailor there found much value within the swamps and marshes of the land. Some of these benefits were berries that, while present in other temperate climates, were first formed into Sumpbær on the region’s large islands in honor of the Union of Water. Deep red, like blood, the drink first served a ritual purpose for the locals but when the Skagger Horde arrived, they broadened the drink’s uses to include common consumption. The drink’s production spread beyond Nordskag at the time via trade, though it remained largely within the ranges of The North Belt given its unique taste and religious ties to non-Unionist beliefs. Today, the drink is still most common in Nordskag as a beverage produced and exported to other areas, while the varieties produced in regions like northern Essalonia find their place on the open or closed markets of the northern realms.


Sumpbær has a simple but long creation process. The first step is the mixing of the berries and sugar in a sealable container; the berries can be stemmed and defoliated, many keep them intact to add to the flavor. Once the mixture has been made, the alcohol should be added on top and to the limit of the container, even if there is some leftover afterward. Once filled, the container should be tightly sealed and kept in a dark, isolated place for two to three months, occasionally agitated with a shake or rocking every so often. Once that time has passed, the mixture should be strained and the newly cleared liquid should be contained and left alone for another two to three months. It can then be served freely.


  • The drink has a dark red color to it, and when not strained well, has a small amount of silt at the bottom of its containers.
  • Sumpbær has a slightly sweet smell, thanks to the berries and added sugar.
  • Sumpbær is well known for its sweet taste with a sour note at the end and is said to also heat the body and heart, at least, more than alcohol does overall.


  • Sumpbær is technically a liquor, and not a beer as some non-Velheim might assume based on its name. However, its name is simply Skodje for “swamp berries,” a literal term for what the drink is made for.
  • Along with Dovrinik Viksfjord, Sumpbær is a critical export of the Kingdom of Nordskag's economy.

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