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The story of Aloria starts roughly 10,000 years before present, when the omnipotent Seraph race unleashed a terrible curse on the world in their arrogance and lust for magical power. From their over-use of Magic, Voidlings from the Void dimension invaded Aloria, bringing an end to the Seraph civilization. Over the next couple of millennia, new civilizations rose and fell with the periodic return of the Voidlings: The mysterious Second and Third Civilizations, then the Meraic, and finally, the Nelfin (also known as Elven).

The last empire to suffer a Void Invasion was the Elven Empire. The Elven Empire was the strongest state on Aloria for nearly two thousand years, and had a history of enslaving the other races such as the feline Varran, the Human Ailor. During this time, Humans were a tribal people who suffered periodic coastal raids from the Elves who hunted them for sport. The Elves cultivated Magic, became highly proficient at it, but also experimented with its more dangerous aspects. The Elven Empire was shocked to its core when the Void Invasion broke loose on them. Their goddess, Estel, tried to stop it and save the Empire, but she and her servants were defeated, despite her attempts to warn the Elves by her emissaries, the Yanar plant-like race. After a long and bloody war with the Voidlings, a catastrophic magical event referred to as the Cataclysm brought an abrupt end to the Void Invasion and the Elven Empire itself. Aloria was shaken to the core as earthquakes and volcanoes destroyed the land. Whole countries were flooded and millions died in the ensuing chaos, though thankfully, the Void Invasion suddenly and inexplicably stopped. The Elven Empire soon fractured due to a three=way civil war. Magic had also suddenly left the world; mages could no longer cast their magic, which led to several slave uprisings against their inept Elven overlords.

After the Elven Empire collapsed, new countries formed in the wake of the chaos left behind by the Void Invasion and the Cataclysm. Two of the more prominent states were the Regalian Empire and the Songaskian Masaya. The Regalian Empire quickly grew over the next three centuries, conquering smaller states around it and subjugating countries on different continents. The Masaya built itself up as a tall and strong state while Regalia spread out far and wide: Contact was made with the wolf-like Thylans and bull-like Url in Jorrhildr; lizard-like Allar and Slizzar were met in Hadar; the Varrans who recently escaped from the Elves started building their own city in Ithania; in the far east, the Ch’ien-ji were encountered along with the Wulong who they were perpetually at war with; and even Dwarves were met in Ellador, fleeing a long and gruesome war with the infernal Dakkar integrating with Ailor society as their own Dwarf-holds collapsed and were destroyed.

During the three centuries after the Cataclysm, the world lived in relative peace. New cultures were formed, and the population of the world continued to grow. From the shadows, the Voidlings still tried to invade Aloria in whatever way they could. Their emissary, the Sanguine Curse, infected Alorians and gave birth to the first Vampires. Magic also slowly returned to the world, though it never flowed as strong as it did during the time of the Elven Empire. The Emperors of Regalia slowly founded Unionism, a faith centered on Ailor supremacy and the divinity of the Emperors. the Ailor believed they had a divine fate on Aloria to become the rulers of all and herald paradise in their realm (not unlike the Elves before them). The religion spread like wildfire in the Empire’s reaches, bringing both prosperity and racism to its far corners. Regalia continued to spread outwards, waging war on the other races. In 286 AC, Regalia declared war on the Essa Empire, a state formed by the Slizzar and Allar. Heinous crimes were committed during the war, and as Regalia was victorious, they set their eyes on the Elves in 295 AC during the violent Ranger Crisis.

300 AC is when Massivecraft's In-Game Roleplay history began, which coincided with the In-Real-Life year 2012. To read about recent history that has been Roleplayed out by players, see the World Progression article.