Talea Foil

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Talea Foil
Official Name Talea Foil
Common Name Elderly Sword
Classification Shrub
Common Use Decorative
Origins Essalonia
Habitat Temperate and wet terrain

Talea Foil is a strange plant with the reputation of smelling like the elderly, and is insultingly named by the Ailor for the most significant empress of the Allorn Empire. It is found most commonly in Essalonia, but has spread to Corontium in recent years as people have purposefully shipped it to their garden for quite the anti-Altalar statement, and smell. Additionally, the plant is named after it’s long, narrow but extremely rigid leaves that appear like fencing foils.


Talea Foil was discovered relatively recently in Alorian history. When explorers first reached Essalonia, they ignored the plant and focused more on the ruins and possible sights for habitation. When the later settlers came though, Talea Foil was finally noticed. Those early explorers, joined with scholars, helped to name the plant its amusing moniker after the greatest Altalar empress while foil came from the plants spiky, blade-like appearance similar to the fencing implement. By the time of the birth of Colonial Culture, Talea Foil was well known as a common wild plant with a unique smell, but beyond that, it was largely considered a weed. By 300 AC, the plant was appearing in the Regalian Archipelago and Talamoor thanks to trade and curiosity from locals about this odd plant. Those who hated Altalar, in particular, shipped the plants on purpose and grew them in their gardens to help prove their hatred of Talea’s inheritors. Today, the plant retains these two images, as a decorative tool of those who hate the Altalar enough to stand the plant’s smell and as a weed who serves no purpose.


Talea Foil is a very upward-facing plant, reaching some three to four feet tall in the air. The entire plant is made of a series of highly rigid and slender leaves pointed up into the air with a delicate point at the end. These leaves are silvery-green if not outright grey-green and emerge from the ground right from the short root system that works to absorb the water needed by the plant to survive. The shrub grows tiny, deep yellow blossoms around the base of the leaves, but in such a way that someone has to reach into the shrub and either break or push aside the rigid, sap-filled leaves to do so.

Uses and Abilities

Talea Foil only has a symbolic use as a decorative plant by those who hate the Altalar. The plant gives off an almost constant scent of the elderly, and so was named Talea as an insult against the first and perhaps longest-lived Altalar empress. As a result, to demonstrate their anti-Altalar stance, the most zealous and eccentric decorate their gardens with these plants.


  • The only time when the smell of Talea Foil dissipates is when, after winter, their first series of flower blossoms come in.

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