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Appearance A creamy, rich mixture of yogurt with bits of cucumber and walnut mixed within.
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Ânia near the Hellatian States in the Regalian Archipelago
Class All Classes, though primarily the lower classes
  • 1/2 parts yogurt
  • 1/10 parts cucumber
  • 1/10 parts garlic
  • 1/10 parts walnuts
  • 1/20 parts olive oil
  • 1/20 parts salt
  • 1/20 parts dill
  • 1/20 parts Mint
  • 1/20 parts lemon juice

Tarator is a tangy, cold served soup created by the Ânian Ailor in the area bordering the Etosian populated Hellatian States in the Regalian Archipelago. The dish is popular along the coastal areas of Baldmark and is considered to be a laid back comfort food of the local population. While largely enjoyed by the lower classes, Tarator is appreciated as a side dish among the banquettes of the Ânian nobility. The dish has even garnered popularity among the Etosians, who consider the dish very palatable and refreshing after the toils of the day along the coast.


Tarator was created by the Ânia after heavy mingling with the Etosian population to their South. Originally the dish began as a simple yogurt dish, used as a sauce when paired with other foods such as meats and vegetables, or sometimes simply bread. The Ânia took this to another level by making the yogurt mixture the full meal, mixing in cucumber and walnuts to give the dish more of a body and make it filling. Additional flavors such as garlic, salt, dill, and even mint were added to add to the complexity of what was once a simple, humble dish. As the years went by, the Ânia created Tarator was transferred back across the borders of the Hellatian States of the Etosians who fell in love with the adapted dish from generations prior. While often contested to be an Etosian creation, the Hellation peoples don’t deny the additions made by the Ânians to make Tarator the dish it is today.


Tarator begins with a heavy base of yogurt which is then blended with olive oil and lemon juice to thin it out and add a distinct tangy flavor. This allows the dish to be blended with more flavorful ingredients. After this mixture is blended, salt and garlic is added in and well blended before adding dill and mint to help balance out all the other flavors. By this point the dish is considered to be completed, being more of a saucey soup than anything else. Chopped cucumber as well as crushed walnuts are then added to give more texture to the soup and round it out as a meal to the Lower Class populations of Baldmark. The dish is then chilled before being served in small bowls, as the richness of flavor can be overwhelming if consumed in larger portions.


  • Tarator has a creamy and rich appearance, like yogurt that is thinned out and more oily, which is what it is. There are noticeable chunks of cucumber and walnut which gives it a thicker textured appearance overall.
  • Tarator has a tangy and citrus fragrance with noticeable touches of mint and garlic that are blended in. Paired with the cucumber, Tarator is rather fresh and inviting for consumers.
  • The taste of Tarator is tangy and citrusy, yet crisp and wet. All of the flavors play off of each other to create a dish that is both refreshing as well as savory, leaving many to pair it with more salty meats to balance out all of the complex flavors.


  • A popular practice is to combine Tarator with salted lamb meat and bread to have a well-balanced meal, though this is a practice primarily taken by those with more money to afford the combining of what is considered two full meals.
  • The pleasant, refreshing nature of Tarator has many foreigners eating more than what they should, as after a while they become overwhelmed by the heavy spices and realise the dish is more substantial than they originally expected.

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