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Official Name Tangleweed
Common Name Clumpgrass
Classification Grass
Common Use N/A
Origins Unknown
Habitat Various

Tangleweed is one of the most common plants in all of Aloria. Made of dense grass blades clumped together, the plant has been known and largely seen as an irritant to lawn and fieldcare for generations. Its near ubiquity across the centuries has also meant it had played no major role in the world beyond being annoying.


To write a history of Tangleweed would be a farce. The substance has been known to Aloria since the earliest Elven explorers encountered the rolling plains of the Ularen Plains, and categorized some of the plantlife found there. Elsewhere, this species of grass appeared alongside others in forests, plains, marshes, and more. No event had reduced Tangleweed across Aloria enough to threaten its existence as despite the Cataclysm and the Great Storm; the substance remains in fields, ditches, mountain paths, and more just as it always has.


Tangleweed appears very similar to normal natural grass, however, its roots are extremely dense. As a result, they often unite together in the dirt and form a patch of dark green leaf blades that must be removed together as one. Additionally, Tangleweed tends to grow several three to four inch shoots of crude plant tufts.


  • Tangleweed is a common problem in the creation of manicured, perfect gardens.
  • Tangleweed sometimes causes people to trip due to their dense, sturdy formation.

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