Tal’Sieth's Sweat

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Tal’Sieth's Sweat
Appearance A dark opaque liquid akin to syrup.
Application Ingestion
Proficiency Requires 15 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Unknown
Potency A tablespoon
Injectable Yes, increases potency but doubles the change of negative symptoms
  1. Numbs pain endured by the user.
  2. Enhances physical endurance.
  3. Can trigger a heart attack.

Tal’Sieth's Sweat, which also has many other names, is a substance likely made by the Altalar to help give warriors under their command an impressive, last-minute gamble at great strength. However, when the Allorn Empire collapsed, the potion spread to the Ailor, Orcs and onward, to the degree that many in the mercenary or gladiatorial profession know it as a dangerous, but highly rewarding, chemical accelerant. The dangers of using this alchemical substance includes an increased chance of potentially lethal heart attacks that could stumble even the mightiest of Orcs on the battlefield. As a result, the potion remains an option, but a low one, on people’s lists on ways to succeed in combat.


Tal’Sieth's Sweat has an unknown origin, pre-dating the Cataclysm by centuries. Some believe it is as old as the Fourth Civilization and is perhaps some chemical developed for use by non-Magic users or those against Magic. The most commonly accepted date, however, is in the earliest years of the Grandening as scattered records mention lower-class or non-magic-using fighters who were making use of “the excretions of work from that most savage protector, Tal’Sieth, to empower their bodies.” Over the following years, more mentions existed and specifically showed the potion to be somewhat of a last-resort piece of medication. It was also extensively used by those members of the School of Blackmark in service to the Allorn Empire, likely due to its dark coloration and the connection of Tal’Sieth being an Ailor. However, when the Cataclysm occurred, the potion vanished for several decades only to reappear on Ceardia. Known by the locals as “Dansey’s Stride” after the Blackmark warrior who had supposedly invented it, it seemed likely that this “Dansey” was actually a Blackmark from Daen who had migrated back to his homeland, then used the potion to take a swath of land for himself. It also appeared in Orcish hands soon after, known among them as “Black Blood”, and was likely looted from the Altalar and used to give Orcs an edge in combat (to great success, thanks to their two hearts). By 200 AC, the concoction reached the Regalian Empire and was further proliferated. Unfortunately, the energizing effects of this potion have long held it back from being a truly perfect weapon in combat and attempts by the Iron Bulwark to weaponize its use have failed. Today, it is well known as a last-restore potion, capable of greatly enhancing someone’s strength but equally capable of promptly dropping them unconscious, if not dead, on the battlefield or arena floor.


Tal’Sieth's Sweat is complex to mix correctly due to the various steps required in the process. First, the Sunspear Banasque fruit should be peeled, cut up, and slowly ground into a paste with the similarly ground Avant Leaf, with as much of the leaf pulp being added into the concoction. While this is happening, the sugar and water should be brought to a slow boil together in a pot to ultimately form a thin simple syrup. Once this has been achieved, the pulped vegetation should be added in on high heat, and constantly stirred over the course of an hour. Then comes the final and hardest part: the addition of the Opium. The main mixing container should be brought down to a simmer once again and, slowly, the opiate must be added drop by drop into the potion. Adding it all at once brings on heart attack symptoms instantly whenever anyone drinks the substance, so it must be slowly added and thoroughly mixed with each drop. Depending on the amount being made, this can take almost a full 24 hours, though for most it takes a solid six or so hours of slowly cutting and squeezing Poppies to get their milk out or slowly adding in ready-made Opium. At the end of it, the dark syrupy liquid is ready to be used.



Tal’Sieth's Sweat should ideally be ingested as a single tablespoon. Anything less would only make the body tingle, and anything more only increases the change of heart issues. Two tablespoons are only possible for Orcs, but a user putting both their hearts at risk is a very rare event, even for a Race as hardy as them. The Sweat can also be injected, though this immediately raises the risk of a heart attack as it has access directly to the bloodstream.


Tal’Sieth's Sweat is a potion made to empower warriors. It dulls their mind and body to any pain they receive without a cost to their alertness, while also enhancing their endurance allowing them to take pain longer than normal. This effect lasts for twenty minutes. The Sweat does have a nasty side effect, however, and that is heart attacks. With so much adrenaline coursing through the body, a user’s chance of a heart attack drastically increases. Orcs are the only Race that can properly survive and remain conscious after such a seize of the heart, though they will feel great chest pains and will have limited mobility and stamina, as they have only one heart working for them and their large, complex bodies until the organ is treated or naturally calms.

  • OOC Note: Within one minute of drinking a properly prepared draft of Tal’Sieth's Sweat, roll a /100 in-game. If your number is lower than 15, you’ve had a heart attack and must properly RP out the effects of such a condition immediately, even if you are an Orc.

Physical Characteristics

Tal’Sieth's Sweat has a distinct black-brown shade, with a syrupy consistency. It smells faintly sweet thanks to the fruit and sugar used to make it but tastes slightly bitter, eventually fading in a neutral aftertaste.


  • Behind Blackmark mercenaries and the Orcs, Avanthar are the next-highest users of Tal’Sieth's Sweat in Aloria.
  • Warlord Dansey Longstrider supposedly drank the potion before every battle he fought, never suffering a heart attack. Either he was somehow the luckiest Ailor alive, few people ever challenged him to a fight, or his existence is a total myth.

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