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Tenpenny Armies
Leader General Tonnmiche Pènce
Headquarters Regalian Marshalry, City of Regalia
Affiliation Regalian Military


The Tenpenny Armies take their name from the tax of the tenth penny, a tax levied on financial transactions between merchants that obliges them to pay taxes equal to a tenth of a total sum. This tax is used to sustain the army entirely, and as such, the name was derived from it.


The Tenpenny Armies were established as a response to the Empire’s need to be able to mobilize quickly during conflict. Following the Chrysant War, one major component of the Regalian Army complained that the performance of the soldier levies was lacking and that their deployment often took too long to be centrally gathered and then deployed from the homeland. A ten percent transaction tax was created which would fuel the costs and wages of a professional army, thus creating the first Tenpenny Army in 291 AC.

The Tenpennies became a product of military cross-pollination where various organizations competed with one another in tactics and struck a fine balance between all of their doctrines to create the Tenpenny Model. The Tenpenny Armies were never intended to compete with these various doctrines but instead to create a middle ground that would function well for common soldiers. As such, Tenpenny became a very popular military career choice even among people who were not able to become specialized warriors, such as knights, as it provided a simple combat technique that was easy to learn, useful in most situations, and granted a fast-track entry process for the Regalian Military. The Armies are formally overseen by a General of the Regalian Empire who occasionally makes modifications to the doctrine as needed.


Any individual 14 years or older is able to enlist in the Tenpenny Armies, provided that they meet the basic physical requirements for soldiery and are willing to accept orders from superiors. Unlike other military academies, there is no entrance exam, as Tenpennies are only expected to be competent soldiers and nothing more.


The Tenpenny Armies feature specialized units based on certain weapons and tactics necessary for the Regalian Armies various combat scenarios. While all recruits are trained in the basics of each weapon, they eventually choose to focus primarily on a certain skill set. The following is a list of Tenpenny unit types:

  • Tenpenny Footmen are the standard infantry units of the Regalian Army, utilizing short swords, a shield, and lighter armor.
  • Tenpenny Men-at-Arms are heavier armored infantry units, serving as a middle ground between Footmen and mounted knights. They utilize plate armor alongside two-handed weapons.
  • Tenpenny Pikemen are anti-cavalry units that utilize polearms and spears to create pike walls to deter the enemy. They are the best example of Tenpenny coordination, as a single soldier unable to hold their position can spell certain doom for the entire formation.
  • Tenpenny Archers are ranged units that make use of various bows, most frequently the crossbow. They tend to serve as a skirmishing force to keep enemies away while the other units set up their formations.


The Tenpenny Armies follow the standard ranking system of the Regalian Military, featuring regular soldiers being led by veteran officers, who in turn are overseen by the commanders that carry out orders by their generals. Tenpenny soldiers often remain at the lower ranks of the military hierarchy, though some promising veterans are known to attend the Regalian Marshal Academy to become higher-ranked commanders later in life.



Tenpenny recruits start fairly simple, focusing on basic physical fitness. From there, Tenpenny is taught with a wide range of weapons before recruits start to specialize in a certain weapon skill set. While these training techniques don’t reflect the depth of true specialization, it allows the Tenpenny to hold their own against an average combatant, with the added benefit of versatility in changing weapons between campaigns.

In Combat

Tenpenny soldiers thrive on being near other Tenpenny soldiers as they are taught intense cooperation and formation control. Tenpennies alone are often not a threat for a trained specialist, but numerous Tenpennies forming a formation shield wall or pike barrier will pose a significant threat even to the most skilled opponents.


Tenpenny Academies are located in major urban centers throughout the Regalian Empire, though the Imperial Marshalry in the City of Regalia is considered its main headquarters, as it is also the headquarters of the Regalian Army.


  • The current highest authority that determines the future doctrine of the Tenpenny Armies is a Leutz-Vixe man named Tonnmiche Pènce. His controversial views on increasing discipline with harsh body punishments are seen as unpopular, especially with Pènce’s espousal of conservative values that deny personal identity and freedom of personal choice.
  • The Regal Culture has had a strong influence on the Tenpenny Armies, making the soldiers very open to women in the military and the use of mages is combat.
  • The investigation of Muskete has prompted the creation of a new specialized unit for the Tenpenny Army, though Marshal von Treppewitz has been extremely selective with the individuals selected for this unit.

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