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Official Name Tee’kratonna
Common Name Sakan Tree, Leatherwood Tree
Classification Tree
Common Use Utility, Artistic
Origins Sileria
Habitat Humid climates

Tee’kratonnas are towering trees native to the lands of the Suvial in Sileria and have been embraced as symbols of that Race. Now suffering at the hand of multiple Void-outs over a nearly 300 year period, the Suvial lands are in need of the survival of these grand trees to maintain the rapidly degrading ecosystem. The tree is also known for its natural binding ability, resistance to the elements as well as fragrant flowers and important oils, all elements seeing it used in a range of different ways by the Suvial who rely on this local vegetation.


Tee’kratonna was found very early into the exploration of Sileria by the ancient Elves. Nasha interactions with the tree are largely unknown due to their mysterious nature, but broadly speaking they appeared to greatly respect the tree and only harvest what was needed. Given the Suvial respect for nature, this was also carried out by the colonists, but as the Allorn Empire expanded, this respect was replaced with practicality. The Tee’kratonna’s special properties made it highly useful to both the colonists and those abroad, turning it into one of their most traded goods. But as the Suvial emerged and gradually detached from the Allorn Empire, this trade grew sparse. When the Suvial's lands eventually cut themselves off from the world, their isolation was guarded by hundreds of Tee’kratonna-wood-dominated ships. What specimens of the tree that existed on the mainland were zealously held by those Suvial migrants who had them. Later, as the Kathar began to wield their terrifying Void-outs against the Suvial, the Tee’kratonna found itself under severe threat, and remains that way today. While Suvial enclaves have re-emerged abroad, namely in the south of Corontium, each carrying and keeping specimens of the tree alive for natural beauty, their unique traits demand their use by the threatened nations of the Suvial. Thus, certain forests are protected, while others are cut down for their lumber, fueling the Suvial’s military and creative spirit in many different ways.


The Tee’kratonna is capable of reaching the truly astonishing height of 100 feet, though finding trees that reach this height in modern Aloria is difficult, largely due to Void-outs. It is covered in a layer of grey to grey-brown bark, with branches holding dense, but evenly spaced out, ovate, pale green, leaves. The tree is also known for its Tee’k flowers, pale and fragrant, which bloom each spring and have become a sign of the season in Suvial society. The tree’s flowers are around an inch in width, with small white petals around an exposed, pale yellow, anther and stigma.

Uses and Abilities

Tee’kratonnas are known for their beauty, but also for their intriguing coloration and unique traits. The main element that many focus on is its ability to naturally bind together with other inert substances without the need for glue or riveting. The other element is its weight, with a dense construction that makes it difficult to be broken, allowing for many marvelous creations by the tree’s wood. The most clear is ships, with as much as 90% of the Suvial navy built of vessels with a similar percentage of Tee’k wood. The other common uses for the plant are as furniture, home features (with many columns and internal woodwork being varnished Tee’k), or artistic works like carvings or statues. The material is also resistant to water, and is therefore able to resist the elements well. Tee’k flowers are also known for their fragrance, and have been turned into special, often romance or marriage-inclined perfumes, alongside the use of the plant’s leaves in certain Suvial culinary creations. Finally, Tee’kratonnas can be tapped for their natural oil, the cause for the flecks of red and pink in their normally silver-grey grain, which has often been used to coat the lumber when used elsewhere.


  • Tee’k flowers are widely considered a symbol of the Estelley faith.
  • Claims exist of the Nasha from the wilds, outside of their great cities abandoned to the Suvial, living in towering Tee’kratonnas carved with stairs and rooms. If any such trees existed, however, the Cataclysm and the Void-outs have erased any obvious signs of them.
  • Tee’kratonnas have been known to foster a range of local Suvial wildlife, from local moth populations to the birds that hunt and eat them, hence why they are widely beloved by the local Suvial and serve as important to the local ecosystem which is under threat by the Kathar.

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