Sun Desert Dragon

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Sun Desert Dragon
Official Name Sun Desert Dragon
Common Nicknames Magma Spitter, Spitfire, Desert Scurrier
Classification Dragon
Habitat Farah’deen
Domesticated No
Current Status Assumed Extinct

Sometimes considered the antithesis of the innocent, childlike Yellow Water Dragon of Hadar, the Sun Desert Dragon is chaos incarnate on four legs. With the ability to spit molten, liquefied rock like a Cobravv spitting venom, it was rated amongst the dragons, that it causes the most painful and slow death imaginable out of the whole collection of dragons that ever existed on Aloria. Despite their capabilities for slow, drawn out death, they were one of the smaller species of dragon, rivaling the size of the Yellow Water Dragon. However, its size should not be used to underestimate its skill in battle or its prowess as a predator, as it can be even be considered more dangerous than many of the larger dragons.


The Sun Desert Dragon roamed the desert sands for many millennia, causing pain, suffering, and heartbreak in each age it was ever spotted in. Thankfully, it didn’t actively seek out intelligent life to harm or destroy it, otherwise, the local inhabitants would have been wiped out long ago. Instead, it feasted on small game for most of its life, like desert shrews, rabbits, or even serpents that lived in the sands of Farah’deen. During the height of the Elven Empire, a band of hunters took interest in the Sun Desert Dragons, hoping to domesticate them and utilize them as hunting dogs to use in their local wildernesses. They were able to cage the Sun Desert Dragon and pull them onto a ship, but the same boat’s remains were found at the bottom of a coral reef not more than a month or so later The only reasonable explanation for this is that the captured Sun Desert Dragons melted their cages with their fiery spit, and then proceeded to set the rest boat alight to get revenge on their would-be kidnappers. They did not have the intelligence and foresight that they would drown if they burnt the boat.

It’s no wonder that these dragons would be included in the Qadir’s infamous Red Hunt, and it can only be assumed that they went extinct within the extensive drive of the Dragonkiller across the Farah’deen sands. Legend has it that some Sun Desert Dragons tried hitching rides on the backs of the Red Desert Dragons as they began their flight from Farah’deen to Solangeria; but of course, all of the Red Desert Dragons refused because of the all-too-well known traitorous mindsets of the small dragons. This resulted in the Sun Desert Dragons spitefully injuring Red Desert Dragons as they were taking off with volatile magma. With the onset of the Great Storm, it is generally assumed that the Sun Desert Dragon died out along with the rest of the Desert Dragons. While its coat of scales was durable, it was certainly not enough to withstand such a dreadful force.

Physical Appearance

Similar to other species of wyrm such as the Rock Desert Dragon, the Sun Desert Dragon lacked wings. It instead had four swift-moving legs with which it could “scurry” across the desert at quite fast speeds. The dragon had a habit of standing on its back legs to get a greater vantage point on its surroundings, standing and observing their surroundings for upwards of twenty minutes or more. Its scales varied from orange to yellow in hue, and the species had unique, gold colored eyes. The species were also impervious to heat or flame, as the magma that they spit up ran off their scales rather than sticking as it did to most other things. On all four feet, they possessed a set of five claws, each one as sharp as a razor. It had a series of smaller spikes which ran along the spine, but these spikes were often dulled by desert winds and were essentially harmless. Inside their mouth sat three rows of teeth, which were as sharp as the claws, and capable of slicing and tearing its food with dangerous precision. In addition, the dragon only grew to the size of a common horse, making the Sun Desert Dragon one of the smallest dragons around. It had a length of about five to six feet and never weighed more than a few hundred pounds. They could also run at speeds reaching twelve to thirteen miles an hour. Finally, the Sun Desert Dragon had the unique ability to spit magma at its enemies, which was produced in a special organ located at the base of the neck. This gland would swell to twice its size before the wyrm released a volley of magma, and glow a bright orange color as the magma was superheated before being launched. To aid in this, the throat and mouth of the wyrm produced a special mucus membrane that prevented the Sun Desert Dragon from burning their insides. This magma, when shot with deadly accuracy at a foe, would stick to whatever surface it hit, burning and melting the object for minutes at a time until the magma cooled into a golden-orange crystal like stone. The magma it spat could be launched up to ten feet away. Unfortunately for any travelers that came across the Sun Desert Dragon, this meant losing large parts of skin or limbs slowly and painfully as the subjected area melted under the intense heat, while also being eaten and clawed at by the little devil.


The males and females of the Sun Desert Dragon look very similar barring the differences in reproductive organs, but other than that gender is essentially unimportant to the Sun Desert Dragons. The genders are equal, meaning that whatever component of a couple, male or female, is weaker, is tasked with taking care of the young, while the stronger is meant to hunt for the family’s food. Generally speaking, however, the couples travel together and fight together-- which means Sun Desert Dragons are normally spotted in groups of two. Couples mate for life after finding one another, and would occasionally trade off roles as time progressed.

Life Span and Development

The Sun Desert Dragon was never noted to live more than one hundred years,and the eggs were no larger than an ordinary chicken egg. The durability of these eggs, however, was extreme. The mother would spit her magma at the eggs immediately after laying them, in the hopes of allowing the magma to cool until it had formed an extremely hard and strong coating to protect the egg. As a result, the dragonlings had to use their own magma to melt through the egg so they could hatch, forcing themselves to learn the skill at a very young age.

Mental Overview

The Sun Desert Dragon was normally referred to as the resident terrorizer of Farah’deen, and it lived up to that moniker - to an extent. It didn’t go out of its way to harm others, but it certainly was up to chasing anything that got too close to it. It was a traitorous and mischievous being, backstabbing anything and everything except for its own kind. Even the other desert dragons were not free from the terrifying abilities of the Sun Desert Dragon.

Territory and Groupings

These dragons traveled as a family unit until the young reached the end of their fifteen-month maturity cycle. These newly adult dragons are then sent off by the parents to find their own mates, which they normally do, and the cycle begins anew. When dragonlings are not present, the male and the female travel together and do nearly everything together, which is why most travelers or explorers note that the Sun Desert Dragons they came across were traveling in couples. Those that were lucky to survive, that is.


  • The bones of the Sun Desert Dragon are actually the hardened version of their magma. They sell for high prices due to the rarity and gem-like quality of their remains.
  • Some Dregodarians consider the Sun Desert Dragon to be descendants of the Red Fire Dragon, but as noted by other scholars, the Red Fire Dragon did not reproduce whatsoever, not to mention the extreme difference in size between the two species.
  • Despite burning with the fury of a thousand suns, the magma produced by the Sun Desert Dragon could not be utilized to start fires, as the substance snuffed out any embers as it hardened.

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