Tallassan Gel

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Tallassan Gel
Appearance A viscous gel liquid with a pink-to-red hue and sticky consistency.
Application Applied externally to wounds as a poultice.
Proficiency Requires 8 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Created by unknown Allar alchemists pre-Chrysant War.
Potency Enough to cover the wound in a ½ inch layer.
Injectable No
  1. Aids blood clotting and the sealing of wounds.
  2. Disinfects the area in which it is used.
  3. Produces a distinct burning sensation upon application.

Tallassan Gel is a pink disinfectant medicine created by Allar to burn away infection and quicken the healing process of wounds. When applied as a poultice, the sticky salve causes an intense burning sensation as it kills bacteria before eventually tapering off as it regenerates the skin. It has recently come back into popularity after the Chrysant Wars wiped out details of stronger remedies, and is beginning to spread widely throughout Aloria as an alternative to stitching and first aid antiseptic.


Whilst the original creator of the mixture has been lost to time, it is believed that Tallassan Gel was discovered by Allar alchemists in the Empire of Z’listria around 130AC. Named after the crimson-studded cliffs of Tallassatiz where its prime ingredients were found, the mix was discovered when the inhabitants of this area experimented to create a concoction that could knit together wounds faster than traditional stitching. One of the first successes of the endeavour was Tallassan Gel. Due to the fast advances of Allar alchemy however, the salve was only in production for approximately 15 years before it was replaced with stronger, more specialized medicines.

It wasn’t until after the Chrysant Wars that Tallassan Gel made its comeback as one of the few surviving recipes from the purge, where it was then heralded as a miracle cure by the Ailor that rediscovered it. Today the healing salve continues to spread throughout Aloria, gaining popularity through the apothecaries and healers who add it to their armoury.


Tallassan Gel on the whole is a relatively simple mixture, only inconvenienced by the lengthy process of converting brightmoss into a gel for use. Firstly, the moss must be separated into small clumps and soaked in a pot of lukewarm water overnight. Once the moss filaments are expanded with water, it must be strained and beat heavily with a spoon or whisk until the soaked moss becomes a viscous gel. Once the gelled moss is ready, the actual medicine-making can begin. The Allar blood - if used - must be added to a pot of Vocadine upon a low heat, and the two liquids stirred gently until the solution begins to bubble. (The blood may be omitted and replaced with pure Vocadine, though this will hinder its regenerative effects.) Once this has been achieved, the pot must be taken from the stove and the brightmoss gel added to the mixture in small amounts. As liquid begins to thicken, drops of fireweed oil and ground rubyflower petals can begin to be mixed in to ensure even distribution throughout the salve. Once the mixture is of its desired consistency, the pot must be set once more upon a fire and stirred slowly until air bubbles begin to rise to the top. If this happens then the Tallassan Gel is properly mixed, and can be left to cool before being distributed into its containers of choice.



Tallassan Gel is primarily used as a poultice upon open or infected wounds, though it can also be ingested orally for tears in the stomach lining or esophagus. When used for an external injury, the area must be cleaned of any visible debris before the gel is smoothed on in a ½ inch thick layer and left to work. The salve should only be kept on for at most 4 hours before allowing the skin to settle, less the area break out into a painful rash.


Upon application to an open or infected wound, the gel will produce a distinct burning sensation not dissimilar to the pain of walking on hot coals. As this happens, the fireweed and vocadine are working to burn away any bacteria and disinfect the area, significantly reducing the chance of infection. The burning sensation is most potent for the first 15 minutes, after which it dulls to an uncomfortable stinging for the final duration.

As the salve is kept on for longer periods of time, the regenerative effects of the rubyflower and brightmoss begin to take place. If undisturbed and ideally alchemized, the mixture can be just as effective as stitching in its ability to close wounds at a much faster pace than the body could naturally. If applied upon an area already adequately stitched, a 5-inch cut could be completely healed in as little as 3 days. For this to be fully effective however, the area should be cleansed and the poultice reapplied every 4 hours to prevent over-exposure.

Physical Characteristics

Tallassan Gel, in its ideally concocted state, appears as a pink-to-red translucent gel with a mildly spicy scent. If prepared without the Allar blood, it is acceptable for the mixture to instead have a murky or beige tone to it, though this variation is mostly frowned upon by the Naylar who devised it. The gel should be thin and sticky to the touch; malleable, but not easily detached from the skin if held upside down. One of the primary ways to ascertain the quality of the medicine is to inspect its texture, which should be smooth and contain very little grit if prepared properly.


  • Many Ailor and Nelfin who adopted the medicine found the Allar blood ingredient to be inhumane or disgusting, and as a result began brewing the medicine without it. The omission of this ingredient slows its regenerative abilities by about a third.
  • To negate the pain of application, many healers will supplement the salve with numbing medicine or apply it to the patient whilst under anesthetic. When used on the battlefield however, some argue that the pain can help increase adrenaline.
  • Tallassan Gel has no healing effects upon Maiar or those infected with Vampirism, though the burning sensation will be much more unbearable for these individuals.

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