Taqafasula Tree

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Taqafasula Tree
Official Name Taqafasula Tree
Common Name Kaffee Tree, Joltbean Tree
Classification Tree
Common Use Culinary
Origins Farahdeen
Habitat Temperate to arid climates

Originated from northern Farahdeen and spread by the exodus of Qadir during the waning years of the Sariyd Empire, the Taqafasula Tree is a tall tree well known for its contributions to the culinary world. Often called Kaffee Trees because they produce the Kaffee bean, the plant has become widely popular across the world because of this fruit it bears. Great plantations of the Tree dot the southern reaches of Corontium and areas of Aloria's west, while it is still grown in Farahdeen, enjoyed by the two groups now made to share that distant continent.


The Taqafasula Tree is tied to a singular myth that has persisted since the days of Qadir polytheism. While many of its details have changed with time, this tale’s base remains the same. It states that one day at the dawn of the Sariyd Empire, a herdsman or farmer was tending to his flock. Whether it be chickens, goats or sheep, or the now extinct, yet oddly fantastical qalb-beasts, the tale alters with each telling. But the ending to the story is always the same, with whatever herded or penned animal having eaten the beans of the Tree, and becoming energized, attracting the notice and appraisal of the village agrarian. The truth of this origin story is unknown, but regardless, the beans of the Taqafasula Tree soon exploded in popularity across the scholar-focused world of the Qadir. The bean’s potential, when brewed into the signature drink of Kaffee, extended energy and focus that allowed many to work long hours into the night or quickly wake up in the morning. Eventually, it became ubiquitous with Qadir life, and as their people divided, those who went out into the wider world of Aloria took the plant with them to continue providing them with the beneficial bean.

In Farahdeen, the plant was used even after the Great Storm. Unlike most Qadir creations or ways of life, the Songaskia took to drinking Kaffee with a surprising vigor, claiming that it was the Dragons who originally cultivated the Taqafasula Tree before a Qadir stole the credit. Ultimately, the plant remains popular in Farahdeen, on both sides of the gulf between the region’s native peoples. But it was beyond Farahdeen, in Westwynd and Altaleï, where Kaffee and Taqafasula Trees truly evolved. The Allorn Empire, while initially disliking the drink, took a shine to it, though only at certain times of the year. They altered the way Kaffee was brewed while also giving the beverage and the tree it’s common name after warping Qadir words associated with the beverage’s effects. This work of altering the plant was ultimately continued by the Ailor workers in Elven lands, be it they those raising up in what is now Ithania or those who rebelled themselves in the collapse caused by the Cataclysm. They all considered the Tree a glorious discovery, and Kaffee was soon being modified a hundred different ways, with new seasonings, preparation methods, toppings, and culinary creations formed from just the beans themselves. The Taqafasula Tree was then transplanted along the same trade routes that carried the beans, resulting in the plant’s spread across Corontium and beyond.


Taqafasula Trees can grow tall, being between twenty five and thirty five feet in height, with pale, brown, and smooth bark that changes to a pale green at the tips and edges of its many branches. The Tree has oblong, dark green leaves that vary around five inches long and up to three inches wide, and sprouts small white flowers a half-inch wide in diameter which grow in dense clusters. The Tree’s seeds exist as pairs in small, dull purple “cherries”, or drupes, that mature on the plant at different rates depending on climate and season.

Uses and Abilities

Taqafasula Trees themselves are only middling for their wood, useful, but a waste to chop down given the fruit they produce. These beans, commonly called Kaffee beans, are of immense value to the culinary world, primarily being used to make the signature drink of Kaffee with its many variations. The beans are also used in the creation of Kaffee-infused products, many being baked goods.


  • Taqafasula Tree beans were originally kept in the water that roasted them, requiring consumers to be careful to avoid swallowing them when drinking this early form of Kaffee.
  • Some feel that boxes built from the wood from Taqafasula Trees are best at holding roasted Kaffee beans as a means of retaining their flavor.

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